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ArrowClean Portable Vacuum Cleaner

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

ArrowClean Portable Vacuum Cleaner

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Are you a fan of cleaning on-the-go? Do you want your car, office, and rooms squeaky clean all the time? Don’t let dirt get in the way. With the ArrowClean handheld auto vacuum with powerful suction, you can clean up fast – the easy way! 

The ArrowClean totally changes the way you clean your car (and your seats, carpets, tables, and many more!). This impressive mini car vacuum cleaner may look really simple and easy to use, but it doesn't skimp on providing topnotch cleaning power for your car. You won't have to worry about struggling with removing food crumbs, dust, and other eye sores off your ride! 

The ArrowClean Powerful Car Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • The ArrowClean is a Cordless Yet Powerful Vacuum Cleaner! Using traditional, bulky vacuum cleaners is synonymous to dealing with crazy wires. Sometimes, wires make the work extra hard. With the ArrowClean, you can clean without stubborn wires following you around! The cordless mini car vacuum cleaner is perfect for traveling - you can keep the device on your car board and just whip it out when you need to remove the dirt. 
  • The Suction Power of ArrowClean is Impressive. See a crumb on the car? Dirt settled on your table? Are your chairs sporting biscuit trails? Say goodbye to dirt ASAP with ArrowClean. Its handheld, lightweight, super portable design makes it easy for you to carry it everywhere! It has a suction power of 5000Pa - strong enough for even the smallest crumbs! If you're looking for a mini indoor handheld vacuum cleaner, you can count on ArrowClean!
  • This car vacuum cleaner comes with complete tools! You're not just getting a single nozzle! The ArrowClean cordless car vacuum cleaner Includes a crevice tool and a brush for hard-to-reach, hard to remove dirt!
  • ArrowClean Includes a Design That's Meant For Heavy-duty Work! The mini nozzle of the vacuum makes hard-to-reach-places easier to clean. If you're meticulous with making sure every spot remains clean, the ArrowClean is the one to get. You can clean every mess - in the car, or in your house - even if they’re stuck between fitted spaces!
  • You can ensure that this is a car vacuum cleaner with a long-lasting battery. When fully charged, the vacuum cleaner can work up to 30 minutes! You won’t have to stop in car wash stations anymore. With the ArrowClean, you can clean spaces fast...and in real time! 

Product Specifications:

  • The product has an External Testing Certification from the ROHS.
  • Item Height is at 25.3cm.
  • Item Length is 6cm.
  • The material of the device is ABS+PC.
  • Special features of the ArrowClean include Suction and Blow.
  • The item weight is only at 800 grams (.8kgs)
  • Item Width is at 6cm.


  • Model Name: ArrowClean.
  • Powerful suction for the device at 5000Pa.
  • The dust holder has a capacity of 60mL.
  • Charging Cable: 0.5M Type-C Cable
  • Charging time: About 3-3.5 hours
  • Battery Duration: About 18min
  • Rated power: 70W
  • Noise: About 75db
  • Dimensions: 253mm(Length); 60mm(Diameter)

How to Use?

  1. Open the lid.
  2. Push the power button.
  3. Hold the vacuum cleaner to suck in crumbs, debris, and dust.
  4. Special nozzles and hoses can be used in special areas.


(1) Clean every place: For sunken corners/ Bookcase / Home
(2) As Small As Thermos Hand: Put into a cup holder / Use and charge at will / Customized storage bag
(3) More scenarios to use: Soft flocks in car seats/ Dust in skylights/ Trunks