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Firefighter-approved: Cut Seat Belt in 1-Second, Press the Button to Shatter the Glass. Save Yourself and More Lives!

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jun 23rd, 2024

Each year, over 500 Americans drown in a sinking car. Is there any way to escape from a submerged car? Don't let tragedy happen, save yourself and your loved ones, and even help strangers in danger......

Every year, we witness news stories of individuals trapped inside vehicles. Some of them manage to escape, while others tragically lose their lives...

You haven't gone through something so terrifying, and that's a good thing. 

But have you ever considered what you would do if one day your car suddenly falls into the water? How would you escape and save your loved ones?

When a car plunges into the water, the front end, where the engine is located, tends to submerge firstputting the driver and front passenger in the most perilous situation.

If your car rapidly submerges and the water level reaches halfway up the side windows, opening the car door becomes exceptionally difficult due to external water pressure.

Various rescue incidents have demonstrated that breaking the window for escape is the most effective method, as recommended by firefighters as well.

There are many videos on YouTube showcasing underwater escape experiments, where you can see the challenges people face while trying to escape from a submerged car.

These experimental results are as follows:

❌ Without a tool, it is nearly impossible to break the car window, and being trapped in the car leaves you without enough space to exert enough muscular force.

❌ Using the metal rod from the car headrest is effective but very time-consuming, and in an emergency, you might not have the strength to pull it out.

✅ The most effective method is the specialized window-breaking hammer, requiring just one press to completely shatter the glass, allowing you toescape from the car window in less than a minute.

The hammer is designed with a pointed or hardened steel tip on one end. When pressed firmly against a window, this concentrated force is applied to a small area, which creates a significant amount of pressure at that point.

But it still has 2 drawbacks: it's not light enough and can't cut seat belt.

To address these shortcomings and grab more time to escape, RescuePro has designed the most compact Escape Tool with an added blade capable of cutting through seat belts!

What is RescuePro Safety Hammer?

As you can see, it's incredibly compact, and the external black matte finish gives it a luxurious look.

RescuePro Safety Hammer achieves its compact size by utilizing a dual-head design, making full use of space without compromising functionality.

Both ends of the tool have covers. One side features a tungsten steel head, while the other side houses an embedded blade.

Simply push a button, the tungsten steel head will break through car windows. And thanks to the gun working principle, it also works under water.

The stainless steel blade cuts through a seat belt like butter, freeing you from dangerous entrapment in just 1-second.

Moreover, the blade is encased within the shell, ensuring that you won't get accidentally scratched or cut while using it.

It has a lanyard you can hang it on your car key or attach it to the interior of your car with the included holder.

However, merely judging RescuePro Safety Hammer from its appearance wouldn't be enough to comprehend its immense power...

How does RescuePro Safety Hammer works? Do you know its proper usage?

When you don't apply pressure, the tungsten steel head remains concealed due to the internal spring.

When you press on it, the spring amplifies the force you exert, propelling the tungsten steel head to impact the glass, creating a rapid burst of tremendous force that shatters the glass!

Knowing how to use such a sophisticated tool effectively can save your life in emergencies.

Engineers at RescuePro, along with emergency workers, offer practical tips:

  • Avoid using the tool at the center of the glass; instead, target the four corners of the window.
  • The four side windows of a car are the easiest to break,followed by the rear window.
  • The front windshield is the toughest. Escape tool can create cracks but may not be enough to shatter it. So, do not attempt to conquer the front windshield; instead, focus on directly striking the side windows.
  • Carefully remove the shattered glass and wait until the water level inside the car matches that outside before opening the door. This is to equalize the pressure inside and outside, as opening the door can be difficult otherwise.

Firefighter said: RescuePro Safety Hammer significantly enhances the chances of survival

RescuePro Safety Hammer not only helps you escape from a vehicle in water but also enables you to make a way for survival during any automobile accidents.

When designing the Escape Tool, RescuePro interviewed several firefighters who unanimously expressed that breaking windows for escape can greatly increase survival chances during vehicle fires, rollovers, malfunctioning door locks, or floods.

A heartbreaking case was shared by one firefighter:

On a highway, a compact car collided with a roadside barrier, resulting in a jammed door lock and trapping three occupants inside. A passing driver managed to rescue two people but unfortunately, one person was killed.

The driver remained calm and used a pry bar to force open the front door, only to find that the seat belts were stuck and the front of the car was already on fire.

He returned to his car to grab a box cutter and took a moment to cut the seat belts before he was able to free the two front passengers.

The remaining passenger had their leg trapped and was unconscious. The driver attempted to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher before continuing the rescue, but the fire quickly grew out of control, making it impossible for him to approach.

To avoid potential injuries from an explosion, he reluctantly had to give up the rescue efforts.

The firefighter interviewed analyzed that automatic door locking systems and equipment failure significantly slow down rescue operations during accidents, leading to potential loss of lives.

"If any of the parties involved in the accident has a quick window-breaking tool with belt cutter, they can expedite the evacuation and rescue the remaining passengers together with any passing drivers."

RescuePro Safety Hammer already saved 100+ lives

This is a life-and-death situation we're discussing here. The last thing anyone wants is for their potential lifesaver to let them down. With the RescuePro Safety Hammer, however, you can have the peace of mind and assurance of safety that no other device can provide.

It has undergone rigorous testing by Police departments, fire departments, and emergency medical professionals, and has consistently proven to be efficient and reliable.

Over 10,000 users are already using this device, and some of them have provided feedback indicating that the RescuePro Safety Hammer has saved 100+ individuals.

This number is likely to keep growing!

But don't just take our word for it:

Hundreds of 5-star reviews, along with countless people on social media raving about how it's a complete game-changer:

"Witness too many tragic news stories. I decided to be proactive and purchased several of them as a precautionary measure. I also gave two to one of my friends, as we both enjoy driving to the river for fishing. It's a way to be prepared, just in case."
- Louis S.

"As a firefighter, I am thrilled to share that the RescuePro Safety Hammer has been an absolute game-changer in several car accidents I've encountered. Its simplicity of use is astounding, and it is without a doubt 100% effective. Has been recommended to the survivors of accidents."
- Steve A.

"Very small, hard shell. The included 3M base is very sticky. I put 1 in the front and 1 in the back of the car. Just press, tungsten tip will pop out. Tested - girls can press it too! Thank you RescuePro."
- Hayley C.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Absolutely YES!

There's no time to worry about your seat belt when you need to save yourself! When every second matters an efficient tool like RescuePro Safety Hammer is all you need.

RescuePro hopes this tool can drastically reduce deaths from car accidents, particularly where the victims could otherwise escape it, RescuePro Safety Hammer is available at the cheapest price.

You won't have to break the bank for you to afford the tool despite its essential role in emergencies.

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How to get my own RescuePro Safety Hammer

No knockoffs please, the real thing is essential! Don't get stuck with some ancient prototype!

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