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LyxterSense Hidden Camera Detectors, Anti Spy Detector, 4 in 1 Multi-Function, Foldable Infrared Viewfinder, Retractable Antenna, Easy to Use

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

LyxterSense Hidden Camera Detectors, Anti Spy Detector, 4 in 1 Multi-Function, Foldable Infrared Viewfinder, Retractable Antenna, Easy to Use

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



There are always a lot of signals around us, such as neighbors' routers, signal base stations outside. Those signals will interfere the signal detection that makes our job hard to get done.

This device uses advanced chip that be able to eliminate remote signal interference, only picks signals within 3ft, which helps to narrow your search and quickly locate suspicious device.


  • 【Privacy Protection】This multi-function detector can accurately detect and locate any device which emits RF signals (e.g. eavesdropping device, GPS trackers, wired and wireless hidden cameras, SIM card bug) , prevent your privacy leaks.
  • 【Ultra-sensitivity Chip】 With upgraded ultra-sensitive chips, this detector has 5 levels of sensitivity, which allow you to accurately find week signal source.
  • 【Easy to Locate Signal Source 】- There are lots of wireless RF signals around us, this detector only picks RF signals within 3ft, which helps to narrow your search and quickly locate suspicious device.
  • 【Easy to carry 】Product size is 4.25”x0.94”x0.59” and weights 1oz only, easy to carry! Foldable infrared viewfinder and retractable antenna are built in the product, you will never forget to bring accessories.
  • 【Long Battery life and type-C charging port】It allows to use up to 25 hours per a full charge. The device uses type-c charging port, you can charge it with your phone charging cable.

RF Wireless Signal Detection Mode

Switch the sensitivity to low and approach to the suspected target, find the emission source.
When signal is detected, the device will beep as alert, you can also switch to vibration alert

Hidden camera lens detection modeHidden camera lens detection mode
Push up the viewfinder, look through the viewfinder from the obverse side of the device.
The hidden lens will reflect as a strong bright spot when the red LED light spot it as shown in the picture.


  1. The hidden camera may be installed anywhere, so please scan the surroundings in different directions.
  2. According to the principle of light reflection, only when the sight line is perpendicular to the hidden camera lens, the bright spot of the reflection can be seen.

Magnetic Field Detection Mode

The magnetic probe is located at the upper part of the device(inside, behind antenna).
Please move the device, approach to suspicious object. When the probe is close to the magnetic field source at the effective detection distance(about 4 inches), the signal strength indicator will light up.


A highlighted white LEDs on the top will light up in this working mode.
Hidden Camera Detectors, Anti Spy Detector, 4 in 1 Multi-function


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: 400mah
  • Detection Range: 12.7in-26ft
  • volume:4.3*0.9*0.6in
  • weight:21g
  • charging interface:Type-c
  • working hours:25 hours
  • antenna gain:-56db
  • charging power:DC5V/1A
  • batteries:3.7V/400mA
  • sensitivity:Level 5
  • frequency range:12.7iMHz-6.5ghZN-26ft
  • detection range:12.7in-26ft
  • optical lens:Special fiter
  • Receiving frequency range: 1MHz - 6.5GHz

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x Detector
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Zona holman

This is one of the best professional products on the market today. The quality of signal for detecting unwanted spy devices within your home and hotels in which you may stay; also, as well as any rental cars that you may rental. It truly much needed for your overall use.

Jose Champion
Excellent quality, ease of use

This product is being used on a constant basis for countering illegal surveillance and tracking. There are individuals in our society who do not know or do not care when they violate individual constitutional rights. One device has already been captured and the individual or group must think about that all the time. They are too stupid to realize the device leaves a retraceable footprint right back to them.

Michelle adams
Great, well made bug detector

I have tested this device on everything it’s supposed to detect except GPS trackers in my vehicles, which will happen this weekend. It has performed perfectly and I was particularly impressed with it’s performance against relatively weak magnetic fields. I didn’t understand the principle behind the camera detector until I saw the bright dot of the lens, you’ll definitely know there’s a camera there when you see it.

Rachel Hooper
Definitely works and will give you peace of mind.

Incredible! I am not tech inclined, and right out of the box it took me 5 minutes to read the manual. Simple turned it to automatic and I found cameras in my bathroom. So creepy. It also alerted me that someone was outside doing the filming! OMG!

Patricia saldana
This bug detector is very well made and simple to use.

This detector is simple to use and is very versatile. In this day where our privacy is under attack, it's so important to be able to protect it. This detector will help give you peace of mind, imho!