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GasSentry Gas Leak Detector for Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Ethanol, and More Combustible Gases, Alcohols, and Chemicals

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GasSentry Gas Leak Detector for Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Ethanol, and More Combustible Gases, Alcohols, and Chemicals

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Attention: Are you concerned about gas leaks in your home or workplace? Introducing the GasSentry Gas Leak Detector - the ultimate solution to your gas leak detection needs!

propane gas leak detector

Made in Japan, our gas detector is calibrated for methane detection and offers maximum sensitivity to a wide range of combustible gases, including propane, natural gas, ethanol, and more. It is a little monster of a detector, designed to withstand a 10ft drop with its ABS housing, making it an excellent choice for both home and industrial use.

With a large color LCD screen that displays the temperature, this gas leak detector is perfect for inspectors, technicians, engineers, landlords, homeowners, plumbers, and anyone else concerned with gas leaks. Our detector is designed to detect a range of combustible gases and vapors, including acetone, alcohol, ammonia, butane, gasoline, and more.

Trust in our premium Japanese FIGARO gas sensor, which offers accuracy and reliability, and feel confident with our 1-year limited warranty and 7-year sensor life. Each detector comes with a sensitive Japanese sensor, three AAA batteries, a 10-inch gooseneck, and a color English manual. With a color LCD display and USA technical support, our gas leak detector is an essential tool for anyone concerned with gas leaks.

Order your GasSentry Gas Leak Detector today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are taking proactive steps to prevent gas leaks in your home or workplace.

  • Accurate and Reliable: Equipped with a high-quality Japanese FIGARO gas sensor that is calibrated for methane detection, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  • Durable and Shock-Resistant: The detector is built with a robust ABS housing that can withstand a 10ft drop, making it highly durable and resistant to damage.
  • Easy-to-Read Display: Features a large color LCD screen that displays gas concentration levels, temperature, and other information in an easy-to-read format.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for a wide range of professionals including inspectors, technicians, engineers, landlords, homeowners, plumbers, and more for detecting gas leaks in a variety of settings.
  • Wide Range of Detection: Capable of detecting a wide range of combustible gases and vapors including natural gas, methane, propane, ethanol, acetone, gasoline, and more, making it a versatile tool for gas leak detection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ernest McKamey
Saved my home

Tankless water heater install a few months back. In the last month we started smelling ever-so-faint gas, but not consistently. Had the plumber come check, found one minor bubbler leak and fixed - but the sense of something not complete still lingered. Plumber came out a few more times, and never any bubbles - even though I would smell slight wafts occasionally. I bought this unit and it detected gas immediately - easy to use. With the high sensitivity, I worked with the plumber and located a tiny leak from the union that wasn't bubbling. Issue solved. He's buying one also. Thank you!

Donald Scoville
Lifesaving gas detector, ultra sensitive!

I was a little skeptical, initially, that a detector under several hundred dollars would be useful. Oh was I wrong, this Gas Leak Detector is a top-notch life saving tool! We had a difficult to locate leak, but would occasionally smell a fleeting odor of gas. Got the detector and pin-pointed the leak within 30 seconds of use. I was able to diagnose the leak, down to the specific fitting. I cannot describe how happy the family was, when we identified the exact cause of the leak and fixed it immediately. Without this detector, I would have been changing fittings for several hours. Paid for itself on the first use, now I have a detector for any future gas concerns. Don't work on gas systems without having this to check your work. The flexible extended neck was a huge plus, getting into difficult to reach spaces a simple matter.

Hector Truong
Works well and I trust quality

I used this device to track down a gas leak in my rental property. A tenant kept complaining about a "strong gas odor" but neither I nor other tenants were able to smell it. With this device, I immediately picked up a low level presence of gas in the building, and tracked it down to exactly where it was entering the building along the electrical service conduit coming from the street. A major leak had developed in the underground main and gas was seeping through the ground into openings in the surrounding buildings.
This device responds to changes in the amount of gas within 1-2 seconds, quickly enough to sweep around and pinpoint the source. It takes one minute to warm up and calibrate in fresh air, then you enter the area on high sensitivity, switch to low when you max out, and continue until you find the source. Easy.
I have owned this brand other tools in the past and they have never disappointed. This one is no exception.

Bradley Zayas
Awesome product

Had a natural gas leak that came and went. Many people trying to find where it was coming from but to no avail. I took a shot with this thinking that maybe this device would get me in the vicinity. I have had a few tools and have had no issue with any of them. This worked flawlessly. As instructed, I set the meter to high sensitivity and walked through the 1800 sq ft open space. Turns out, an adjacent room was where the leak was located coming from the mainline coming into the building from the meter. The leak was inside the block wall. Without this meter, there is no way I could have found it in a brick wall. After making the repairs, I tested the area again. No leak, no smell. So thankful that the tool was affordable and that our facility is safe.

David Gard
Tested and it works!

We had bought a new house, and I kept thinking I sometimes caught a whiff of natural gas when I walked through the laundry area. I knew there was a capped off gas line behind the electric dryer. Natural gas is serious business so I got this detector, read the instructions, and started sniffing around. I found there was a leak, but not behind the dryer. It was the gas cutoff valve for the fireplace close by. My nose up against the valve confirmed this. I had a licensed plumber come and replace the valve. After finishing I tested the valve again and a small amount registered. The plumber said the detector was defective. I kept testing after the plumber left and the results slowly went back to zero after about 30 minutes. I figured that, at as low as 50 ppm, some very small amounts of whatever the detector detects linger for some time before total absence. Over the next couple of days I worked the valve and retested and it always registered zero. I wish the sensor lasted more that five to seven years.