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VrebScan Police-Grade Professional Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

VrebScan Police-Grade Professional Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Monitor Your Alcohol Levels Properly with VrebScan Breathalyzer

What Makes VrebScan Different? 

The VrebScan breathalyzer is designed with the input of actual DUI safety experts to ensure that you get the precision and speed you might need to make sure you're driving safely. It's easy to use, response time is fast, and is trusted by police officers, law enforcement officers, and clinic assistants.

One of the most trusted breathalyzers for home and clinic use, the VrebScan provides peace of mind to drivers who want to make sure they won't have run ins with the law or driving risks!

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  • The device has an advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor. This feature of the VrebScan makes checking your alcohol levels fast and swift. The results can come in as fast as 3 minutes. This device is considered one of the fastest breathalyzers in the market.
  • You can get results in real time - fast! You get the results in real time. Emergency has no time to waste! You can periodically check your alcohol levels without getting inaccurate results.
  • The VrebScan is designed for stability. The design of the VrebScan ensures that the entire device is compact, impact-resistant, and durable.
  • LCD-indicated results make reading easier. The lights in the alcohol breath scanner delivers results through light indicators. You won't have to second guess the results you are getting.
  • Th device features digital LCD display with blue backlight. The clear LCD screen of the VrebScan displays result in an easy-to-see manner.
  • You'll get a portable and fashionable design. You can conveniently carry the VrebScan everywhere. It will take only a little space in your bags, jackets, and pockets.
  • You can get an audible warning beyond a preset limit. The VrebScan also features a sound alarm to let you know if you've gone beyond the safe alcohol limit.

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  • Working Voltage is DC 5V. Powered by 3xAAA batteries (Note: Batteries not included.)
  • Working Current: ≤120mA
  • Environmental temperature:-10° to 50°
  • Relative Humidity ≤95%
  • Display: 3 digits LCD display with blue backlight
  • Battery Expectancy Time: ≥2000 Times
  • Size:103 x 60 x 25mm(LxWxH)

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Package Including:

  • 1 x breath alcohol tester
  • 5 x cigarette holder
  • 1 x User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sophia wilson
Useful and good for new 21's

I purchased more than one for some recent 21 year olds. It's easy to use and provides added sense of protection for drivers.

Emily smith
Good build quality and replacement tips included

Seems like a decent device. Turn it on, it warms up and calibrates. Includes 5 replaceable tips.

I haven't tried it with alcohol but it detects I haven't had anything so that's at least good. I figure its a nice device to have to check yourself before you get into a car.

Lucas hernandez
Great for my needs

This is the second breathalyzer we’ve purchased for our home. The are quite accurate for our needs and can easily pick up if one of our teens has consumed alcohol. It’s extremely easy to use.

Ava thompson
GREAT value for the money

I went into this purchase with a bit of skepticism. Mainly because I wasn’t convinced, I could purchase an accurate tester at this low price point. Yet, those concerns vanished once I received the product. I found the directions easily understandable and accurately portrayed the easy functionality of the tester. It is very simplistic in its usage. I’d buy it again if need be, and I do highly recommend this product. I’ll let you know how it holds up after some extensive usage in days to come.

Oliver morris
Works great!

The first couple times I was a little confused as it was too strong. Online it says to wait about 20 minutes after your last drink. I learned if you just wait 10 more minutes you get the accurate readings and continue to get them. Super easy to use as well