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SolarNova 600W Solar Street Lights - Ultra Bright 180° Wide-Angle, Motion Sensor, Dusk to Dawn, IP65 Waterproof, Easy Mount for Outdoor Security

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SolarNova 600W Solar Street Lights - Ultra Bright 180° Wide-Angle, Motion Sensor, Dusk to Dawn, IP65 Waterproof, Easy Mount for Outdoor Security

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hey There, Luminary Lifestyle Lovers!

Ever think your outdoor space could use a bit more... oomph? Like a Broadway showstopper in your backyard? Enter SolarNova 600W Solar Street Lights - the ultimate in bringing the sunshine, after sunset! These aren't your grandma's porch lights. We're talking a whopping 600W of ultra-bright, wide-angle, superhero-level illumination. Whether you're hosting an epic nighttime BBQ, creating a safe haven for those late-night dog walks, or simply want to outshine the moon, SolarNova is your go-to.

Picture this: a light so bright, it turns night into day, and so smart, it knows when to take center stage. With its motion sensor, it's like having a vigilant guardian angel, keeping your yard safe and sound. Plus, it’s as eco-friendly as your reusable shopping bags. Get ready to be the envy of the neighborhood – with SolarNova, you’re not just lighting up your yard; you’re lighting up your life! 🌟🌙💡

Illumination Like Never Before

Gone are the days of dimly lit yards. With 180° wide-angle lighting, these SolarNova lights turn your outdoor space into a mini-stadium. Perfect for spotting your mischievous pet or just basking in the glow of your garden's night-time beauty.

Shine Bright, Shine Far

Thanks to the high-efficiency SMD lamp beads, you're not just getting light; you're getting a mini-sun in your backyard. It's like having a personal daylight simulator, making every evening an outdoor event.

Eco-Friendly Powerhouse

The solar panels on these lights aren't just good; they're eco-superheroes. They drink in the sun all day so you can enjoy a bright night without a guilty conscience or a hefty electricity bill.

Long-Lasting Lumens

With a battery that's more marathon runner than sprinter, these lights give you up to 24 hours of glow time. That's right, your garden party can literally go all night!

Smart Lighting for Modern Living

Motion sensor? Check. Energy-saving mode? Double check. These lights aren't just bright; they're smart too. They light up when you need them and chill out when you don't.

Built Like a Tank

Rain or shine, these lights are in it for the long haul. With IP65 waterproof rating, they can take on whatever weather comes their way.

Installation So Easy, It's Almost Fun

Forget about hiring a pro. You can mount these lights yourself, on a wall or pole. It's like an adult version of building blocks, but way cooler.

Dive into the world of SolarNova and see your outdoor space in a whole new light – literally! 🌟🌙💡

Step Into the Light with SolarNova!

Are you ready to revolutionize your nights? SolarNova 600W Solar Street Lights aren't just an upgrade; they're a lifestyle change. Transform your outdoor area into a well-lit sanctuary where every night feels like a special occasion. But don't wait – this kind of brilliance doesn't go unnoticed. Make the smart switch to SolarNova now and join the ranks of those who choose brilliance. Remember, the night is always younger when you're basking in the glow of SolarNova!

The Technical Tale of SolarNova

For those who revel in the details, here's the technical breakdown of your new nighttime companion, the SolarNova 600W Solar Street Lights:

  • Luminary Specs: 6000K color temperature, 160 pieces of high-efficiency SMD lamp beads.
  • Angle of Enlightenment: 180 degrees of wide-angle illumination.
  • Solar Panel Prowess: High photoelectric conversion efficiency polycrystalline silicon panels.
  • Battery Life: 13000mAh lithium battery, 5-6 hours charging time, 12-24 hours of operational brilliance.
  • Intelligent Modes: Dusk to dawn operation, motion sensor, and energy-saving modes.
  • Weatherproof Warrior: IP65 waterproof rating, ready for any weather scenario.
  • Ease of Installation: Simple wall or pole mounting, ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

Embrace the night with the clarity and brilliance of SolarNova – where every evening is an opportunity to shine! 🌟🌙💡

Technical Details

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Albert Robinson

I love it, and it's bright. Perfect!

Frankie House
Easy to Install, Bright and Convenient Solar Street Light

The solar panels are efficient and, in combination with the large battery, ensure the light lasts through the night even when it's overcast. Overall, this is a great light for those wanting a reliable solar light while also saving on electricity bills. Full marks from me!

Mark Jones
Performed as expected!

Very bright light. So far, I only use the dark-to-dawn feature and it worked well. May consider ordering a couple more units for my front and back yards.

Mark Jones
Motion Detect & area of illumination is perfect.

What a lovely light. It detects motion from a great distance and the light span is very large thanks to the angled side panels. My light is mounted at 10' height which seems optimal height. Surprisingly, the motion detect reached 25' from the base of the pole! Highly recommend this light.

Kent Kirkpatrick
Really bright

These are great lights they last 4-6 hours at full light depending on how much sun during the day. Very pleased