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GlowSaber Ultra-Powerful Black Light Flashlight - 365nm High-Intensity LG LED, 3000mW Power for Resin Curing, Leak Detection, Mineral Exploration, Pet Stains, Currency Verification

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

GlowSaber Ultra-Powerful Black Light Flashlight - 365nm High-Intensity LG LED, 3000mW Power for Resin Curing, Leak Detection, Mineral Exploration, Pet Stains, Currency Verification

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



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Hey there, fellow explorers of the unseen! Ever wished for a magic wand to reveal the hidden secrets of your world? Well, wish no more! Introducing the GlowSaber Ultra-Powerful Black Light Flashlight, a gadget straight out of a sci-fi movie.

This isn't just a flashlight; it's a revelation revolution in your hand! Whether you're a hobbyist seeking the glow of minerals, a DIY enthusiast hunting for elusive leaks, or a Sherlock Holmes in pet stain detection, this is your tool. With its 365nm high-intensity LG LED and a whopping 3000mW of power, you're not just lighting up the dark – you're unlocking mysteries. Ready to transform your ordinary into the extraordinary? Let's embark on this luminescent journey together! 🌟🕵️‍♂️🌌

Unleash the Power of Precision Light

Get ready to see the unseen! The high-quality UV LED beams out 365nm of precision, perfect for uncovering hidden stains, detecting leaks, or admiring your rock collection in a whole new light. It's like having X-ray vision, but for cool stuff around your house.

A True Multitasker's Dream

Whether you're checking for authenticity in currency, curing UV glue, or just playing detective with pet stains, this flashlight is your go-to tool. It's like having a Swiss Army knife, but with light!

See the World in HD

The tempered black filter lens cuts through the clutter, giving you a crystal-clear view of the unseen. It's like upgrading your eyes to HD!

Tougher Than Your Average Flashlight

Drop it, splash it, this flashlight can take it. With its sturdy build and waterproof design, it's practically adventure-proof. Bring on the challenges!

No More Guesswork

The pure 365nm UV light output means stains and hidden messes have nowhere to hide. It's like playing hide and seek, but you're always the winner.

Worry-Free Purchase

Not sure if it's right for you? No sweat. With a customer-friendly return policy, it's like trying it out risk-free. Love it or send it back – as simple as that! 🌟🔍💡

Step into the Light of Discovery!

Why wait to unlock the mysteries hidden in plain sight? The GlowSaber Ultra-Powerful Black Light Flashlight is your key to a world of discovery. With its unmatched precision and versatility, it's not just a purchase – it's an adventure waiting to happen. Whether you're a professional on the job or a curious explorer at home, this flashlight is a game-changer. But hurry, a tool this powerful won't stay a secret for long. Grab yours now and be part of the elite few who see the world in a whole new light!

Technical Specs Decoded

For those who love the details:

  • LED Source: High-quality LG 365NM UV LED.
  • Output Power: Mighty 3000mW.
  • Beam Range: Focused 365nm ultraviolet light.
  • Build: Durable aluminum alloy with tempered black filter lens.
  • Impact Resistance: Up to 4.9 feet.
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX-8, submersible to 2 meters.
  • Use Cases: Perfect for resin curing, leak detection, mineral exploration, pet stain identification, and currency verification.

Ready to upgrade your toolkit? The GlowSaber is waiting for you. 🌟🔦🌌

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Frank Wong
This Is Cool

I bought this to see if sunglasses have UV protection in the range of 365nm. Shining the light through sunglasses over a US $10.00 bill, the special markings on the bill did not show -- completely dark. Without the sunglasses, the special markings on the bill glow when the UV light was shined on it. At least my sunglasses block 365nm. The light also comes in handy to find out how clean a stove top is. Most things that are white strongly glow, and if any grease splatters are on the stove, the light vividly points them out. I really have to clean my kitchen. You can also see if your carpets need vacuuming, as small dots light up on the carpet to show debris.

The flashlight feels like it's made of high quality material, and it's easy to use. I would definitely give this as a gift and recommend it to others.

Denise Salem
Best pocket UV light you can get your hands on.

So I've had this for about a month now, and can now give my honest opinion. This light rocks! My buddy found a fist size peice of white opal at a hippy swap meet with it, it's potentially worth thousands of dollars and he got it for $25, the guy selling it didn't know what he had. I've found all sorts of interesting insects and rocks outdoors at night, the filtered 365nm output is extremely effective. I can't recommend this little light enough, it's bright as hell, filtered 365nm output, runs on cheap batteries for a long time, is well built, looks good, fits in my pocket great, I really can't think of anything bad about it. It's even priced well, I challenge you to find a light this good for less money. Get it.

Herman Segura
Excellent UV flashlight!

I like higher end flashlights, and have owned many since my first incandescent Surefire sometime back in the mid 90s. I bought this light to replace a 2xCR123 powered UV light that that got lost, and I am very impressed with it. This little single light puts out a tremendous amount of UV and unlike my older light it does it with much less visible light and at a wavelength (265nmm) that really makes things fluoresce. At first I didn't think the light had that much output until it hit something that was highly fluorescent, and then wow....that object lit up the whole room! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Jared Perry
Get what you pay for and more, real black light !!

I used the light for everything you had listed and then some. I bought it because it said that it did all of the things listed, so I did all the things listed, no one lied about this black light. I can endorse this Black light. Want your moneys worth and more by this light. When they say Wear your sunglasses it does mean all the time, or you will have headaches and very sore eyes. I found some gold flakes, antifreeze leaks, freon leaks, mold , cancer spots, dirty houses, beds, rugs, and much more, just the first day and night. Thank you I love it and love getting what I paid for, get you one , mine paid for its self in a few hours. And no I have not lied about anything.

Ralph Kiser
Very bright and effective UV light source!

I use this flashlight for various UV tasks - working on luminous clock dials, applying UV-fluorescent paint, pet urine detection - and it's by far one of the most effective I've found. It's more effective than the 18" UV tube light I was using and much more convenient since there's no AC cord. The black filter makes a HUGE difference in the UV intensity because there's much less purple visible light to interfere with the UV, and anything that's going to fluoresce will do so much more intensely.Very bright UV light, well-built and solid-feeling construction, highly recommended!