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LightTrack 3-in-1 Black Light Flashlight - Rechargeable, Magnetic , Rechargeable, 1000 Lumen LED, 7 Modes for Camping, Emergencies, Pet Urine Detection

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

LightTrack 3-in-1 Black Light Flashlight - Rechargeable, Magnetic , Rechargeable, 1000 Lumen LED, 7 Modes for Camping, Emergencies, Pet Urine Detection

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



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Hey adventure lovers and mystery solvers! Are you ready to light up your world with something extraordinary? Meet the LightTrack 3-in-1 Black Light Flashlight – not your average flashlight, but a superhero gadget in disguise!

Imagine you’re camping under the stars, and suddenly you need to light up the night – LightTrack is there. Or, you’re at home, suspecting your furry friend had a little 'accident' – boom, LightTrack to the rescue! With its dazzling 1000 Lumen LED light, magnetic wizardry, and a range of seven modes, this flashlight is like the Swiss Army knife of the illumination world. Whether it’s an emergency, a camping trip, or just a regular Tuesday night pet urine detective mission, this flashlight has got your back. So, let’s dive into the world of LightTrack, where every dark corner holds an adventure waiting to be illuminated! 🌟🔦🌲

Light Up the Night, Every Night

Gone are the days of fumbling in the dark. This flashlight's bright LED and versatile COB light mean you're never left in the shadows. Whether you're navigating a blackout or spotting sneaky pet stains, you've got the power of the sun in your hand.

Stick It and Forget It

Thanks to its magnetic base, this flashlight sticks where you need it, hands-free. Working on your car or setting up camp? Just pop it onto any metal surface and voilà – instant, steady light.

Never Run Out of Juice

The rechargeable battery is a game-changer. Forget scrambling for batteries; a quick USB charge gets you hours of light. It's like having an endless light supply, anytime, anywhere.

The Right Light for Every Situation

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With seven lighting modes, this flashlight is like your personal lighting director. Whether you need a strong beam or a soft glow, it's all just a click away.

See Every Detail

uv flashlight

Zoom in on the action or light up a wide area – this flashlight's zoomable feature means you see exactly what you need to, every time.

Rain or Shine, It's Light Time

Worried about the weather? Don't be. With its waterproof design, this flashlight laughs in the face of rain and snow.

Tough as Nails

Durable aluminum construction with an anti-drop belt clip means this flashlight can take a beating and keep on shining. It's practically invincible.

Adventure Ready

From mountain climbing to emergency repairs, this flashlight is your trusty sidekick for any adventure. It's not just a flashlight; it's a tool for life's unexpected turns.

Grab the Spotlight of Adventure!

Ready to step into the light of convenience and versatility? The LightTrack 3-in-1 Black Light Flashlight is calling your name! Don't let another night pass you by without this ultimate tool in hand. Whether it's for those impromptu camping trips, emergency blackouts, or just keeping your home free from those pesky pet accidents, this flashlight is your go-to buddy. But hurry, these lights are flying off the shelves faster than you can say "illuminate"! Grab yours now and be the shining hero in every situation. Remember, in the world of adventure, the early bird catches the worm – or in this case, the best flashlight!

Technical Symphony Unveiled

For the tech enthusiasts who love the details:

  • Lighting Power: 1000 Lumen LED brilliance.
  • Modes Galore: Seven versatile lighting modes for every scenario.
  • Magnetic Mastery: Hands-free operation with a trusty magnetic base.
  • Rechargeable Resilience: Long-lasting battery life with USB charging.
  • Zoom In on Life: Zoomable feature for focused or wide-area lighting.
  • Weather-Proof Warrior: IP65 waterproof rating for all-weather use.
  • Aluminum Armor: Durable aluminum alloy construction with anti-drop design.

It's not just a flashlight; it's a beacon of reliability in your hand. Ready to light up your world? 🌟🔦🌃

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Barbara Giles
THE Best Flashlight

If your buying this light ONLY for the UV and not the fact that it has other light types… don’t buy it. If your looking for a flashlight that does the whole shebang and has a nice little UV option, this is probably what your looking for. The light is pretty bright, doesn’t take too long to charge- maybe about an hour- and battery lasts a while depending on usage. Has a handy magnet in the back with the option to have a side light if your working on something which you probably wont use much but it’s nice when you do. Would have a video put up but unfortunately lost it… definitely recommend buying unless your looking for a strong UV light as it isn’t that strong unless it’s dark.

Bette Livingston
Does the job

I love this little flashlight. It is a decent weight but not too heavy. Charging is easy, just plug it in, however, it doesn't really have a clear indication when it is fully charged so I tend to just leave it on the charger for an hour or two. I've had it for about a year now and have only charged it maybe 2 or 3 times. I do not use it for long periods of time, mostly to let the dog out at night and watch him in the yard, to take the trash out, or walking in the yard at night. The UV light works great, as it was the main reason I purchased the flashlight was to check for glow on enamel pins. Have no issues with it and it does what I need. Highly recommend if you are looking for a tactile, decently weighted flashlight with a good battery life.

Foster Culley
An All-In-One

I love this flashlight. It is pretty much an all-in-one for me. Since I use UV cure resin for my hobbies this was very useful. The UV light is strong enough to cure my resin. It also helps my see in the small dark spots when I work on my RCs or any other projects. Not to mention it is useful in emergency situations. It has other functions like the strobe and red light which can be useful if you are out in the woods trying to get someone's attention in the dark. I love this flashlight and really recommend it for those needing a multi function flashlight.

Louis Bird
Great on traffic stops, clips to outer vest!!

I’m a cop and I work on I 64, traffic is usually heavy and it’s hard to hold a flash light and dealing with people and their I’d, papers etc, on traffic stops. This light can be clipped to my outer vest top left and all I have to do is turn it on and both my hands are free. It’s bright and it even lights up the suspects driver area while my hands remain free and makes it easy to see in their vehicle, review their paper work or id. The side light is awesome on flash for traffic accidents and being seen more. The other think I love is working a 10 hr shift, I’ve not ever seen the battery die, however I don’t leave it on non stop either. I’ve found if it’s on full time it’s lasted me 2 hours and several more traffic stops and it was still working. I actually purchased two and keep one for a back up Incase I ever had issues. Other officers use them too and you can’t beat the price either!! Thanks you

Elizabeth Gustafson
Hubby loves this flashlight!

I purchased this flashlight for my husband, who loves flashlights and is very picky. He has many many flashlights and uses this one daily. He is a truck driver, usually starts work at 4am, so he needs a dependable flashlight to complete his pretrip on his rig and trailer. Hubby often gets off after dark, working up to 15-17 hours per day. Much of that is spent sitting in his truck waiting to get loaded or unloaded. Throughout the day and after work, he has to ensure everything is working properly; to do that he usually needs a dependable and bright flashlight that's small enough & light enough to constantly carry on his person. This flashlight is more than that with it's 7 in 1 functions. The blacklight function allows him to see leaks and the recharchable battery lasts a long time on a single charge. If needed he can even recharge with a standard mini USB cord, like he uses for his bluetooth ear piece. He says this flashlight is the most versatile and best around to suit his needs. We highly recommend this product.