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LeakHawk Portable Gas Leak Detector with Color LCD Display, Temperature Measurement, and Flexible Probe, Detects Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Ethanol, and More

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LeakHawk Portable Gas Leak Detector with Color LCD Display, Temperature Measurement, and Flexible Probe, Detects Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Ethanol, and More

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Do you want to ensure the safety of your family and property by detecting potential gas leaks before they become dangerous? Look no further than the LeakHawk Portable Gas Leak Detector.

Gas Leak Detector

The LeakHawk is a versatile and reliable tool that can detect a wide range of combustible gases, including methane, natural gas, propane, ethanol, coal gas, and more. With its high sensitivity and quick response time, you can rest assured that you'll be alerted to even the smallest gas leaks.

Featuring a color LCD display, audible and visual alarms, and a flexible probe, the LeakHawk is easy to use and provides accurate and reliable gas detection. Its HD VA reverse color screen shows gas concentration and device status in real-time, giving you peace of mind knowing the exact gas concentration in the air of your home at all times. And with its high-precision sensor and automatic calibration, you can trust the LeakHawk to deliver accurate and reliable gas leak detection.

Whether you're a homeowner, professional, or real estate agent, the LeakHawk is a must-have tool for detecting gas leaks and reducing the risk of potential accidents and injuries. So why wait? Add the LeakHawk Portable Gas Leak Detector to your safety toolkit today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and family are protected.


  • Detects a Wide Range of Combustible Gases: The LeakHawk can detect a large number of flammable gases, including methane, natural gas, propane, ethanol, coal gas, and more. It helps pinpoint potential sources of gas leaks and reduces the risk of gas explosions.
  • Audible & Visual Alarms: The LeakHawk features audible and visual alarms that alert you when gas leaks are detected, with a red alarm indicator on the screen and a buzzer that sounds when the measurement value is above 12500 PPM or 25% LEL. It also has a backlight screen, temperature measure C/°F, low-battery indicator, and auto power-off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • High Sensitivity & Quick Response: The LeakHawk has a larger measuring range than common detectors, with a range of 1-50000PPM or 1%-100%LEL sensitivity, and it can detect changes in concentration down to 0.01 PPM. It has a quick response time within 2 seconds and is automatically calibrated in 30 seconds after startup.
  • Color LCD Display & Flexible Probe: The LeakHawk has a large 2.6" color screen that displays gas concentration and device status in real time, and an 11-inch flexible probe that allows users to detect gas leaks in hard-to-reach places quickly and easily. It's also small and easy to carry, making it convenient for daily home safety inspections or for use in professional settings.
  • High-Precision Sensor & Wide Application: The LeakHawk uses a high-precision gas sensor for accurate and reliable gas leak detection, and is suitable for gas pipeline leakage detection, domestic gas prevention, oil and gas exploitation, tunnel and mine operation, chemical industry, biochemical medicine, and more. Its 50-50000PPM gas measuring range makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Easy to Use and Carry: The LeakHawk is made of high-quality ABS material and is durable and reliable. Its portable size and lightweight design make it easy to carry, and it comes with a storage pouch for convenient storage. Its simple three-button design makes it easy to set up and operate, even for those without technical expertise.


  • Gas Measurement Range: 1~100% LEL / 50-50000 PPM
  • Temperature Measurement: 050℃ / 32122℉ ±(2℃/4℉)
  • Measurement Accuracy: ±5%FS
  • HD VA Reverse Color Screen: Yes
  • Calibration Mode: Automatic calibration after starting up for 30 seconds
  • Auto Power Off: About 10 minutes
  • Type of Alarm: Sound, Screen Display
  • Warm-up Time: 30 sec
  • Response Time: <2 seconds
  • Length of Flexible Metal Hose: 270MM / 10.63IN
  • Working Temperature: 050℃ / 32122℉
  • Working Humidity: 0~70%RH

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jason Wilcox
The quality seems to be good

It's difficult to rate an instrument like this gas leak detector unless you work in a field where you are constantly looking for gas leaks. I wanted this instrument to keep my home safe, since I use natural gas for cooking and heating. So far I have tested it by turning on the gas at my stove for a few seconds, and it detected it immediately. I have used it all over my house to see if I might have a leak anywhere, and it hasn't detected anything except for the test I did. I will update this review later if I run into any issues, but it seems to be a quality instrument.

Adam Stockwell
 It really works.

Easy to read and very sensitive, I turned the stove on low without lighting and this sensor picked up the gas 10 ft away! I wish it could sense carbon dioxide and or carbon monoxide, but it still can be used in mine tunnels and underground enclosures for all the other flammable gases. Hey if they are present, get the heck out of there! Excellent meter and this is going into my safety and security equipment bag. Great find!

Raymond Martinez

A friend of mine recently experienced a major gas leak at his home so that led me to be interested in having a gas leak detector like this. I've never used one before, but I held it over my natural gas stove with the gas turned on a low unlit setting, and the detector started to beep loudly and repeatedly (in addition to switching from a green to a red colored screen) until the stove was turned off. Seems to work well as intended and feels solid in the hand.

Joshua Atkins
What a Great Product

This is a very nicely designed gas detector. It has a display that is clear and easy to read. Everything is logical and finding the proper function and setting is obvious. The control buttons work nicely and are easy to push, even with gloves on. When you turn it on it goes through a boot cycle where it warms the probe. This takes about few seconds and it also does the calibration. It senses most gases and when it finds gas, there is a loud tone and a clear visual display. When there is no gas, the display background is green. Then, as it senses gas it turns to orange, then finally red. You just can't miss it. Plus, it is a fast response. I really like this gas detector and recommend it as a good value. For safety, everyone should have one.

Jose Holub
Must Have Tool

I had a small gas leak in my basement for a good year. It was not bad enough to call utility but I always smelled something in utility closet. I could never pinpoint where. So I figure I order a gas leak detector. Well, after scanning my utility for the source, I was finally able to point to the smallest in the world leak I had on one of the couplers to the water heater. I was very surprised because I already tighten all the connections a year ago. So this was a good investment, even for that one time use.