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VacuuToots Above-Ground, Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner with 1.5" Fitting

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

VacuuToots Above-Ground, Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner with 1.5" Fitting

In Stock · FREE Shipping!




Let the VacuuToots Do the Dirty Work for You! This Auto Pool Vacuum Cleaner is Highly Recommended for Above-Ground Pools.

This season, take the work out of cleaning your swimming pool with the VacuuToots Automatic Pool Vacuum. When the sun is out and you're ready to relax, connect this automatic pool vacuum to your existing filter pump (1,600 - 3,500 GPH), and this little workhorse does the rest.

Using venturi suction, this automatic pool vacuum will keep the bottom of your pool clear and clean for that pristine look. Sunken leaves, dirt, sand, gravel, and other debris don't bother this mighty vacuuming machine.

Not suitable for in-ground pools, this pool cleaner vacuum was designed for above-ground swimming pools with 1-1/2-inch hose fittings and attached to the outlet connector in the pool with a 21' hose.

Spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it with the VacuuTots Automatic Pool Vacuum!

Why Choose Us?

The VacuuToots does the dirty work for you by scrolling back and forth along the floor to collect dirt, leaves, and debris. Even pesky pools won't stand a chance with this over-the-top pool vacuum. Your dirty and nasty pool won't ruin your summer with its efficient cleaning and powerful suctioning!


PREMIUM POOL CLEANING SERVICE: The VacuuToots Pool Vacuum Cleaner is constructed with durable materials for long-lasting use. It's also compact and lightweight to keep your above-ground pool clean all the time easily.

WELL-THOUGHT DESIGN: No dirt, leaves, and debris will be left behind — the VacuuToots' promise. Designed with a small brush underneath the cleaner base, the VacuuToots sweep the floor while debris is blown by the water pressure jet into the net inside for efficient and no-trace cleaning.

BEST FOR ABOVE-GROUND POOLS: This pool cleaner is perfect for pools 24-feet in diameter and smaller with a 21-foot hose and connects to 1-1/2-inch hose fittings. The cleaner automatically reverses direction to clean your whole pool floor. Note: The VacuuToots is not suitable for in-ground pools. It performs optimally at your pool pump's 2,500 gallons per hour flow rate.

REQUIREMENTS: The cordless vacuum requires a filter pump with a flow rate between 1,600-3,500 GPH and is not suitable for in-ground pools. Clean the skimmer baskets regularly to prevent poor pool cleaner performance.


  • Model: 28001E
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 3500 GPH
  • Type: Pressure-side
  • Pool type: Above ground
  • Assembly required: No
  • Weight: 18.22 pounds


  • 1 × Automatic pool cleaner
  • 1 × Hose