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WelcoSHIELD+ Peephole Camera

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

WelcoSHIELD+ Peephole Camera

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Get Your Ultimate Front-Door Connection to Safety With the WelcoSHIELD+ Peephole Camera!


Looking for a peephole camera that has all the best tricks of the trade? We've got you covered at home with the WelcoSHIELD+ Peephole Camera, built with several enhancements over its usual counterparts, including improved high-definition footage, loop recording, and a mobile app-integrated motion detector to alert you whenever there's suspicious activity by the front door. It gives you the ultimate heads-up, giving you a crystal-clear view of what's happening right at home, wherever you may be. Get the easy to install WelcoSHIELD+ Peephole Camera today, and discover a better front-door connection to safety.

About This Item

  • Enhanced 1080p HD + Night Vision Views: Take a clear snapshot or record footage of your porch without attracting any attention. Fitted with the newest night vision technology, this peephole camera can guard your home 24/7 with greater ease.
  • Loop Recording: Supports up to 64GB capacity for loop recording (no TF card included). With a TF card inserted, the peephole camera will capture pictures or videos automatically.
  • Easy to Install & Connect: Installing this peephole camera is hassle-free without the need for any specialized tools. All the screws you need are included. For easier use, download our official UBox mobile app to integrate the doorbell camera with your smartphone, and read our simple, step-by-step installation instructions.
  • PIR Motion Detection. Has an infrared detection high-definition sensor. When something suspicious moves near your door, our mobile app will send you a message.
  • USB Rechargeable: Has a built-in 5000 mAh battery that can be conveniently recharged via USB.

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The Official UBox App: Check on your doorstep even when you're not at home by downloading our official UBox app on the App Store or Google Play, and connect our peephole camera to your Wi-Fi to fully integrate our app.

4.3-Inch TFT High-Definition LCD Screen

  • When someone presses the doorbell camera, the device will turn on and display what's happening outside on our indoor monitoring screen.

71mJOCgBZkL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (1500×1500)

PIR Motion Detection

  • Has a built-in PIR motion sensor for automatic motion detection.
  • When someone rings the doorbell or moves right by your door, the device will send an automatic push notification to your phone via the official UBox app.
  • 4 different PIR motion detection modes: Adjust it to different levels of motion sensitivity, whether low / medium / high.

Cloud Storage And Memory Card Support

  • On the UBox app, open Memory Card Settings to monitor the peephole camera's storage capacity on its micro SD card.
  • Storage : Supports up to 64GB storage (SD card not included)

71Ig+Cts5oL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (1500×1369)

With A 120° Wide Viewing Angle

  • Monitor your front door all around with the camera's wide 120º viewing angle.

High-Capacity Battery & Cloud Storage

  • Powered by a rechargeable, built-in 5000mAh Li-ion battery
  • Comes with 1-month FREE cloud storage.
  • USB rechargeable

Infrared Night Vision

  • Monitors light conditions, automatically turning on infrared night vision when the ambient light drops to 2 Lux or below.

81GkeY+Kt8L._AC_SL1500_.jpg (1500×1448)

Can Be Connected To Up to 4 Mobile Devices

The peephole camera can be connected to up to 4 mobile devices, be it your smartphone or tablet. See what's happening at home anytime through the official UBox app.

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  • Can be installed in door holes of up to: 14mm-50mm
  • Can be installed in doors with a thickness of: 40mm-105mm

Measure the thickness of the door first before screwing in the outdoor unit. Select the corresponding screws according to its thickness.

Notes on Screws:

  • When the door thickness ranges from 40mm-60mm, use the 42mm screws.
  • When the door thickness ranges from 60mm-87mm, use the 62mm screws.
  • When the door thickness ranges from 87mm-105mm, use the 82mm screws.

How to Install



  • Material: Metal&Plastic
  • Viewing Angle: 120°
  • Display Size: 4.3
  • Resolution: 480*272
  • Infrared Light: 850mm
  • Battery: 5000mAh
  • Wireless Online: IEEE802 11b/g/ n
  • Sound Quality: Two-way Talk, Noise Reduction
  • Memory Card: Up To 64g (Not Included)

Package Includes

  • Outdoor Unit
  • Indoor Unit
  • Hang Board
  • Data Cable
  • Manual

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