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Don't Get Lost in the Wilderness Without It! This Military-Grade Compass Helps You Find Your Way in Any Situation

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jul 19th, 2024

This TrueNorth Tactical Compass is the same as the government-issued M-1950 compass for the military, which has been rigorously tested and is a lifeline essential for all outdoor activities.

I've been hiking for 3 years and I know that survival is the most important thing in the wilderness. I never forget to bring food, water, tents, and a compass. However, one unexpected experience made me realize that not all compasses are reliable.

Imagine a group of people in an unfamiliar forest. Without reliable equipment to determine direction, they will get lost. As their energy wanes and progress stalls, panic can demoralize the group, making it even harder to find a way out, potentially leading to dire consequences or even death.

The navigational function of a smartphone outdoors depends on signal, and it is also necessary to ensure that it has power, which is very unreliable in the wild. Even professional GPS devices can sometimes fail due to uncontrollable outdoor factors. Therefore, it is essential for military operations, scientific expeditions, and outdoor explorers to be equipped with a sturdy, waterproof compass that provides accurate readings.

I once had a compass failure during a challenging canyon hike when I was still a novice outdoor adventurer. I was using a simple wrist compass, which worked well in sunny weather, but it might have gotten water in it that day because it was raining heavily.

Two other people in the team had similar situations. Fortunately, our leader had a military-grade compass and was able to find our way in the low-visibility rain and lead us to safety.

It did more than just point us in the right direction, it saved our lives!

After that, my teammates and I were curious about the secrets of the leader's compass and eagerly asked where we could purchase one. The team leader said that this military-grade compass is a new product on the market. Impressed by its solid metal structure and magnifying viewer, he bought one for safety concerns, and he didn't expect it to come in handy this time.

What is it exactly?

This TrueNorth Tactical Compass is a mandatory item for military armed forces, outdoor rescue teams, and geological survey teams around the world, providing the most accurate navigation.

With its top-notch craftsmanship and metal construction, this military-grade compass has survived falls from a cliff and ran over by cars, helping countless outdoor expeditions through the toughest times.

Its casing is seamlessly assembled to ensure reliable operation in any weather, and it won't be damaged even if it falls into the water. The scale and needle, marked with phosphorescent material, emit a green glow, enabling the compass to be read at night or in poor light.

The best part is that its dial is much larger than civilian compasses available on the market, with more precise and clear graduations, so you no longer need to squint to see the details!

It is also built with an optical eyepiece for sighting bearings easily, which magnifies the numbers and easily aims in your direction. With an azimuth 360-degree and a reversed 360-degree scale, you can take bearings from you to the objects or take reverse bearings from the objects to you all quickly and easily.

They also offer a perfect fit and the comfiest grip feeling - TrueNorth Tactical Compass will become your go-to compass time and time again whenever you need reliable navigation to keep you and your team safe and help you get where you want to go.

What sets this Multifunctional Military Compass apart?

You've never seen a compass with a FULL METAL structure, right? That's why it's touted as an indispensable piece of gear in the outdoor adventure community - it's the most durable compass to date, built to withstand bumps, shakes, and impacts! It can last for over a decade without breaking down.

The shocking craftsmanship is evident the moment you hold it in your hands - you just know how reliable it is. Any survivalist would want one!

Its compact size fits perfectly in your palm. Take a closer look at the sides, and you'll find a millimeter scale and an inch scale. Together with the table for calculation on the back, these scales make it easy to calculate distances and draw maps on the go. It also features a clinometer with clear scales for measuring slopes and heights, perfect for scientific research teams and geology enthusiasts.

What's more, it has a special feature that other compasses don't: a luminous dial and needle. If you have experience outdoors, you know how convenient it is to see the readings without turning on a light in low-light conditions.

For those who struggle with reading small prints, you'll love the magnifying viewer (sighting lens with adjustable diopter). You can find it near the buckle of the cover. With it, you can read the readings effortlessly, without having to put your face close to the dial and count the scales with your fingers.

What makes it the ULTIMATE survival compass?

There's actually more to it than meets the eye…

✅A wise choice for your outdoor adventures: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, this rugged and precise military compass will be your trusted companion for decades.

✅ Clear readings for easy navigation: The clear print, large dial, magnifying viewer, sighting window with reticle, and luminous dial are all designed for quick and easy reading of target bearings, helping you stay on course with ease.

✅ Portable and convenient to carry: With a sturdy lanyard and a size that fits comfortably in one hand, this compass can be easily slipped into your pocket or backpack, ready for your next adventure.

✅ Built to last: The seamless metal housing makes it water-resistant and shock-proof, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions, keeping you safe and on track.

✅ Military-grade quality for peace of mind: This affordable military-grade compass is your reliable companion for every adventure, suitable for hiking, mountaineering, camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

Thousands of Americans are loving the Multifunctional Military Compass:

"Cool! The compass is very sturdy—as it's made out of metal—and while that does make it relatively hefty, it gives me a lot of confidence about its durability. It's accurate and includes an instruction manual to explain how to use its many features."

- James R.

"I've been using this compass for a few weeks now and I'm very impressed with it. It's very well-made and durable, and it's easy to use. The needle is accurate and the compass is easy to read in low light conditions. I would definitely recommend this compass to anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors."

- Derek L.

"Solid heavy built! Best overall compass I've ever seen. I purchased this compass as a gift for a Land Surveyor I know. He told me he was using this in the field testing it out and it was incredibly accurate with nice azimuth features and good quality build. Highly recommend."

- Justin M.

Conclusion: is it worth it?

Do you ever worry about getting lost in the wilderness?

Do you crave the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where you are, no matter the conditions?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this TrueNorth Tactical Compass is an absolute necessity for your next adventure!

Unlike cheap plastic compasses that fail you when you need them most, this precision instrument is built to last a lifetime. It's your reliable partner in the outdoors, ensuring you reach your destination safely and with confidence.

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Now you can get the TrueNorth Tactical Compass at an even more affordable price.

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How to get my own Multifunctional Military Compass?

No knockoffs please, the real thing is essential! Don't get stuck with some ancient prototype!

If you want to be sure that you're buying the original product, follow the next steps:

1. Visit the official website by clicking here.

3. Get one (or more!) TrueNorth Tactical Compass to experience the freedom of self-reliance during your outdoor adventures!

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