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NeckZyne Portable Neck Fan, Lightweight and Bladeless

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

NeckZyne Portable Neck Fan, Lightweight and Bladeless

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Are you tired of sweating and feeling uncomfortable in hot weather? Say hello to the NeckZyne Portable Neck Fan, the ultimate solution for keeping you cool and comfortable.

Inspired by earphones, the NeckZyne Portable Neck Fan features a unique design that is both cool-looking and functional. With its decentralized annular air outlet, you can feel a refreshing breeze in any direction, making it perfect for hot summer days. Unlike traditional USB fans, the upgraded leafless design ensures safety for children and pets while providing a more peaceful and quieter experience.

The NeckZyne Portable Neck Fan is made of food-grade silicone material, which is soft and skin-friendly, and can be easily adjusted for width and angle to suit your needs. The portable fan is perfect for outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, walking, cycling, camping, and traveling. The battery, made of new low-consumption materials, is lightweight and can be charged via USB. With its 3-speed adjustment feature, you can customize your cooling experience for up to 2 to 6 hours.

Enjoy the cool breeze with the NeckZyne Portable Neck Fan, suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities, such as cooking, doing housework, holding children, office, subway, travel, camping, picnics, cycling, and walking. The product comes with a copy of the operation manual, a USB charging cable, and a neck fan. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones, family, and friends.

Don't let the heat beat you down. Get your NeckZyne Portable Neck Fan today and stay cool and comfortable all summer long!

  • Hands-free Cooling: Hang around your neck for a portable and hands-free cooling experience, allowing you to use your hands freely.
  • Bladeless and Safe: The leafless design makes it safer to use around children and pets, while also eliminating the risk of hair getting caught in the fan blades.
  • Customizable Airflow: With 3 adjustable speed settings, you can choose the perfect level of airflow to suit your needs.
  • Irregular Air Outlet: The fan's irregular air outlet effectively disperses the flow direction of the wind, allowing your neck, face, and entire head to feel the cool breeze.
  • Long-lasting Battery: A built-in 2400mAh battery provides up to 6 hours of use on a single charge, so you can stay cool all day long.
  • Comfortable and Adjustable: The fan's width and angle can be easily adjusted to fit any neck size, and the middle part is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone for added comfort.
  • Compact and Portable: Lightweight and easy to carry, the neck fan is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or biking.
  • Quieter Operation: The fan operates at a low noise level, making it perfect for use in quiet environments such as the office or library.
  • Stylish and Modern: The design is inspired by earphones, giving it a modern and fashionable appearance.
  • Multipurpose Use: It's not only a personal fan, but also can be used as a heat dissipation tool when cooking, doing housework, exercising, and holding children.



The latest neck fan in 2021, the design is inspired by headphones. It is both good-looking and cool. With thorough research on mechanics and wind direction, we design this irregular multi-outlet neck fan with dual vortex energy leafless movement and wind power. Stronger and quieter, it allows the head to enjoy a 360-degree surround-style cool breeze, quickly cooling down, and effectively solving the annoyance caused by sultry heat.

Product list: 1 neck fan , 1 USB charging cable , 1 copy of operation manual

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  • Product specifications:
  • Product Name:leafless neck fan
  • Product weight: 7.76OZ
  • Battery capacity: 2400mAh
  • Material: silicone + ABS + PC
  • Running time: 2-6 hours
  • Interface type: Small-C

Portable Neck Fan


  • The USB is easy to charge, portable and user-friendly
  • 3Lv Air volume, according to your needs, press the power button to adjust the appropriate wind speed.
  • Leafless design, safer and quieter, You won’t have to worry about your hair getting stuck by the fan’s leaves, children and adults can rest assured to use.
  • The middle of the neck fan is connected with food grade silica gel, which is soft and skin friendly. The angle and width of the fan can be easily adjusted.


  • The battery is made of new low consumption materials, lighter and more durable, 2400mAh, with a service time of 2 to 6 hours.
  • The newest upgraded neck fan adds a cooling module to keep the battery and motherboard cool, so that the fan will not heat up due to long-time operation.
  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, cooking,doing housework,holding children, office, subway, travel, camping, picnics, cycling, walking, etc.

Vaneless movement

Irregular air outlet

USB C charging interface

Faneless movement

The portable neck fan adopts a double vortex energy leafless design, which is good-looking and effectively prevents the hair getting stuck by the fan’s leaves, which is especially important for children and pets.

Irregular air outlet

Neck Fan uses irregular air outlets to effectively disperse the flow direction of the wind, so that our neck, face, and entire head can clearly feel the cool breeze, allowing the body to cool down quickly, and can solve the troubles caused by the sultry heat in time .

USB small C charging interface

Charging interface uses the most commonly used USB small C, convenient and fast.

Double Vortex leafless Movement

Double Vortex leafless Movement

The dual-vortex energy leafless movement has stronger wind power, quieter, and can quickly lower the temperature, effectively solving the problem of summer heat; and the addition of a cooling module to the motherboard helps the motherboard and battery not to worry about heating due to continuous work.

Leafless neck fan

Irregular air outlet

360 degree twist

360 surround type cooling

According to the research on mechanics and wind direction, our fan is 4cm longer than other models on both sides, and is embedded with silica gel to make the whole fan to be closer to the body, allowing the wind to continuously stack from the bottom to the top through the air outlet to feel the wind around. The ring-type heat dissipation makes the body feel cool quickly and reduces the temperature swiftly.

3-Speed Adjustable

Neck fan is equipped with three-speed wind speed, one-key adjustment, you can adjust the wind speed according to your needs.

360° degree twist

The food-grade silicone material be added to the middle body,friendly to the skin, strong flexibility, 360° degree twist,and it is not easy to break,The width and angle of the fan can be adjusted freely.

free your hands,enjoy life better

Free your hands, Enjoy life better

With a neck fan, not only is there a cool breeze, but our hands can be free to hold our loved ones and children, support the elderly, do housework, cook, work, and go out for sports, running, cycling with family and friends, mountain climbing, camping, giggles...

Let us enjoy life better!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Charlotte Gerhart
 Hot weather relief

i'm ALWAYS hot and it's not hot flashes, I'm just always hot. A friend had these on vacation in Jamaica. She let me play with them and use them for over an hour. I immediately found them on here and put them in my cart so I could order them when I returned to the US. They are good for those poolside days when you need a breeze while still being outside to enjoy activities. They have come in handy when I go visit friends who notoriously keep their homes warmer than what is comfortable for me. They are very lightweight and you don't even know they are there except for the cool breeze it provides.

Lavina Jackson
 I can finally stand the heat!

Heat and I have not done well together in my adult life & I don’t enjoy sweating. So when one of my kids became more involved with outdoor sports this summer, I needed a solution for my dislike of heat. This neck fan has been my solution.
It is quiet. Highly recommend this if you also need cooling off in the hot temps.

Josie Rose
 Effective against swamp neck

I despise being hot. Unfortunately I live where it normally exceeds 100 degrees F in the summer, accompanied by 90% humidity. And I'm menopausal. Basically, a recipe for misery for myself and everyone in my vicinity. Anything that keeps me cool is my favorite thing ever.
This fan is wonderful. Powerful air flow, light, good battery life, and targeted, upward cooling that nearly encompasses my whole head. I will never not have this in the summer now that I know its gloriousness.

Rebecca Howard
Nice Surprise

So I bought this after reading all the reviews for this product and others similar to it. I was hesitant, but decided to buy one anyway.
With that said, I am pleasantly surprised with this neck fan. It's powerful, quiet, and yes, somehow, it produces cool air. I am not sure how, but it does. Is it an air conditioner ? NO. But it does produce much cooler air that blows up your neck onto your face.
The battery life is amazing so far. I had it on high for over two hours, and it was still going strong.
I would recommend this fan for the quality. I am taking it to Europe in a couple months to help with the Mediterranean Sun shining down on me.

Juanita Brunner
 Worked great on a trip to Disneyland

I bought this for a trip to Disneyland. It was quite a hot day in Anaheim and I was so glad to have this. It was very light weight and I barely noticed I had it on from a weight standpoint. It really provides a cool breeze on the face. It is not very loud on the low and medium level and I barely noticed it with all of the other noise in the park. It lasted from about 11hours and finally gave up about 5:00PM . I did not bring the micro charger so I could not charge it with my external charger or I would have to get a couple more afternoon hours out of it. I thought this was great.