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CruvaSwipe Wireless Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

CruvaSwipe Wireless Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



 The Ultimate Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner That Delivers Topnotch Cleanliness For Your Car!

Worried about dirt getting the best out of your car? Not with the CruvaSwipe – this powerful cordless vacuum cleaner is guaranteed to clean every bit of dirt and dust off your ride. The CruvaSwipe is a handy, lightweight, one-button operation vacuum cleaner that can efficiently clean every nook and corner of your car.

The car vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 2000mAh large-capacity lithium-ion battery with a 120w high-power motor and 8000pa suction power which will sweep away dust, dirt, and garbage. The CruvaSwipe is among the mini vacuum cleaner with strong suction that can always keep your car professionally clean. 

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"The cordless vacuum cleaner that saves me from spending more bucks on car cleaning services. I can clean my car instantly, whenever I need to!" - Johnny, car owner.

The CruvaSwipe features an advanced cyclone technology that allows the fastest and deepest cleaning possible to effortlessly remove dust, crumbs, and other annoying residuals from the slots, corners, and spots on your car.

This cordless handheld portable multipurpose vacuum cleaner will allow you to effectively clean trash in any corner: car, living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. whether there is a bunch of pet hair on your couch or you need a quick clean up of kid’s mess, the handheld vacuum cleaner is the best solution. This car vacuum cleaner is light and portable and works best for cordless operation and can be easily carried wherever you need it. Vacuuming is easier and more fun than ever.

CruvaSwipe Features:

  •  The mini handheld car vacuum cleaner that has a powerful suction. The cordless vacuum cleaner’s Strong suction power of 8000pa and 120w high-power motor can help you remove dust, food residue, sands, and pet hair from car sofa, carpet, and other hard reached areas.
  •  Clean thoroughly with the vacuum's high-efficiency HEFA filter system. This cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with an advanced double-layer HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter system to really get even the tiniest dirt in. It can capture 99.5% of small particles and pollutants as small as 0.5μm (1/120 of the diameter of a human hair), thereby effectively preventing pollutants from being released into the air in the exhaust gas.
  • Don't deal with any stubborn wires anymore! CruvaSwipe is wireless. You can take this portable vacuum cleaner to walk around freely to clean the gaps in the car interior, the gaps between the sofa in the guest room, the corner of the room, and the kitchen. The portable vacuum cleaner can follow you to any place, providing more convenience for your cleaning work.
  • The lightweight car vacuum cleaner is perfect for traveling! The handheld car vacuum’s weight is just 0.8 pounds, you can easily remove the HEPA filter for cleaning and washing. More so, the car vacuum cleaner comes with a protective lid to keep the trash in a transparent container.


  • The vacuum is made from ABS material.
  • Car vacuum cleaner's dimension is at 15.7cm x 7.2cm
  • It features a rated input power of 120 (W)
  • It comes with a suction power of 8000pa
  • The battery capacity is 2000 mAh
  • You can fully charge the batteries for about 3.5 hours
  • You can use the vacuum in full mode for bout 30 minutes

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Wireless car vacuum cleaner


Q: How do you charge this vacuum cleaner?

Answer: This cordless handheld vacuum cleaner has a USB charging cord, you can charge it via your power bank or AC wall adapter.

Q: Does this hand vacuum cleaner pick up pet hair? 

Answer: Yes, This hand vacuum cleaner can not only suck up confetti, hair, and even small stones can be sucked up.

Q: How long does a portable vacuum cleaner last after a single charge?

Answer: This portable vacuum cleaner can last for 30 mins and takes 3.5 hours to fully charge.

Q: How do you clean the filter? Is the filter reusable?

Answer: You can clean the filter with water and can be reused as well.

Q: Can I charge this vacuum cleaner in the car? 

Answer: Yes, You can charge it in the car and thus make it the best car vacuum but, the car needs to have a USB port.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Christine Pettinger
Gift for my husband

Delivery first class, I ordered something from West Yorkshire at the same time which arrived one day before the Vac that came from China! My husband is delighted with it and I am so happy that, at last, he has a cleaner for his car and I have the use of it for upholstery and staircase. Best one we have ever found, fantastic suction as was stated in the original description

Anne Scott
Anne S

The vac is smaller than I thought it would be but it is really easy to handle. It is more powerful than others I have had. I am extremely pleased with it. There are plenty of uses for it in the house too. 😀😀😀

Mark Bradley
Tiny but incredible

Compact hand held powerful suction, lightweight and portable great indoors or in the car with easy usb charging

amanda groce
Great value - very handy

This little vacuum is exactly what I hoped it would be and more. It is so compact and easily accessible when needed. Perfect for cleaning up small messes on carpet and flat surfaces. It was very handy when I noticed someone had been very messy with the sugar in my cabinet recently. It was so easy to move items around and vacuum up the mess. The hose makes it easy to reach small messes on the floor without having to get down on my knees which is very difficult for me. It's also very easy to empty. Great value - worth every penny I spent on it.

cora Smith
Works Great, Looks Better!

First of all, it came fully charged. I bought it to clean up the cat litter that comes out when the cat get out of the litter box. It did a great job and was so quick and easy to use. This way, I don't have to break out the big vacuume to do a small job. It would also work great to catch a nasty spider if you needed to. I haven't tried the accessories yet but looking forward to it. I love that the filter can just be rinsed off with hot water and then then air dried. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone. I might even take it out to the car next! So many possibilities.