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CuddleViu 4.3 inch Screen 1080P Wireless Video Nanny Baby

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

CuddleViu 4.3 inch Screen 1080P Wireless Video Nanny Baby

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Your Extra Pair of Eyes to Watch After Baby When You're Not in The Room. The Baby Monitor Complete with HD Camera, An Intercom, Lullaby Option, and Alarms

Keeping the Baby Safe Even if You're Not in the Same Room Is Now Made Possible with High Definition Camera, a Crystal Clear Intercom, And Strong Signals That Will Help You See How Baby is Doing in Real Time

Parents, taking care of a baby can occupy a lot in your schedule.

We hear you - you want a tool to help you keep an eye on your child without having to let go of other tasks, or to do things that also need your attention.

The good news: there's CuddleViu, an advanced baby monitor that helps you see, hear, and monitor you're little one while you're away in the room.

Complete with high-quality camera, improved audio quality, strong signals, and an intercom that gets your voice across, the CuddleViu is a device you can trust to assure you that baby is safe.

CuddleViu Baby Monitor Features

The Device Comes with High Quality Audio To Help You Hear What Your Child Needs

The CuddleViu comes with a top quality speaker that will allow you to instantly hear your baby's request for you and your attention. You can set the volume on high so you won't miss any sound coming from the room where your baby is staying.

CuddleViu is Equipped with a Powerful Microphone So You Can Talk to Your Baby While You're in Another Room

Worried that your baby might feel anxious without hearing your voice? The CuddleViu's microphone allows you to talk to your baby in real time through the audio baby monitor to soothe your baby's emotions.

The microphone allows you to talk to your child while you're doing other tasks like exercising, cleaning the house, cooking, working, or taking a break.

Strong Signals So You Can Get Real-time, Uninterrupted Updates on Your Baby

The CuddleViu comes with a design that promotes strong signals so you can get smooth-flowing, less-choppy updates of your baby. No more crackling, unclear souds to deal with because CuddleViu will deliver the clearest details to you even if you're 15 feet away.

The Baby Monitor with Night and Day Vision So You Won't Miss Any Detail
Equipped with infrared lights and a sensor, the CuddleViu baby video camera automatically turns into black and white night vision when it detects low light. I know you miss your baby all the time, Kidsneed baby monitor with camera and night vision helps you see your sweet baby at night.

The CuddleViu Now Comes with 6 Built-in Lullabies to Encourage Baby to Relax and Sleep

The baby monitor has 6 fascinating lullabies built in. Preset lullabies with soothing rhythms, which can be played via remote control from the parent unit to help babies relax and fall asleep.

Long transmission range that helps you monitor baby even if you're in a different room.

Enhanced transmission range up to 960ft No matter you are in the next room, downstairs kitchen or outside patio, you can always get the stable video.

What in the box?

  • 1 X Baby Monitor
  • 1 X 4.3 inch Remote Display Control
  • 1 X User Manual
  • 2 X Power Adapter
  • 1 X Mount Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Diane R. Laverriere
game changer

My kids share a room and I now have one pointed at each of their beds. Being able to see them both on the baby monitor has made such a difference as I’m no longer carrying around two baby monitors and I can see who is up/out of bed/coughing etc. we frequently use the music feature as well to get my infant son to fall asleep and he falls asleep from wide awake within two minutes every time. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth M. Spangler
Finally a monitor worth the money!

Listen, I just spent 3.5 years with a crappy no-name brand monitor I got off Amazon that cost me $175. I was so disappointed and convinced all monitors were as terrible because the reviews are never great. I have had this new monitor for 1 week and it is SO MUCH BETTER. You have no know going into this that the picture quality isn't crystal clear like your phone camera, but its good enough to see baby breathing, see eyes open, etc. So glad I found this monitor!

gina J. Horton
make the right choice.

I bought this gadget for my son coz the young couple are having a 2-year-old. These days they are working at home due to the stay-at-home order. Frustrated now that they can't send my grandson to the day care and need to conference/video calls all the time! They ended up sending the kid to my house together with the gadget as they need some fresh air during the Easter weekend. I bought this CuddleViu baby monitor for the good discount and the remote viewing. I'm very pleased with the choice I made. The set up is super easy. In fact I don't need to pair the camera and the monitor again when using the set in my house, unlike the old monitor my son used to have. With this one, just plug them in and they work straight away.It has all the necessary function like a big 4.3" display, two way talk back intercom, clear night vision, etc etc. All and all, it is impressed Grandpa does make the right choice.

florence W. McRaney
Best baby monitor I've tried so far...

I've purchased maybe half a dozen baby cams (now re-purposed or returned or trashed) in the last couple years and this one is easily the best... so far. The monitor is large and the video quality is outstanding both day/night. The camera can be easily panned/tilted from the controls on the monitor. I also love that there are volume buttons on the monitor so you can easily turn down the volume if you don't want a baby screaming in two rooms at the same time . Generally, the interface on the monitor is pretty intuitive and practical . Signal strength and communication appear to be steady for both the monitor and the app. The monitor was going in and out of range when placed at about 40 feet away from the camera so keep that in mind if you live on a ranch or a castle or something. This is a rock solid unit, no complaints here.

Lynn D. navarro
Great product for the price! Super pleased!

I absolutely love this baby monitor! A lot of the audio monitors are poor quality and this monitor has a great quality video, up to 1,000 ft of range, i can talk to my baby through the monitor when she wakes up which is pretty cool. I can also play music for her with it. Great value for the money! Id buy it again or for a gift for someone. Love it!