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New Mini Chainsaw Makes Tree Trimming Easier And 2x Faster: "Critics Agree This Is The Easiest Chainsaw To Use"

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jun 23rd, 2024

I have had issues with HOAs for years; they’ve sent me dozens of letters about my landscaping and continually threatened to fine me. I’ve worked hard to get where I’m at in my life, but I still can’t afford a landscaper to come around and dress up the outside of my property to the exacting standards of these bully associations, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

That decision lasted all of one afternoon, and I was defeated.

I need to mention here that I am 100% in support of maintaining certain standards of homes - no one wants to feel like they live in a run-down section of town - but the level of work required on my property is just too much for me to handle. Trimming the hedges, pruning my garden, and trimming some of the branches on the trees that hang over the fence into my neighbor’s property - plus there’s a few dead trees that need removing. 

I’m a busy guy: a military veteran with a family and a job and obligations that don’t leave me with a lot of free time or a lot of extra money. I spent an entire afternoon attacking my overgrown garden with a pair of garden shears and even tried to snap off some tree branches with my hands…and it just wasn’t working.

I realized I needed some kind of power tool, but the last thing I wanted was to get a big old chainsaw - I found them intimidating, heavy, and expensive. I was complaining about my predicament and practically begging the outdoors section manager at my local home improvement store, and he took pity on me.

“Sir, I’m going to let you in a brand new tool that’s been helping people for a few months now, but you can’t let my management know that I suggested it to you, because we actually don’t sell it here.”

I was skeptical. If this tool was so great, why didn’t they sell it in the store? It seemed counter-intuitive, but I swore to secrecy.

"Look, there’s this thing called SawPro Cordless MiniSaw. It’s a lightweight, completely electric, single-hand use chainsaw. I used it myself to get rid of a couple of dead trees on my property, and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever used.

The landscaper wanted to charge me $100 per tree, and I spent less than that on the SawPro Cordless MiniSaw and it took me about thirty minutes to get all five of the trees removed."

I frowned. “That sounds too good to be true. How come no one is talking about this thing, and why wouldn’t the store sell it?”

He shrugged. “The company that makes it is insistent on keeping their price low. They think they’ve developed something that a lot of people would find useful, and they know if they sold it in stores the price would skyrocket. They’re clearly a family-owned and operated business, because they just want to help the average person. Honestly, man, if you look into it, the internet has been going nuts over it for months, and they still haven’t raised their prices. It’s a game changer, and you should look into it.”

I was skeptical, but I figured, the guy manages the lawn maintenance section in a big home improvement store: if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I don’t know who does. I decided to look into this SawPro Cordless Mini Saw. If it was everything he said it was, I knew it’d be worth a try. I decided to do some research.

What Is It And How Does It Work?

SawPro Cordless Mini Saw is a an innovative design in the field of lawn maintenance that takes the concept of a high-powered chainsaw and shrinks it down to a portable size that still packs a serious punch. 

The 4” chain bar is battery operated by a pure copper motor with intelligent design concepts that dissipate heat quickly and efficiently. The 21V, lithium ion, 3000 mAh battery has built-in overcurrent and overcharge protection, and the whole unit weighs less than 4 pounds for an easy one-hand operation. 

A variable speed trigger start switch allows for maximum control to make the perfect cuts every time. This revolutionary design takes the labor out of the ‘manual labor’ normally required to cut through tough branches, small tree stumps, and trim hedge bushes.

SawPro Cordless Mini Saw will cut through most 3” diameter logs (depends on type of wood) in approximately 4 seconds, and has a run-time per charge of up to 6.5 hours.

The innovative design is sturdy, rust- and corrosion-proof, and is made with industrial-strength stainless steel that is lightweight but sturdy. 2 chains are provided along with the battery unit and a carrying case. Keep up on your yard without spending hours of frustration or hundreds of dollars for a landscaper.

Millions Of Americans Are Using SawPro Cordless Mini Saw…

…and loving it! The need for back-breaking labor or slapping down a pile of cash to own a bulky industrial chainsaw is GONE. SawPro Cordless Mini Saw is a lightweight, elegant solution to the lawn maintenance needs of anyone that wants to save time and money while trimming hedges, pruning their garden or even trimming/removing stubborn trees.

But…Is It Really Worth All This Hype?

So far, the SawPro Cordless Mini Saw has sold over 10 million units directly to consumers, even without the help of being sold in stores. SawPro Cordless Mini Saw has been SELLING OUT every time new stock becomes available, it’s become THAT popular.

And, it’s all from word of mouth. People just like you are loving it so much that they’re posting about it on instagram and telling everyone they know about it!

SawPro Cordless Mini Saw has easily developed a cult following. With over 6,000 5-star reviews, here’s what customers are saying:

After reading all the praise and rave reviews, I was sold. I knew I needed to try the SawPro Cordless Mini Saw for myself. Everything the home improvement store manager said seemed to check out. I took it upon myself to order one from his official website.

Here’s What I Found.

As soon as it came back in stock, I ordered one from the official website. It arrived at my house 2 days later, and I was floored; it took me about 5 minutes to get it out of the box, get the battery charging, and to affix the chain to the unit.

The battery charged a few hours later, and I was ready to rock. I inserted the battery into the handle, and I was surprised how light it was. I decided first to tackle my overgrown hedges:

It was easy! So easy, I couldn’t believe it. This is literally what I was praying for when I first went to the home improvement store. I was desperate to find something like this. I can’t believe they didn’t sell it at the store!

The hedges were trimmed, so I moved on to the garden area. I was able to prune all the plants in no time, and I was confident my wife could handle this thing no problem. It’s light enough and works so fast, I completed this hour-plus job in less than fifteen minutes!

The real test was on the trees. They’ve been dead for almost a year, and they were the main point of contention with my HOA. I was excited to get the SawPro Cordless Mini Saw going on these, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

I cut down these trees in just a few minutes:

And I actually trimmed those pesky dangling branches from this tree:

I can’t tell you how huge this was for me. SawPro Cordless Mini Saw fixed my entire landscaping fiasco in less than two hours—and I did it without breaking a sweat! Just look at the difference in that amount of time:

I couldn’t believe that such a small tool made such a huge difference for me.

I was pleasantly surprised with the results, to say the least.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s currently available at the official website for $79.99. At that price, it’s an absolute bargain!

Is It Worth It?

SawPro Cordless Mini Saw was worth it, absolutely. I used to think I had to be a landscaper, or at least have landscaping experience to get the kind of results I get with my SawPro Cordless Mini Saw - now I can do all of that in just minutes. 

And it was a small, one-time purchase that cost less than any landscaper I’ve ever had a quote from. I’ve come to expect practical or sentimental gifts for birthdays, but my family has been loving SawPro Cordless Mini Saw

I always get the same compliments, things like “Wow, I’ve never gotten such a useful gift before!” or “This is hands-down the best present I’ve ever gotten!” SawPro Cordless Mini Saw made a huge difference for me and my family, and I can’t recommend it enough. Now my lawn is just beautiful, and I keep it that way with SawPro Cordless Mini Saw.


UPDATE Thursday, Feb 25, 2024 - Ever since SawPro Cordless Mini Saw was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 10 million units. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time discount of 50% off. To see if they are still available, click on the button below.

A one-time 50% discount is offered for first-time buyers.

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