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SkyTrance Galaxy Projector, Star Projector Night Light with Voice Control, Timing Setting, 21 Lighting Effects, 3-in-1 Ocean Wave

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SkyTrance Galaxy Projector, Star Projector Night Light with Voice Control, Timing Setting, 21 Lighting Effects, 3-in-1 Ocean Wave

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Introducing the SkyTrance Galaxy Projector - the ultimate 3-in-1 star galaxy projector light that is designed to create a unique and unforgettable starry night experience. This latest and most unique star projector perfectly combines stars, wave, and nebula, projecting high-resolution stars that float like ocean waves quietly under the night. It stimulates children's interest in astronomy, inspiring curiosity, imagination, and creativity.


With built-in mini Bluetooth 5.2, this starry sky projector night light can be used with smartphones via Bluetooth, or the USB slot option. Not only a nebula projector, it also doubles as a music player, flickering the lights with the rhythm of the music, producing a richer starry projection effect! Listen to your favorite music, relax and practice yoga, fitness, or meditation to reduce work fatigue.

This night light has a romantic and fantastic starry and water wave projection effect and also features a sound-activated design, flash with the music or your voice, creating a relaxed, romantic, colorful space projection atmosphere. The latest sound control flashing mode means that as long as there is music, clapping, or other rhythms, the lights will flash according to the rhythm of the music, freely turn on/off the lights, change the light mode, and music songs to easily set the atmosphere.


This multi-function design light projector is lightweight and convenient to carry everywhere, allowing you to bring a romantic star night for lovers or create a relaxing spa environment. It's perfect for homeroom, wedding, birthday, festival, Christmas, and decorative lights. So this means you don't need to buy many lamps, saving you money.

With an input of DC 5V/2A and LED Power of 2x3W, this star projector lamp can be powered by Power Bank, Computer, or AC Adapter. The packing list includes one LED Starry Projector, one Remote Control, one USB Cable, and one User Manual.

The SkyTrance Galaxy Projector is perfect for anyone looking for a unique, innovative, and versatile starry night experience. It creates a wonderful and starry atmosphere, inspiring curiosity, imagination, and creativity. It's also suitable for birthdays, parties, room decoration, children's day, Christmas, and anniversary gifts, helping children overcome darkness and fall asleep. Get yours today and experience the magic of the universe from the comfort of your own home.


  • 3-in-1 star galaxy projector with wave and nebula effects
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 and USB slot for music playing
  • Sound-activated design with flashing mode
  • Remote control for easy operation
  • Multi-functional design suitable for various occasions


  • Creates a unique and interesting starry night atmosphere
  • Stimulates children's interest in astronomy and inspires curiosity, imagination, and creativity
  • Doubles as a music player and helps to relax the body and mind
  • Humanized operation and sound control for easy customization
  • Lightweight and portable for convenient use anywhere
  • Suitable for various occasions, such as parties, room decoration, and gifts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Donald Markland
Good Product

I was a bit skeptical at first as videos can be a bit misleading. But WOW this is awesome. It lights up the walls and ceiling of my kids room giving them their own personal Northern Lights. Bluetooth allows for my kids favorite night time music, classic rock. I will most definitely purchase another

Julia Cordeiro
Great purchase!

I just moved into this small one bedroom apartment on the top floor. Luckily, it has a balcony. I was extremely excited to see the moon every night and just "becoming one with the moon" or something of the sort! Spolier: I have not become one with the moon. I can't see it . I have these lovely tall trees that block the street on the other side as well as the moon. So i had to abort the mission.
I bought this for a bit of ambiance for when I come out at the end of the night and listen to am audiobook!!
Winner winner chicken dinner! The stars even reflect on the trees. Soooo I don't get the moon but I am fine with faux stars. I took pictures of my balcony and even how it looks like in my living room with it is still on my balcony. I
I want 10 more... I won't get 10 more.... I shouldn't get 10 more.... k. Bye. Bye for real. Have a wonderful day, week, month and years to come.

Antonio Rogers
Worth it!!!

We bought this for our 11-year-old granddaughter who lives in another state. She relayed that she liked it but didn't say much more (not unusual).
We recently went to visit and asked her to show us how it worked. Thats where we got to hear the excitement in her voice. Months after receiving it, she still uses it daily. She loves being able to control it with the remote and all of the different features including sound.
When I got to actually see it in action, I was amazed at the superior projection quality. I immediately wanted one for myself. This may seem like a thing for children, but I'm 67 and I loved it. Strongly recommend for adults as well as kids.

Joseph J Thornton
Worth it!!!

My daughter was born in Alaska, but never got to see the northern lights before we left. She wanted something that made lights on the ceiling, but not baby stuff(stars, moons, etc) I got this for her for birthday. She absolutely loves it and says it's so calming. I'm thinking about getting one for me .

Steven Butler
Worth it!!!

Bought this for our daughter for Christmas. Absolutely amazing so far. Makes her room look magical. She loves the different sounds/music it puts out that is very calming. I.e crackling firewood, ocean, birds, lullaby’s, rain, etc. Lots of different functions, and are still finding more it can do daily. Hopefully it’s lasts!