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SunFlare LED Solar Street Lights 2-Pack - 5000 Lumen Super Bright, IP66 Waterproof, Motion Sensor, Dusk to Dawn Operation, Easy Installation for Outdoor Security

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

SunFlare LED Solar Street Lights 2-Pack - 5000 Lumen Super Bright, IP66 Waterproof, Motion Sensor, Dusk to Dawn Operation, Easy Installation for Outdoor Security

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hello, Nighttime Navigators and Eco-Friendly Enthusiasts!

Ever find yourself wishing your backyard had a little more... pizzazz? Or maybe a touch of Hollywood-style spotlighting? Well, wish no more! The SunFlare LED Solar Street Lights are here to turn your dimly lit outdoors into a luminous oasis. These aren't just any lights; they're like your very own mini-suns, powering up during the day to brighten your nights with an impressive 5000 lumens. That's right, with these bad boys, you could probably host a midnight game of cricket and not miss a single wicket!

But here's the real kicker – they're solar-powered. That means no more wrestling with wires or playing hide-and-seek with outdoor sockets. Just mount them, let the sun do its magic, and voilà – you've got yourself a light show every evening. Plus, they're kinder to your wallet and the planet. So, whether you're lighting up a path, showcasing your garden, or just want to feel like the star of your own backyard, these SunFlare lights are your ticket to a brighter, greener future. Let's dive into what makes them the shining stars of the outdoor lighting world! 🌟🌿🔆

Light Up the Night Like a Rockstar

With each light blasting 5000 lumens, you're not just lighting up your yard; you're giving it the VIP treatment. Perfect for those impromptu backyard concerts or just admiring your garden's midnight beauty.

Sun's Out, Lights Out

These solar-powered maestros soak up the sun, saving you money and keeping your eco-conscience clear. It's like having a tiny green superhero in your yard, fighting the good fight against electricity bills.

Never Be Left in the Dark

Worried about cloudy days? Don't be. These lights store enough juice to keep your outdoors lit for 10-12 hours straight. It's like having a reliable buddy who's always there to light the way home.

Motion Sensing Magic

Got movement? These lights do too. The built-in PIR sensor is like a friendly neighborhood watch, lighting up when visitors (wanted or not) come by. Great for welcoming guests or giving pesky raccoons the spotlight they never wanted.

Brightness on Your Terms

Three adjustable brightness levels mean you control the ambiance. Whether it's a soft glow for a romantic dinner or full beam for security, these lights have your back.

Weather? What Weather?

Rain, snow, or heatwave, these lights are tougher than your average bear. With their IP66 waterproof rating, they're ready for whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

Installation so Easy, Even a Caveman Could Do It

No wires, no fuss. Just mount them on a wall, and you're good to go. It's DIY without the cry.

And there you have it – SunFlare LED Solar Street Lights, turning your outdoor space into a well-lit slice of paradise! 🌟🌿💡

Light Up Your Life with SunFlare!

Ready to step into a brighter, safer, and more stylish world? The SunFlare LED Solar Street Lights are waiting to transform your outdoor space. But hurry, these lights are shining bright in the eyes of many, and you don't want to be left in the dark! Imagine coming home to a well-lit haven every night, or hosting the most talked-about backyard parties. With SunFlare, that dream becomes a dazzling reality. Don't wait for another sunset; grab your SunFlare lights now and light up your world today!

The Technical Tango of SunFlare

For those who love to get into the weeds of what makes things tick, here's a quick tech tour of the SunFlare LED Solar Street Lights:

  • Brightness: A whopping 5000 lumens from 120 LED beads.
  • Solar Efficiency: 6V/3W polycrystalline solar panel with a 25% sunlight conversion rate.
  • Battery Life: 2600mAh capacity, fully charged in 6-7 hours, lighting up your space for 10-12 hours.
  • Motion Sensor: Sensitive PIR sensor detecting movement within 16 – 30 feet.
  • Adjustable Brightness: Three levels to suit every mood and need.
  • Durability: High-impact ABS material with an IP66 waterproof rating.
  • Easy Installation: No wires, no hassle, just mount and enjoy.
  • After-Sales Support: 24-month service for your peace of mind.

There you have it – the SunFlare Solar Street Lights in all their technical glory. Ready to light up your life?

Technical Details

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brian Bennett

These lights really produce a bright white light. The batteries work well if you can get a good amount of sunlight on the solar panels. The first one I installed would work about 3 hours then went out. The light was pointed directly at the sun so very little solar radiation was hitting the solar panels. I moved it down so more solar energy hit the panel and it works all night. These are small lights with big output.

James Trumble

For the cost this is a pretty good find. It is nice it comes in a two pack as well. The overall brightness could be a little better and it is so well. The motion detection works pretty good for it. Overall a good find for a lower cost.

Bill Garcia
Work well when they are placed in the sun.

These LED lights are designed to be placed with the solar panel (rear) facing the sun and the light (front) aiming in the direction you need at night as they are "fixed" and cannot be moved around. They are not as versatile as the LED lights that have adjustable / movable, solar and light panels. However, they do work well and the motion sensors are pretty good at detecting movement at about 15 feet.

Juan Numbers
small and mighty

I was looking for some small solar street lights to put at our fish station and these are perfect. I wanted one to shine on the cleaning sink and the other on the deck. I really like it because I didnt have to have the electrician come out and wire them. Saving me money already.

Eric Taylor
Definitely a good buy and a good deal!

love these solar lights I put them out on my walkway outside my patio and they work perfectly. definitely a good deal!