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GeenzSec 4G Smartwatch For Kids with Realtime GPS Tracking, GeoFence, SOS Call Settings, Two-Way Video Call, and Student Mode

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

GeenzSec 4G Smartwatch For Kids with Realtime GPS Tracking, GeoFence, SOS Call Settings, Two-Way Video Call, and Student Mode

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

With its Realtime GPS Tracking, 4G Capacity, WiFi Connectivity, GeoFence Feature and SOS Call Settings, the GeenzSec Is a Great Security Kids Watch That Will Help You Keep Your Kids Safely Monitored

Feel Secured Sending Your Child Outside. The GeenzSec Has Everything You Need for Communicating with Your Child, Keeping Track of Where They Are, and Getting Alerts When Your Child Wanders Off to Places You Don't Know

Sending children outdoors can be scary. Nowadays, terrible people could be everywhere. It's not enough to just know where they are - it's important that you have access about your child's whereabouts in case emergencies happen.

Having the GeenzSec smartwatch for kids is one of the best ways to feel more secured with sending your children outside. Whether they are in school, hanging out with friends, or going to a trip, you can be assured that your child is still "under your watch" even if they are out of sight.

Why Choose the GeenzSec Kids Watch?

  • The kids smartwatch that supports strong, seamless 4G/Wifi Connection
  • Gives parents access to immediate communication through voice call
  • Feeds information about the exact location through real-time GPS Tracking
  • Features Geo Fence that allows you to see if child has left safe zones.
  • Provides a better way to communicate through the two-way Video Call. Camera is HD.
  • Waterproof smartwatch wit IP67 rating
  • Caters SOS Emergency Call
  • Includes Kids School Mode
  • Comes with HD Touch Screen
  • Comes with a Flashlight
  • Includes Math Games
  • Bluetooth connectivity enabled
  • Comes in multiple languages

GeenzSec Kids Smartwatch Features

GPS WiFi LBS Locator 

Get a real-time idea where your kids are, and where they are going with the GPS and LBS locator feature of the GeenzSec.

The high-accuracy tracker allows you to locate your kids immediately. Your phone can be connected to the smartwatch. All you need to do is see where they are using your phone.

  • GPS: indoor environment positioning can be accurate to 100 meters, outdoor environment positioning can be accurate to 5m
  • LBS: Positioning error is in the range of 0.3-4 miles
  • WIFI: The watch will identify wifi by itself and perform positioning. Positioning accuracy.

SOS Emergency Call

Your kid can find themselves in situations where real danger is present. The GeenzSec smartwatch comes with a SOS button that enables them to call you easily. In an emergency, they can press SOS button for 3 seconds and circularly call 3 SOS numbers you set for help until someone answers it. Great help for kids in emergency situation!

Geo Fence Feature To Monitor When Kids Leave the Safe Zone

Get instant alert when kids go to places they are not meant to go to alone. After you set up Geo Fence, you will get real time notifications if your kids' are wandering into areas you don't consider safe. With the help of the GPS tracker, you can also instantly determine the exact location.

Comes with Alarm Clock for Your Child's Routines

You can set 3 time alarms at most in app to remind your child to follow their plan. The kids smart watch will alert the kids by vibration. Children can better arrange their time and cultivate their time management habits

Do Not Disturb Mode for School and Studying

You can set 3 periods in app, so the children couldn’t use the watch during that time and pay attention to what they are supposed to do. Note that when the Do Not Disturb setting is on, the SOS calling is disabled.


Allows You to Call Your Kids Whenever, and You Have Control Who Can Communicate With Your Child

The GeenzSec only allows family members and friends to call your child since all the calls on the watch must be added by the parent or primary guardian in the APP. Those that are not added cannot call the kids.

Waterproof Design That Works Even if Rained On
The watch comes with a water-resistant rating of IP67 - it works just as good if your kid is using it while it's raining, or while they're on the beach.

Two Way Video Call with HD Camera for Clarity

The GeenzSec kids smart watch offers video chat and a camera so that children could record their happy or unhappy moment and share it with you. Keep in touch with your children anytime, anywhere.

Two Way Online Voice Chat

The kid's watch can send the real-time pictures, voice messages to the parent's phone app. You will be notified quickly what your child needs.

Easy to Understand Buttons for Kids

The GeenzSec includes simple operation buttons that won't leave your kids confused. You will always get the right message with the GeenzSec.


  • Material: Plastic, Silicone
  • Watch strap length: 9.4“ / 23.8 cm
  • SIM card: Nano SIM
  • Battery capacity: 650mAh

Package Includes

  • 1* Kids Smart Phone Watch
  • 1* Charge Cable
  • 1* English Instruction

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
luana J. Torres
Great gift for the littles!

I've purchased this for 2 of my 5 year old nieces now (1 in pink and 1 in blue). It was a hit both times. Makes them feel like they have a fancy watch like mom which they have fun with, and so many activities to promote movement and activity tracking. A really great value for the price.

Lynn A. Sipe

What an absolutely gorgeous watch this is, such a good quality gadget which comes with a very soft band and also which is very child friendly to use, literally spoilt for choice of what your child can do with this to having a built in camera, various amazing game optionsand the fact you are able to call someone using this gadget also having other useful tools such as a calculator and having a really decent battery life, this is something I would definitely recommend for your child!!

James J. Brown
Great purchase!

I bought this watch for my daughters birthday, and she loves it. She hasn't stopped playing with it: always using the camera or the games keep her entertained for hours. I have used this watch, and it is very impressive: easy to use, loads of technology for the price, and great battery life. I highly recommend this.

norman M. bettencourt

I ordered this watch for my son, who absolutely loves. It is a good quality watch, features are easy to use. The watch is made out off is of good quality. And it fits nicely on his hand. I would recommend for 8 year old boys

Molly R. Hoard
Perfect for a gift!

Amazing gift to give, in my case I gave it to my niece who had a birthday and she loves it! You can take pictures, listen to music, play games, and best of all she can take it with her wherever she wants. In addition, the battery lasts long enough. I really recommend the product