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AmmyBaby Video Baby Monitor With Camera Night Vision, 2.4" LCD Screen, Clear Microphone and Speakers for Intercom, with Long-lasting Battery

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AmmyBaby Video Baby Monitor With Camera Night Vision, 2.4" LCD Screen, Clear Microphone and Speakers for Intercom, with Long-lasting Battery

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hear, See and Monitor Your Baby Even if You're Not in the Same Place or Room with the AmmyBibi Baby Monitor with HD Camera with Night Vision, Clear Microphone and Speakers for Intercom, and Long-Lasting Battery

Parents, we see you. You want to ensure your baby is safe round-the-clock. There's just one issue - sometimes, you no longer get anything done because you need to keep an eye on baby. When you lose sight of your kid, you immediately go to panic mode, you lose focus of other things that need your attention.

You don't have to give up your other tasks and just stay glued guarding your baby. With the AmmyBibi, you can still keep your baby safe even while you're exercising, cooking, cleaning the house, or doing some studying.

AmmyBaby Features

  • A lightweight, handy, portable baby monitor you can move from one place to another. The 2.4-inch LCD color screen baby monitor perfectly fits your pocket so you can use it in multiple areas of your home.
  • The improved night vision feature gives you clearer vision of what your baby is doing, even at night. The device's design focuses on an infrared light source emission point. This night vision design reduces the interference to the baby's night sleep, and vividly display the baby's sleep state.
  • Clearer microphone and sound output allows you to hear and talk to your baby more effectively. The baby monitor adopts 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless transmission technology that delivers seamless connection with advanced high-sensitive microphone and speaker for clear two-way audio talk, allowing you to talk back promptly
  • The baby monitor includes additional features that soothe, comfort, and keep baby safe. The AmmyBaby comes wtih a lullaby function to comfort them, a temperature sensor to let you know when the room's uncomfortable, and an alarm clock function useufl during feedings.
  • Easy to install everywhere. The plug and play, manual 360-degree free rotation camera, can be installed on the wall or other places to monitor the baby's condition.

Movable and Portable Unit

You can take the portable parent unit with you within the range of monitoring, allowing you to hear, see or talk to your baby at any time.

Two Way Talk Back Function

When your baby is under uncomfortable or crying, you can comfort him or her with the sound of your own voice by using the two-way talk back function.

Auto Infrared Night Vision Function

Knowing your baby good or not in the night, even in the darkness.

Temperature Monitoring Function

Smart monitoring the temperature allows you to create a safe and comfortable environment for your baby.


The screen will auto wake up to remind you that your baby is uncomfortable, while in other time will stay in black screen. So it extends the time of working to some degree.


  • Screen Size: 2.4 inch
  • Resolution (Display):320*240
  • Battery Capacity:750mAh
  • Transmission Distance (Open Area):100 feet
  • Intercom mode: two-way intercom
  • Music: Built-in about 3 minutes of chord music
  • Night vision: infrared night vision about 5 meters
  • Detection method: voice control power saving mode
  • Detection: Display indoor temperature

Packcage Include

  • 1*baby monitor
  • 1 * Remote Display Control

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
tracy T. Coleman
The Only Baby Monitor You Will Ever Need

My husband and I recently needed to purchase a baby monitor for our newborn so that we could be out of room while she's napping and still be able to see that she is doing ok. We specifically needed one that was portable and that had a fairly wide range on it so that we could still get work done on our farm outside. We had tried a more expensive version from VTech and was so terribly disappointed with it, that we immediately returned it. This monitor was our second time around and the differences are by and far, SOOO much better than the VTech one. I've been able to go from about a 1/2 acres distance from my daughter's bedroom and still have clear signal. We haven't had any drops in the video and the picture is crystal clear. Even at night, we can be out of the room and easily see and hear her. It was well worth the purchase.

amy R. Williams
Allows me to sleep without worry

I bought this to monitor my 93 yo father who is bed bound but forgetful. I used to have to walk downstairs twice a night to check on his safety then would have difficulty going back to sleep. This is perfect for keeping an eye on him without needlessly disturbing my sleep. Excellent picture quality and I like the fact that you can turn the sound off so i don't have to hear his snoring or sleep mumblings. I just check the monitor intermittently and if he is sleeping I go back to sleep. Although it is intended for babies it is helpful to keep an eye on the elderly too.

holly M. Harper
Provides peace of mind. It's a lifesaver.

Never thought I needed a video baby monitor til I couldn't find it after putting my daughter to bed one night. I rely on this monitor every night to be able to wake up and pick up the monitor and see my daughter sleeping in her bed. There hasnt been one night since shes been born that we havent used it. The picture and sound quality is great, you can zoom in and out and turn the volume up and down. My favorite feature is the microphone button that allows you to talk to your child through the monitor to the camera part that is in their room. I cant count how many nights Ive heard my child wake up crying and picked it up and talked to her for a few seconds and she laid back down and went to sleep after hearing the sound of my voice.I would absolutely recommend this to any parent who wants peace of mind concerning their child.

Kimberly W. Devine

All honestly I wasn’t hoping for very much when I got this. But this surprised me! It does everything I wanted to do and more. The picture quality it awesome and the night vision is way better then I expected. I have already highly recommend this to my sister who is expecting in a few months.