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DroidDrive Wireless Android Auto Adapter, Plug & Play Dongle with Online Update Support

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

DroidDrive Wireless Android Auto Adapter, Plug & Play Dongle with Online Update Support

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Are you looking for a way to integrate your Android phone seamlessly with your car's entertainment system? Say goodbye to wires and upgrade your driving experience with the DroidDrive Wireless Android Auto Adapter!

wireless android auto

The DroidDrive adapter is a powerful dongle that enables wireless Android Auto connectivity in your car. It's designed to work with Samsung and Google phones with Android 11 or later, and is compatible with OEM wired Android Auto cars.

With 5Ghz fast transmission, the DroidDrive adapter delivers high-speed data transfer with low audio latency, ensuring that you can enjoy music, messaging, and navigation with ease. Its powerful dual-core ARM Cortex A7 chip further reduces audio latency, delivering a smooth and uninterrupted experience. And with OTA upgrade support, you can easily keep your adapter up to date using your phone.


The DroidDrive adapter is incredibly easy to use with its plug-and-play design. Simply connect the type-C end of the included cable into the android car adapter, and the other end goes into your car's Android Auto-enabled USB-A/USB-C port. Then, turn on your phone's WiFi and Bluetooth, pair your phone to the adapter via Bluetooth, and enjoy a tangle-free Android Auto experience!

With the DroidDrive adapter, you'll be able to access all your favorite apps while driving, from Spotify to Waze to WhatsApp and many more. Its seamless integration with the original car audio delivers lossless sound quality, and you can keep all features as wired Android Auto. The DroidDrive adapter brings the ultimate sensory experience to your car, enabling you to effortlessly switch all the functions of your Android phone to your car screen.

Upgrade your driving experience today with the DroidDrive Wireless Android Auto Adapter. Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to the freedom of wireless Android Auto!

  • Wireless Android Auto: Seamlessly switch all functions of your Android phone to your car screen wirelessly.
  • OEM Compatibility: Compatible with OEM wired Android Auto cars.
  • Plug & Play Design: Easy to install with no complex setup required.
  • Dual-Core ARM Cortex A7 Chip: Powerful chip reduces audio latency, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.
  • Fast Transmission: 5Ghz fast transmission provides high-speed data transfer with low audio latency for a lossless audio experience.
  • OTA Updates: Keep your adapter up-to-date with online upgrade support.
  • App Integration: Sync your phone's apps to your car's display, including popular apps like Spotify and Waze.
  • Lossless Sound Quality: Enjoy high-quality audio with no loss in sound quality compared to wired Android Auto.
Wireless Car Dongle A2A for OEM Wired AA Android Auto Cars

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Thomas Pena
a no faff installation

I purchased this months ago and finally got tired of using the cord for the CarPlay. Lemme just say this thing works! Very simple one wire hook up, followed by a simple Bluetooth style connection. There's a update that's available and the instructions are easy to follow, again basically one button update. I ordered a second unit for my other car, and probably will order a 3rd for the wife's truck as well. Overall score so far is full.

Jerry Lindgren
Solution to a problem with carplay

I have to admit, I was sceptical about this product, in fact all after market wireless CarPlay units due to bad reviews etc. I was resigned to plugging my phone in.
It installed very quickly. It boots up very quickly and there is no lag I can make out whatsoever. It is as if my phone is physically connected.
I did a three hour drive using TomTom on CarPlay and was listening to music at the same time.
Only been using it a week but it seems very impressive to date .I get in the car and reverse down my drive to leave. By the time the screen stops showing the reversing camera, it is up and running.

Jonathan Matthews
Easy way to add wireless navigation to a car

Bought for an Audi A4 with wired car-play, and an iPhone - this was intended to avoid the hassle of plugging the phone into the car for each trip.
Installation was as simple as plugging the interface into the USB outlet in the central console, then pairing the Phone to the interface. Once set, the system worked immediate as I'd hoped. Having used this for several months, and with a change of phone there's been nothing substantially wrong , normally it's ready to go in seconds.

Franklin Sharp
 Do the firmware update (pretty easy) and it works like a dream!

I have a 2021 Kia K5 with the premium package that doesn’t come with wireless CarPlay. Which is stupid because the regular smaller screen does come with it. It has back to me since the day I bought it. Anyway, I found this product online and read the reviews and gave it a try. It works great. No problems reconnecting after powering down and restarting the car. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to break free from wired CarPlay.

Miguel Blake
Easy to install excellent sound quality

I thought a flying car would make me happy turns out wireless CarPlay is what I really wanted. Easy to install, no instructions needed. Works absolutely perfectly. Honestly, CarPlay seems to respond quicker with this device now. Sounds just as good as being plugged in with no wire. Step into 2023 and go wireless!