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BrecoholTec Police-Grade Professional Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

BrecoholTec Police-Grade Professional Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



The Breathalyzer for Reading Alcohol Levels That Can Save You from Loads of Trouble!

A breathalyzer is something you may be curious about. Perhaps you've already wondered "Should I get this?" We're here to tell you that if you love socializing with alcohol involved, this device is a life-saving must-have. The BrecoholTec professional breathalyzer is a handy, reliable breathalyzer that's both easy to use and accurate. Whether you need to check your alcohol for driving purposes, or for health concerns, having the BrecoholTec with you when you drink is one of the best decisions you will ever make!

Do You Really Need a Breathalyzer? 

Still on the fence about getting this breathalyzer? Some people think that the BrecoholTec is only for doctors and police officers checking for people who have gone beyond their alcohol limit. However, if you've already had a trip to the hospital for extreme alcohol consumption, or caught yourself in a compromising position of getting a DUI offense, you need a breathalyzer. It's a lifesaver, keeps your alcohol levels in legal threshold, and can save you from causing harm by driving drunk.

BrecoholTec Features

  • You can get clear, accurate results in just a few seconds! The reader of the BrecoholTec is professional-grade. This is of similar quality to the breathalyzers used in clinics and police stations. You can get accurate response quick.
  • Includes an audible alert you'll never miss. Apart from seeing the results flash on the digital LCD screen, you will also get sound prompts that will never let you miss any important details.
  • The device comes with an auto power off, quick response, and easy-resume feature. You can turn it on and off easily anytime you need it. After you're done using it, the device will automatically power off. Once you bring it to your mouth, it will automatically resume the readings.
  • The digital alcohol breath tester has a key chain, very portable to bring with you everywhere. The breathalyzer won't take too much space from your pockets and bags.
  • A quick tool for measuring blood alcohol levels wherever you may be! In a party? Do you want to check your blood alcohol levels so you won't wonder if you're safe to drive? The BrecoholTec is an amazing choice!
  • A simple method to analyze Blood Alcohol Concentration at any time and anywhere.


  • Color options for the device includes black and gray.
  • The item size is at 110*70*25mm.
  • Battery 2″AAA” alkaline batteries not included.
  • The sensor is an advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor.
  • Range: 0.00-0.19%BAC & 0.0-1.9g/l (or 0.00-0.95mg/l BRAC)
  • Accuracy: 0.01% BAC(0.1g/l)


Packing content:

  • 1 * Digital Breathalize
  • 5 * Breath inhaler Case

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Madison Price
best breathalyzer really reliable

bought this item with a lot of skepticism, thought it would have not worked, but once i read the instructions and started to try ti realized that it really worked, specially last weekend when i went out with my friends, started the night and kept on revising my levels of alcohol, drank two pints and took the test it gave me positive result waited a few hours and drank water the rest of the night and by the end of the night my alcohol levels where down and was able to take my car back. pretty amazing if you ask me, i definitely bring this bad boy every night i go out even if i'm not driving i can lend it to my pals, (specially because it comes with several blowing straws)

Elijah Coleman
Easy to use, seems to be accurate

I bought this out of curiosity to just to see what a glass or two of wine would really measure. I've been using this for about a month and it appears the test result matches fairly close to the alcohol consumption. As the instructions mention, you should wait 20 minutes after taking a drink. If you take a drink and then immediately blow into the unit, it will register a very high BAC. Instead, as other reviews have said, it works best when waiting about 10-20 minutes after drinking and make sure to rinse your mouth out with some water first.

Grace Griffin
Great way to save your butt!

This product is pretty cool. It is relatively compact. It is easy to use (which is good because drunk people have limited cognitive abilities... lol)
I tried it several times after having a few drinks and the number slowly went up and the screen turned red once I hit .05 letting me know that I may be too drunk to drive.
Overall this is a great gadget. I am thinking of getting some more for my alcohol challenged friends.

william russell
Good Value for the price

Bought this to give myself and family members an idea of our level of intoxication when drinking. Has become a party favorite in my house...everyone always wants to try it and see who has the "highest score" (that's a joke Karen, calm down!!) We do use the recommendation that you test three times in a row and use the average, but it actually is pretty darn accurate. It also recommends that you wash your mouth out with water, or wait a few minutes after you've had a drink so the alcohol in your mouth doesn't effect the accuracy. If you follow those basic instructions, this breathalyzer is very easy to use and for the money it's a great tool to have. It's very interesting to see, that your Blood alcohol level is way higher than you would think after a drink or two....Better to be safe than sorry...Don't drink and drive!

Ava Ramirez
Accurate and Inexpensive a great combination..

This is a good thing to have. I took this to a party recently and the results matched the alcohol consumption in most people. One guy had been drinking heavily all night and we knew (he knew) that he wasn't driving home anyways, but when confirmed with with device. everyone got the point.

Good : Comes with 5 little breathing tubes
Good: Fits in pocket or purse comfortably.

Bad thing: Needs 2 AAA batteries, not included.

Overall, I am very impressed and happy with this purchase. It makes for safer drivers.
Five Stars. Would buy again.