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SnugToes Quick-Heat Slippers - USB Charging, Instant Heating, Boot-Inspired Design for Maximum Comfort and Warmth

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

SnugToes Quick-Heat Slippers - USB Charging, Instant Heating, Boot-Inspired Design for Maximum Comfort and Warmth

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The Cold Weather Has No Match to the Warmth of SnugToes!

"These slippers can save your feet from the common winter blues!"

If colder days always make you want to bundle up with layers and layers of materials that will envelope you in warmth, it's important to have a heating product that will really get the job done. If blankets work for you, but they don't work as well for your feet, consider getting heated slippers like the SnugToes.

The SnugToes's advanced heating technology is a league of its own - it warms up fast, distributes heat evenly to your feet, and makes the foot care process easy and convenient for you!

The stylish heated insoles is expertly designed like a boot so you can get complete warmth to your feet in just 10 seconds . The SnugToes does not include any complicated processes - simply place your feet inside this fuzzy boot and you'll feel the best benefits of heated slippers. 

SnugToes Features

Comes in a boot-inspired design for better heat distribution. The SnugToes has a design that is inspired by a real boot. This allows you to easily feel the warmth of the SnugToes. Simply slide your feet into the boots and you'll feel the benefits.

The material is soft, fuzzy, and thick enough to prevent cold from getting into the shoes. Blanket-like warmth? You can have that with the SnugToes. The material is made from the actual material used in blankets and fuzzy bed covers to combat the cold.

Instantly warms your feet up. You won't have to wait for a minute just to get your boots heated. The heated slippers automatically turns the temperature up in just 10 seconds.

The temperature consistently stays at 40-degrees celsius. The SnugToes consistently stays at an ideal temperature of 40-degrees Celsius which makes it easy for you to feel warmth on your feet the whole day. The SnugToes features the latest technology in heated slippers - if you're looking for warmth, you'll definitely get warmth.

The heated slippers that can help foot issues due to cold. You will love how the SnugToes can help alleviate foot issues like sprains, stiffness, joint aches, and the numbing of the foot.

You can easily charged it on-the-go. As long as you have a USB power source, you can charge up the SnugToes.

Unisex heated slippers for indoor use. The heated slippers you can use while you're reading, lounging, or watching the television!



Why Choose Heated Slippers?

Unlike other feet warmers, you can easily walk in these foot warmers without having to stay in one spot! The foot warmers insulates the feet and ankle from the cold.

        ✔   You can charge using any USB port. Simply charge it with USB power plugs, laptop, desktop, or power bank.
        ✔   You will feel warmth within 10 seconds!
        ✔   The heating temperature can reach up to 55 degrees Celsius.
        ✔   Comfortable fleece to help you enjoy each heat therapy even more.



Specification :

  • Soft sole design
  • Heating temperature up to 104°F/ 40°c
  • Power Bank (Not Included)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ava Nelson

Love, love , love these foot warmer booties! I have such poor circulation in my feet, so my feet are ALWAYS cold in the winter especially. People always say just put socks on, but that doesn’t help. Definitely recommended!

James Baker
Finally a Cold Feet Solution

First off, I never write reviews, but I felt like I had to for any other people on a quest to deal with their antarctic-cold feet like I was. I have always had insanely cold feet—so cold that they distract me when I’m trying to study during the day & physically hurt when I try to go to sleep each night. Socks upon socks upon socks have done me no good. I came across these slippers & decided they were worth a shot. They arrived today & I am BEYOND pleased with them! My feet are extremely warm. These slippers are very comfortable. I’ve been able to sit & study for hours with no cold-feet-pain distraction. I’ll be wearing these on the daily!

Emily Johnson
Perfect for someone with persistent cold feet!

I got these for my husband for Christmas to replace an old-style, single large-boot foot warmer that had finally quit working. I liked that you didn't have to keep both your feet in one confined area and that the booties were separate. He has neuropathy in his feet and his feet are ALWAYS cold. He has given a very enthusiastic THUMBS UP with this as his gift and wears them when in the house sitting at his desk or watching TV. The boots fit his feet just fine and his foot size is 9.5-10. We've been using them for almost 2 months now with no problems so far.

Noah Martinez
Soft and fuzzy and warm

So soft and comfy! These are really more like extremely fuzzy socks, a thin sole, but they do have a non-slip grip on the bottom. I love them, wore them pretty much all winter long because they are super quiet, soft, and can go from walking around the house to being on the couch.

Mia Wright
Very snuggly & warm

They are so comfy to lounge around in, warm, soft, and snuggly. I can’t tell which goes on the right or left foot, but I don’t think it really matters. They are exactly what I was looking for!

I have medium width feet, and these are wide enough for wide feet, but they don’t feel too wide when they’re on. I’m wondering how they’d fit someone with a size 10 foot, but they do have some give so maybe they’ll be fine. All I know is, they are perfect for me for wearing at home. What a great find at a fantastic price!