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NiniNest Baby Monitor with 3.2" Display - Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Remote Pan & Tilt, No WiFi Required

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NiniNest Baby Monitor with 3.2" Display - Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Remote Pan & Tilt, No WiFi Required

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hey there, super parent! Ever wished you could be in two places at once? Like, being able to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee in the living room while keeping a close eye on your little one napping in the nursery? Well, we've got the next best thing! Say hello to the NiniNest Baby Monitor with a 3.2" Display. This nifty gadget is like your own personal babysitting assistant, always ready to keep you connected with your baby, no matter where you are in the house!

Baby Security Camera Monitor

Crystal Clear View, Just Like You're There

With the 3.2" display, you'll feel like you're right next to your baby, even when you're in another room. It's like having a personal theatre, showcasing your baby's cute antics in high definition. Now, who needs reality TV when you have this?

Advanced Stable Long Range Transmission, Because Distance Shouldn't Matter

With our baby monitor's advanced long range transmission, you can move around the house freely without losing connection. It's like having a personal security guard doing rounds, ensuring your baby's safety. Whether you're in the kitchen, the garden, or the living room, you can keep an eye on your baby. Now, isn't that a game-changer?

Night Vision, Because Nights Are for Sleep

Thanks to the night vision, you can see your baby clearly even in a pitch-dark room. It's like having night-vision goggles, but without the need to wear anything. Now, you can enjoy your beauty sleep while keeping a watchful eye on your little one.

Two-Way Audio, Because Communication is Key

With the two-way audio, you can not only hear your baby but also talk back to them. It's like having a walkie-talkie, keeping the lines of communication open with your baby. Now, you can soothe your baby with your voice, no matter where you are in the house.

VOX Mode, Because Every Peep Matters

With the VOX mode, your monitor springs to life at the first sound from your baby. It's like having a personal baby cry detector, alerting you only when it's necessary. Now, you can enjoy some quiet time without constantly checking on your baby.

Feeding Clock, Because Timing is Everything

With the feeding clock, you'll never miss your baby's feeding time. It's like having a personal assistant, reminding you of your baby's mealtime. Now, you can focus on other things without constantly checking the clock.

Remote Pan & Tilt, Because Every Angle Matters

With the remote pan and tilt, you can adjust the camera to see every corner of your baby's room. It's like having a personal security guard doing rounds, ensuring your baby's safety. Whether your baby is playing in one corner or sleeping in the crib, you can keep an eye on all the action.

No WiFi Required, Because Simplicity is Bliss

Our baby monitor doesn't require WiFi. It's as simple as plug and play. No need to worry about WiFi signal strength or password protection. It's like having a direct line to your baby, simple and secure.

So, are you ready to embrace the future of parenting? Give yourself the gift of peace of mind and freedom with the NiniNest Baby Monitor. It's more than just a baby monitor, it's your partner in this exciting journey of parenthood. But hurry, these baby monitors are selling like hotcakes! Grab yours now and join the league of super parents enjoying a well-deserved break!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jeanette Quinonez
Great For Day & Night

My mother had shoulder surgery and we needed to make sure we could keep an eye on her if she was in her bedroom, sitting in the living room while I was either in the kitchen or sleeping. I could here her clearly calling me at night & I was able to see her face & hear her breathing. What a relief. The rest of the family agreed this was a great investment for peace of mind for all of us.

Martha Shirley
Hands down BEST baby purchase!

The quality of this camera is phenomenal! I can see my baby breathing and hear him too! It has lullabies you can play as well from the monitor that he really enjoys! Cool features all the way around! The battery lasts around five hours, so I keep it plugged in over night and my first early morning wake up I unplug it to let the battery drain. 10/10 will be recommending this to anyone in the market for one! I only wish I would have had it sooner for my first!

Kate Sea
Calms New Parent Nerves!

My husband and I were a little skeptical given that this monitor was much lower in price than competitors. We were hoping that didn't indicate quality issues, and it didn't! The different features are so helpful, from adjustable brightness and volume to the ability to speak to your baby from the monitor and play music to soothe them. We are first time parents and definitely nervous when we aren't in the same room with our little guy as he sleeps, and this is an amazing tool for us to use to monitor him.

Janina Tucker
Very easy set up, good quality image and sound

Love this monitor. Very easy to set up, can easily place the monitor in the position you need and then move the cameras directions on your video screen various angles depending on where your camera is located. The image quality is great, and you can also view in night mode even with lights off so that is a bonus. The sound is okay, clear . I think it's great that you can talk through the monitor and also hear from the camera. For all the abilities and quality of this monitor its very cost effective!

Cindy Mehta
Works great

we just got ours and I set it up right away. It was easy. Watched my baby while I did house work and was able to coax him back to sleep without having to leave the task I was doing. Also handy because an elderly relative we care for had a fall and sleeps in a motorhome next to the house. No where but the couch to sleep there for whoever watches them for the night and they don't want us to stay over. Set this up and now we can monitor from in the house and they can call out without the phone or if we suspect something is wrong we can call out to them from the monitor. Super handy and easy to set up.