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SplashSpritz Automatic Electric Water Gun with 1500 maH Battery, 550-ml Water Holder, High-Pressure Gun That Can Blast Off Water at 10 Meters!

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SplashSpritz Automatic Electric Water Gun with 1500 maH Battery, 550-ml Water Holder, High-Pressure Gun That Can Blast Off Water at 10 Meters!

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Level Up Your Water Gun Games with the SplashSpritz! This Electric Water Gun Comes with a Stronger Water Force and Longer Water Reach, You Can Enjoy Your Water Games Even More!

Say Goodbye to Regular Water Guns, and Hello to Stronger Water Pressure, Longer Water Reach, All-Automatic Water Gun! 

Is a water gun fight a big part of your bonding time with family and friends? Are you looking for a water gun that can win over the ordinary water guns that your friends might  be using? Are you on the hunt for the next exciting toy for your kids?

Introducing the SplashSpritz water gun! The water gun that will beat everyone in your water gun battles!

100% automatic, you won't be needing endless finger presses. With just one press of a button, the water gun can produce a strong, far-reaching water spray for that non-stop fun!

Why Choose SplashSpritz Water Gun? 

It's so easy to refill! All you need to do is find a water source to reload – refill and repressurize in just a few seconds. No need to do all the complicated processes of removing the cap and waiting for the gun to fill.

The status of your water levels are quick to see. Immediately refill once you see the water at low levels. The water gun comes with a transparent design which allows you to check the fill status of your water gun at any time on the tank indicator.

Automatic refilling - no need to remove caps or parts. Refilling has always been a pain with any water gun. With the SplashSpritz, you only just dip the front of the water gun into a source of clean water and at the push of a button, it refills itself.

The water gun is ready to use after 10 seconds! The water gun is fully refilled and repressured and you are good to go.

The water gun comes with a 550 ML capacity. This water gun was designed with extra water tank.It was 550ML capacity .You don't need to fill water frequently! You will always win the game!

SplashSpritz Water Gun Features

Battery-operated water gun with powerful motor for intense, continuous shots. The battery operated water gun comes with a motorized design. This automatic electric water pistol upgrades your shots to a higher level - stronger and far-reaching shots are made possible. Its one-touch design gets rid of the defect of the pull-out water gun toy, you just pull the trigger to shoot instead of pulling the pump.

Powerful electric water gun that blasts 15 ml of water in a single shot! The electric water gun for adults and kids releases a concentrated amount of water that will definitely get your friends and family wet! Every pull of the trigger discharges a powerful individual blast of water with unprecedented precision.

Large capacity water gun can handle up to 550 ml of water ! The large water squirt gun with 550ML Capacity water tank allows you to enjoy water gun games for a longer period. You can enjoy the power of this new electric water gun without worrying about slow suction, short range, small water output, and complicated operations.

Long-lasting battery that can make the gun work for 1 hour. Includes a leak-proof design to prevent machine error. The SplashSpritz uses 1500Ah large capacity lithium battery that can last for up to 1 hour. The water gun also comes with double sealing so you can enjoy zero water leakage. The gun comes with a thickened waterproof rubber ring and leak-proof cover, double sealing, which ensures a good sealing performance and effectively prevents water leakage during play.

4 Step to Start the Game With Your Friends:

  1. Charge the battery
  2. Fill water
  3. connect the battery
  4. start the game !
  • Kids can use it very easy!
  • Best gift
  • No one can refuse the funny things
  • As a gift ; this Electric water gun will be a great choice .for birthday ; wedding ; party.
  • Everybody will enjoy it!

Packing List

  • 1*Charging Cable
  • 1*lithium battery
  • 1*screwdriver

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