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SpyBust Anti-Spy Device and Hidden Camera Detector with Active Laser Scanning, Passive Sweeping Technology, 3 Detection Modes For Bugs, GPS Trackers, Spy Cam, Wire Taps, and Tracking Devices

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SpyBust Anti-Spy Device and Hidden Camera Detector with Active Laser Scanning, Passive Sweeping Technology, 3 Detection Modes For Bugs, GPS Trackers, Spy Cam, Wire Taps, and Tracking Devices

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Protect Your Privacy with SpyBust - The New and Improved Hidden Camera Detector and Bug Buster with Improved Scanning and Sweeping Technology and 3 Detection Modes for Up to 20 Kinds of Bugging and Spying Devices!


Don't Be Left in the Dark When it Comes to Your Privacy: Get SpyBust Hidden Camera Detector for Spy Cams, Bugs, Wire Taps, GPS Trackers, and Bluetooth Spying Devices

Worried that you might be secretly monitored or tracked? Do you want to ensure that no one will secretly stalk you in your property, workplace, transient places, or inside your home? Introducing the SpyBust hidden camera detector and bug buster!

How Does SpyBust Detect Spying Devices and Spy Cameras? 

The SpyBust hidden camera detector comes with ultra-high sensitivity of ≤0.03mv. This device covers a wide area, and its supporting the frequency range of 1MHZ-8000MHZ, can easily find hidden devices to protect your personal safety and prevent people from infringing your privacy.

The SpyBust can cover up to 15 square meters, and the device will cover each spot and corner to prevent you from missing anything.

The SpyBust comes with 3 different modes - which can be switched at will. It can detect 2G, 3G, 4G frequency bands, GPS positioning, and magnetic eavesdropping equipment to protect your safety in the room, toilet, business negotiation, and other scenes from being exposed.

Even the smallest spying bugs can be busted!


SpyBust Hidden Camera Detector Features

This hidden camera detector can pick up all sorts of privacy and spying devices - you won't miss anything. The SpyBust now comes with improved scanning technology that allows you to see 1.2G and 2.4G wireless devices including wireless cameras, mini cams, audio bugs, phone tap, wire tapping, body wire, and cameras concealed in pens.

The hidden camera detector includes signal radiation detection that picks up all kinds of signals. The hidden camera detector now comes with upgraded chipset  that comes with strong anti-interference, longer detection range, and better signal accumulation for all sorts of signals which allow you to never miss any bug.

SpyBust comes with high sensitivity which you can adjust easily depending on the room you want to scan. The sensor of the SpyBust can be adjusted, so you won't have to worry about missing anything in a big room. Once adjusted to full, the SpyBust can scan an area of 15 square meters.

The SpyBust comes with 3 sensor modes: RF Detector for Wire taps, Camera Lens Finder for Hidden Cameras, and Magnetic Field Detection for GPS Trackers. To say that you are covered when you have SpyBust is a claim we can make - this device has 3 sensor modes that you can easily switch and change.

Includes laser lights for easy detection. The device comes with laser lights that will make camera lens and bugs stand out and be detected.

The hidden camera detector you can use for multiple purposes. You can use the SpyBust for times when you want to feel safe - when you worry about somebody bugging you, if you want to ensure there are no hidden cameras in your hotel or AirBnB rooms, or if you want to keep stalkers away from tracking you. The SpyBust can be your next tool to keep you safe.


  • 10-level digital tube, buzzer, vibrator indication
  • Frequency range: 1-8000MHZ
  • Power supply: built-in 3.7V1000mA polymer lithium battery
  • Detection dynamic range: >73DB
  • Working current: 60-110mA
  • Detection sensitivity: ≤0.03mv (main frequency band)
  • Continuous working time: 4-5 hours
  • Detection range: 2.4G: 10m (standard 10mw)
  • 1.2G: 15m (standard 10mw)
  • Material: ABS plus metal
  • Weight: 150g
  • Mobile phone frequency band: 2G.3G.4G signal: 15m
  • Volume: 117*56*20mm

How to Use the Detector?

  1. Pull out device antenna to detect the distance from any tracking spy equipment, such as hidden cameras, GPS transmitters, etc.
  2. Change the scroll wheel for frequency bands to adjust detection strength.
  3. Check the laser lens scope with a red LED to find hidden cameras.

 What's Package Include:

  • 1* Detector Device
  • 1*Antenna
  • 1*Magnetic Probe
  • 1*USB Charging Cable
  • 1*User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
James Dandrea
This works great!!!!

After receiving the unit I thought maybe It was beyond me how to operate it. However, after carefully reading the instructions and using a couple items to test the equipment I found it to be awesome. I have several places I intend on checking with this unit and if it works like I think it will I will be getting a couple more for my other associates. For the price you can even afford to lose it without breaking the bank.

Richard Dunning
Protect yourself from prying eyes....

These are fantastic if you travel and stay in hotels at all. I feel so much safer being able to check for cameras and things when we spend the night somewhere new. It's not difficult to use, and it has a decent battery life, so you're not constantly charging it. The instructions are pretty straight forward as well. It's actually kind of fun to use, and makes you feel like a spy.

Joseph Maynard
Cool functional

I was afraid it would not be easy to use, so I bought a camera and tried it. The performance was really good, and I could detect the camera. The signal lamp was filled with signal detection and the alarm was sent out.To my surprise. So this product works really good!!!

Christine Steinberger
Thank you and Grateful

This product proved what I suspected about my neighbors spying on me. I was horrified, but it indeed works great if there is a listening device or a bug. I am beyond grateful. I suggest you have a camera rolling upon plugging in. This thing went off bells and whistles with the light on top was on etc... I used it at night and fully lights up. The knob adjusts for sound vibration. They have been spying on me and the neighbor woman and now I have proof. I'm going to check around the property to see if there are bugs.

Richard Matter
Worked perfectly

Worked perfectly. Very high quality for the price.