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CozySoles Comfort Heated Slippers - Up to 6 Hours of Continuous Warmth with 4000mAh Battery, 3 Customizable Heat Modes for Perfect Warmth

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

CozySoles Comfort Heated Slippers - Up to 6 Hours of Continuous Warmth with 4000mAh Battery, 3 Customizable Heat Modes for Perfect Warmth

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Hey there, fellow frosty-footed friend! 🥶 Ever found yourself cocooned in a blanket burrito, binge-watching your favorite show, only to realize that your toes are staging a cold rebellion? Well, let me introduce you to the game-changer: CozySoles Comfort Heated Slippers. Imagine slipping your feet into a warm embrace, a haven where cold toes are a myth of the past. With up to 6 hours of continuous toasty goodness powered by a robust 4000mAh battery, these slippers are like that perfect cup of cocoa for your feet. And with 3 customizable heat modes, you're in control of your comfort level, whether you're tiptoeing around a chilly apartment or just lounging on a frosty winter morning. So, why settle for cold feet when you can have a foot spa experience every step of the way? 😉"

Warm Feet, Happy Heart!


You know that feeling when you sip a hot drink on a cold day? That's your feet with these slippers. Up to 6 hours of continuous warmth means saying goodbye to those ice-cube toes and hello to foot heaven!

Charge Less, Warm More!

With a 4000mAh battery, these aren't your average slippers. Think of them as the marathon runners of the heated footwear world. Less time charging, more time chilling (or should we say warming? 😉).

Your Feet, Your Rules!

Three heat modes? Talk about being in control! Whether you're a "just a tad warm" or a "turn up the heat" kind of person, there's a setting just for you.

Safety First, Always!

Warm feet are great, but safe feet? Even better. These slippers are designed to give you all the warmth without any of the worry. No overheated toes here!

No More Waiting Games!

Instant gratification? Yes, please! These slippers heat up faster than you can say "I'm cold." No more waiting around for warmth.

From Couch to Kitchen, in Style!


Perfect for every indoor adventure, whether you're typing away on a work call or making a snack run to the fridge. Who said you can't have style with comfort?

For Him, For Her, For Everyone!

Unisex design means everyone gets to jump on the warm feet bandwagon. Sharing is caring, after all!

Gift of the Year!

Got a friend with perpetually cold feet? Or maybe a birthday coming up? These slippers are the gift that keeps on giving (warmth, that is).

Easy-Peasy Operation!

One button to rule them all! No complicated setups or manuals to decipher. Even tech newbies will feel like pros.

Comfort Meets Durability!

Made with love (and some really comfy materials), these slippers are built to last. Think of them as the cozy hug your feet didn't know they needed.

Don't Get Cold Feet Now!


Listen, we've all been there - endlessly scrolling, adding items to our cart, and then... hesitation. But let's be real, life's too short for cold feet (literally and figuratively). With winter knocking at the door, do you really want to miss out on the foot-hugging warmth of the CozySoles Comfort Heated Slippers? Remember, while the cold is seasonal, regret lasts forever. So, slide those chilly toes into a world of comfort and hit that 'Buy Now' button. Because trust us, your feet will thank you!

And hey, between us? Stocks are flying off the shelves faster than snowflakes in a blizzard. Secure your pair now and let's make this winter the coziest one yet!

Tech Talk: CozySoles Unveiled

Alright, tech enthusiasts, this one's for you. Let's dive deep into what makes the CozySoles tick (or should we say, heat?):

  • Battery Powerhouse: A whopping 4000mAh battery ensures your feet stay warm, not just for a moment, but for up to 6 continuous hours. That's longer than most movie marathons
  • Heat Settings: Three customizable modes to suit your warmth whims. Whether you're feeling a slight chill or in the middle of a cold spell, there's a setting tailored for you.
  • Rapid Heating: No dilly-dallying here. These slippers get to work pronto, heating up in record time.
  • Safety Protocols: Designed with top-notch safety measures, you get all the warmth without any of the worries.
  • Unisex Design: Because everyone deserves warm feet. Sizes available for both men and women.
  • Material: Crafted with premium materials that promise durability without compromising on comfort.
  • Operation: User-friendly one-button operation. No PhD required to operate these!

So, there you have it - the CozySoles Comfort Heated Slippers in all their technical glory. Ready to give your feet the VIP treatment they deserve?


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Mary Clark
My most favorite footwear!

Being diabetic, these slippers have saved my souls!
I can have warm feet even if my circulation doesn’t agree! They fit my feet when they swell beyond a normal size to a point where none of my shoes fit! They are so comfortable I often forget I am wearing the slippers! I adore how I can put my slippers on, turn my slippers on and have more feeling in my feet than I did a few minutes earlier because the warmth helps restore circulation to my feet!
I would recommend these to any diabetic, especially! But I think pretty much anyone would be happy with these slippers!
Amazing value for the cost, I highly recommend and urge you to purchase thee if you have diabetes with neuropathy, edema or generally poor foot circulation because they are a gift from a higher power!!! 5 of 5 stars!!!

Lillian Guay
My mom is a fan!

I bought this slippers for my mom as a gift for her birthday. She loves it. My mom suffered from frost bite on both feet back in 1998, and she still deals with complications from that even today in 2023. She has extremely fragile and sensitive feet. I thought this would be a great gift to her for to go home too, as she still works full time everyday on her feet. I think I got it right. When she opened it, she was excited and wanted me to try it out as well after she did. It’s awesome. I love the way it warms your feet, ultimately enveloping your body in warmth as you relax and enjoy a movie or read a book. I’d recommend for someone you love, or even yourself when you need some extra TLC.

Mickey Crayton
Dad loved it

I got it for my dad, he is going through some health things that always make his feet cold, especially sitting at his desk and he keeps a heater right below it and ends up getting the room so hot. I got him this thinking it would help keep his feet warm while at his desk and also keep him from roasting the animals while they are in the office with him and not having to wonder to other parts to cool down. If you have any numbness in your feet, just be aware of it as you have it on so you don't over do it. he could feel the warmth well.

Craig Nguyen
great for cold feet and sore feet

As a man I am one of those people blessed with getting cold feet. Joking. I hate cold feet but diabetes and age seems to sneak in on you anyway. That said this product gets warm enough to be comfortable but not make your feet sweat. If you're one of those people that need to stick your feet in lava this is not an item you would want. But if you want something comfortable that gets sufficiently warm and can leave your feet in for hours at a time this is perfect.

Stanley Jones
Was Skeptical but It Works Great

Having tried other heated devices like ski socks and top of the line wool hiking socks, I didn’t think I’d find anything that worked well… but these really do. I have neuropathy in my feet, but I don’t just think they’re cold. They are ice cold to the touch. These provide heat all around the entire foot and ankle.After 1-2hours I reduce to the lowest setting and they stay warm all evening. I wouldn’t recommend them for very large feet. They are very soft.