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SolaraBeam 400W Solar Street Lights - Ultra Bright 10000LM, Motion Sensor, Dusk to Dawn Lighting, IP65 Waterproof, Easy Installation for for Yards, Paths, Parking Lots

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SolaraBeam 400W Solar Street Lights - Ultra Bright 10000LM, Motion Sensor, Dusk to Dawn Lighting, IP65 Waterproof, Easy Installation for for Yards, Paths, Parking Lots

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Picture this: You're strolling back home, the moon's playing peek-a-boo, and the street is as dark as that mystery novel you can't put down. Then, bam! – a beacon of light, so bright it could make the sun wear shades, guides your path. Enter the SolaraBeam 400W Solar Street Lights. These aren't just any street lights; they're like the superheroes of the lamp world, swooping in to banish the darkness and keep your path lit and secure.

Now, imagine having this superhero right in your backyard, alleyway, or (hey, why not?) your very own parking lot. These lights don't just turn on; they wake up at dusk, thanks to their savvy dusk-to-dawn feature. It's like they know when the moon clocks in for its shift. And with a motion sensor that's sharper than a cat's reflexes, they light up the moment you – or anything else that moves – come into their realm. Forget about fumbling for your keys in the dark or worrying about what's lurking in the shadows. SolaraBeam's got you covered, literally.

Light Up Like Broadway

Ever wished for Broadway-level lighting in your backyard? With 10,000 lumens from 160 SMD lamp beads, this light doesn't just glow; it blazes. Say goodbye to squinting in the dark – your yard's about to become the brightest spot on the block.

See More, Trip Less

180-degree wide-angle lighting means no more surprise encounters with that forgotten garden gnome. It’s like having night-vision goggles built into your light. You'll see everything, from that sneaky raccoon to the soccer ball your kid swore they brought inside.

Sun-Powered Savings

Solar panels? Check. High-efficiency? Double-check. These panels soak up the sun faster than a cat on a windowsill, charging the massive 12,000mAh battery in just a few hours. Your electricity bill will thank you, and so will Mother Nature.

Night Owl's Delight

Motion sensor and dusk-to-dawn features? It's like the light knows when to work so you don't have to. It wakes up at sunset and brightens up when it senses motion, making it perfect for those late-night snack runs to the kitchen... or the garage.

Weatherproof Wonder

Rain, sleet, snow, or a summer scorcher, this light's ready for a weather marathon. IP65 means it's as waterproof as a duck in a pond and tough enough to handle anything from blizzards to heatwaves.

DIY Dream

Hate complicated setups? So do we. Mount it on a wall or a pole, flip the switch, and voilà – you're the proud owner of a beacon of brightness. No PhD in engineering required, and no extra costs for installation or maintenance.

Light Years of Reliability

Built to last longer than your favorite pair of jeans, this light won't leave you in the dark. It's like having a reliable friend who's always there to light up your night, year after year.

And there you have it! The SolaraBeam 400W Solar Street Light isn’t just a light; it’s a game-changer for your outdoor space. Bright, smart, and tough – what more could you ask for?

Take the Leap to Light Up Your Life!

Hey there, savvy shopper! Ready to transform your outdoor space from 'meh' to 'magnificent'? The SolaraBeam 400W Solar Street Light is your ticket to a brighter, safer, and more stylish outdoor area. But don't just take our word for it. Imagine hosting parties that last well into the night, under a blanket of stars and SolaraBeam's brilliant light. Or those evenings when you arrive home to a warmly lit driveway, welcoming you back like a hug from an old friend. Don't wait for the sun to set on this opportunity. Grab your SolaraBeam light today and bask in the glow of a well-lit decision!

Technical Symphony of the SolaraBeam

Now, for those who love the details as much as the dazzle, here's the technical scoop on your soon-to-be favorite outdoor accessory:

  • Brightness: 10,000 lumens, 160 SMD lamp beads, 6000K color temperature.
  • Coverage: 180-degree wide-angle lighting.
  • Solar Panel: High-efficiency polycrystalline silicon.
  • Battery: 12,000mAh lithium, 5-6 hours charging time, 12-24 hours working time.
  • Modes: Dusk to dawn operation, motion sensor, energy-saving mode.
  • Waterproofing: IP65 rating, -2℉ to 140℉ operating temperature.
  • Installation: Easy setup, suitable for wall or pole mounting (13-20 ft height recommended).

There you have it – the SolaraBeam in all its technical glory. A beacon of innovation ready to light up your world. The stage is set, the spotlight is yours – all you have to do is say 'yes'!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Cedric Audette
Let There Be Light

I've got it set to always be on at dusk and when motion is detected then go full brightness for 2 hrs. Lights up most of my backyard and all patio area. I love that it's solar and when i check on it there is always light till morning when it turns off.

Seems sturdy and hardware is helpful. I mounted a pole to my house, then used their mount with pole setup to add a little higher coverage. We've had some storms and high winds but it hasn't adjusted.

Ronald Neal
Every option on this street light work perfect

I purchased this street light as one of my projects to enhance lighting on the side of my house...
The sensor works perfect as well as the dimming feature if you don't want the lights as bright as they are which they are. I'm pleased and will be purchasing another one for the opposite side of my house. Oh and the bright white, awesome!

Scott Santiago
Thanks amount of light

I install this unit over my work shop and so far it’s working excellent. I’ve had it up and then used for about a month and seems to be running strong. As you can see in the video it stays on a nice dim setting until you start to approach it and then it gets brighter to help save electricity. Puts out plenty of light for my needs. The cats walking by will also set off the sensor to brighten the place up. Works very well. I installed this myself and was fairly easy overall. At times an extra set of hands would be helpful. I really like the unit and the amount of light/security it helps provide. Recommended.

Peter Willis
A wonderful, solar light

I put this out in November upstate New York. It gets very cold in there. The reason I did it supposedly it’s made for any Weather I am waiting to find out a good and a long it will last us for hours, charging and working. It is now January 1 so far so good.

Cedric Audette
Super love the light

Great streetlight