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ModuTone Ultra Clear Audio Recorder: Up to 32GB Memory, 15 Hours Recording, Noise Cancelling - Easy One-Touch Operation

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

ModuTone Ultra Clear Audio Recorder: Up to 32GB Memory, 15 Hours Recording, Noise Cancelling - Easy One-Touch Operation

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Start Improving Accuracy and Precision in Your Day-to-day Life

you ever experience forgetting class discussion or crucial meeting information because it's so hard to jot down notes and follow? Well, it's high time for you to invest in a voice recorder like ModuTone and confidently do school or office work without missing a beat.

Start saving important information like your boss's instructions, your 3-hour lecture, or even your child's first-word using ModuTone. Improve your school, work, and way of life with noise-canceling, voice control, and timer features. Listening to your recording is much easier and faster with its quick rewind and forward attribute. Lastly, you can enjoy it any time and anywhere with its 15-hour continuous recording, 16GB memory, and lightweight design. Stop misremembering events and improve your memory with ModuTone today!


  • Noise reduction - Adopting microphone noise reduction and DSP noise reduction technology, the recorder can extend the recording distance to 100 meters, providing 1536k high-resolution sound.
  • Voice controlling & timer function - The intelligent voice control function allows the voice recorder to automatically start recording the voice when it finds voice and stops when there is no sound. Besides, it supports the timer function, bringing users much convenience.
  • Repeat& fast forward function - The recorder supports a repeating and fast forward function, convenient for listening again the recorded file. Each sound file will have a timestamp automatically.
  • Widely application - Widely suitable for class, interview, conference, contract signing, and so on.
  • Long Time Recording - Built-in 230mAh battery can record up to 15 hours of continuous recording. 16 GB large capacity can store up to 1160 hours of data.
  • Lightweight - The Body size of our Digital Voice Recorder is 10*2.1*0.8cm/ 3.93*0.83*0.31inch. Easy to carry everywhere.


  • Type: digital voice recorder
  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Color: black
  • Interface: mini USB 2.0
  • Format: WAM, mp3
  • Battery: built-in 500mah
  • Sound quality: 32-1536kbps
  • Sampling Rate: 44khz
  • Recording time: 20h
  • Memory: 8GB|16GB|32GB
  • Microphone: omnidirectional microphone
  • Data encryption: supporting
  • One button operation: supporting
  • Turn off memory function: supporting
  • Size: 10*2.1*0.8cm/ 3.93*0.83*0.31inch(L*W*H)
  • Net weight: 60g/ 2.12oz


  • 1* digital voice recorder
  • 1* earphone
  • 1* manual
  • 1* USB cable
  • 1* package box

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
John Shepard
This Is Excellent.

I bought one of these, approximately 1 year ago. I've used it a lot, and it works extremely well. When you push the record button, it starts up almost instantly. That's my favorite thing about it, the quick start of the record button. I keep it on a table, next to my bed. That way, if I think of something I need to do, I can simply use this device, to record the task, without having to get out of bed, and I can do the task the next day.

David forehand
I purchased this product and it seems great

I purchased this product and it just arrived today, and I can say that this is DEFINITELY a solid device that can give you $300 recorder quality (if you know how to use it).
The speaker on the recorder is more than sufficient to play back the vocal recordings I have made - nice and loud with lots of highs making it easy to understand what is said. It can also double as an MP3 player if you want, but I would suggest using the line out to a speaker in order to listen to music as the speaker on the unit is not really for music. The battery life is outstanding (best I have seen). The recording quality is also very good, whether using the built in mic or the line in.

Francisco Whitehead
Technically a recording studio for your pocket!

My bride gave me this product as a gift. It’s amazing!I have a mid-side microphone and the recordings are amazing. Mind you this is 20 year old technology! This is CD-quality. I use it for recording HD FM programming. I also use it with an external soundcard and connected to my iPad and record high definition music programming from YouTube.The audio is excellent. I also use it for recording seminars and meetings without an external mic. I have become a superstar at these gatherings. ModuTone good job!

stanley hammett

For some years I used a battery-operated Sony recorder, which died - but had needed upgrading anyway! I checked the reviews before purchasing and I'm not disappointed. This recorder is efficient and reasonably priced. I particularly like the fact that I can re-charge it (no more AAA batteries!) and the SD card capability is a plus. with the recorder's effectiveness I've experienced so far, I have no doubt that my transcribing will be enhanced. At first glance the manual was a bit of a challenge, but I'm more comfortable with it now.

kathy Wilson
Microphone is very strong and sound quality is great!

The microphone on this device was unexpectedly very strong. I initially thought I might have be close to record things but you can be across the room and it still picks up good sound. It's really easy to use and to figure out. You could use this to record your college lectures, mental notes, and music ideas if you wanted to. Great product and would totally recommend!