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Save Money and Peace of Mind: The Portable Electrical Issue Diagnostic Tool Every Car Owner Needs

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jul 23rd, 2024

RelayPro is so quick, efficient and accurate for diagnosing your relayer, providing you with the most convenient and economical solutions! Grab yours now!

My name is Tom, and I'm 60 years old, living in a small town in Texas.

Last month, on a Saturday morning, I drove to the farm to repair some equipment.

My car has always been reliable, never giving me any major issues, so I wasn't overly prepared and checked.

The next morning, I was getting ready to head home to take my grandson out. However, when I got into the car and turned the key, there was no response.

I tried several times, but the car remained motionless. I got out to check the fuel level and battery connections, and everything seemed fine.

My heart rate spiked, sweat started to form on my forehead, and anxiety began to rise. I realized this was a problem I couldn't fix on my own.

With no other option, I called a tow truck company to take my car to the nearest repair shop. I waited five hours before reaching the shop.

The mechanic took almost two hours to identify the problem—it turned out to be a faulty relay.

He told me that if I had detected this issue earlier, I could have avoided this costly and time-consuming repair.

I tested relayers before, but it took me a whole day because I'm not a pro, and finally I've made mistakes. I still had to go to the repair shop for a check-up, which cost a lot of money, and there was no issue.

So, I confidently assumed there wouldn't be any major issues with it. However, this time it hit me hard. I also let my grandson down.

Later, at a family gathering, I recounted my unfortunate experience to my relatives.

Coincidentally, my nephew Jack, who recently started working at an auto repair shop, was there.

After listening to my complaint, Jack patted my shoulder and said, "Tom, many repair shops are using a new type of fast detection relay tester to improve efficiency. You should have one too; it can save you a lot of trouble."

What is This Device?

Jack said it's called RelayProWhen it first appeared, it scared the auto repair industry because it saved car owners a lot of money!

RelayPro is the most advanced precision relay tester, a must-have tool for every car owner. And later most auto repair shops also starts to use it. 

It quickly and accurately indicates the overall health and functionality of the most common automotive relays, offering a fast pass/fail result.

Jack explained in detail the functions of this relay tester.

This innovative tool is designed to integrate seamlessly with your vehicle's electrical system, providing a non-destructive and safe method for testing relays.

RelayPro consists of an operating panel and two insulated alligator clips. The clips and power cord are insulated to ensure safe operation.

It's compatible with both 4-pin and 5-pin relays, with a simple switch function for easy toggling between them.

During operation, simply connect the two positive and negative alligator clips of RelayPro to the car battery (12-24V), insert the relay, and the tester will automatically detect the pin position, the release time of the action, and the consistency of the relay in each test phase.

It streamlines your relay testing process!

RelayPro is equipped with a clear LED indicator light: a green light means the relay is working properly, and a red light means the relay is faulty, making it easy to diagnose the issue.

Most importantly, it's easy to use. Once everything is ready, press the test button to start the detection—it's that simple.

A 10-second test allows you to quickly make a pass/fail decision.

No professional knowledge is required, making it easy for ordinary car owners to use and quickly detect relay problems.

Jack emphasized that this tool is portable, can be carried with the car, and is suitable for various car models' relays, greatly reducing the risk of malfunctions.

How Does RelayPro Work?

After hearing Jack's recommendation, I was intrigued. At my age, many delicate operations are becoming harder to perform, but RelayPro is simple to operate and perfect for me.

Upon receiving the tool, it took me only one minute to understand its instructions.

1️⃣ Connect RelayPro to car battery: Black clip to negative (-), red clip to positive (+).

2️⃣ Power on RelayPro when red LED lights up.

3️⃣ Before inserting, select "4 Pin" for 4-pin relays or "5 Pin" for 5-pin relays on it.

4️⃣ Insert the relay into one of the three appropriate sockets.

5️⃣ Press the "Test" button.

6️⃣ RelayPro checks pin configuration: Red LED lights up for incorrect or damaged pins.

7️⃣ If pin configuration is correct, RelayPro will test relay by opening and closing it 10 times. Red LED lights up if timing is off during testing.

8️⃣ After 10 tests, green LED lights up for pass; red for fail.

9️⃣ Disconnect RelayPro from car battery and remove relay.

Even my six-year-old grandson understood it—he's really smart. I guided him through the steps to connect the tester and let him test one of the relays, which he did successfully.

Helping Thousands of Car Owners Save Time and Money

Relays can fail over time due to heat, vibration, and electrical load.

By regularly testing your vehicle's relays with RelayPro, you can detect potential problems early, saving unexpected repair costs and the inconvenience of being stranded on the road.

When an electrical system fault occurs, you can quickly identify the faulty relay with RelayPro, make simple repairs or replace parts without the high inspection costs of a repair shop.

This also avoids misdiagnosis of relay faults!

Think about how many unnecessary relays you've bought before, thinking the relay was the issue, only to find out the problem wasn't the relay at all!

RelayPro accurately identifies faulty relays, helping you make time- and cost-saving decisions.

If, like me, you're not a pro and don't have the money to frequently send your car to the shop, I genuinely recommend you get a RelayPro.

It helps you detect problems early, prevent bigger issues, and make your driving life over the next decade easier and safer.

This is the biggest lesson I learned from that terrible experience, and it's my most sincere advice to all car owners.

Why Are More and More Americans Choosing and Trusting RelayPro?

✔️ Comprehensive and fast detection of which relays in your car are good.

✔️ High-quality insulated alligator clips ensure precise test results.

✔️ Automatic testing with clear LED indicator lights for easy result interpretation.

✔️ Made of high-quality materials, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, with a long service life.

✔️ Non-intrusive method ensures no damage to the car's precision components, completely safe for the vehicle's electrical system.

✔️ User-friendly design, easy to operate, one-button test.

✔️ Portable design, suitable for on-the-go testing, always know the status of your relays.

✔️ Suitable for most common automotive relays on the market, tests by connecting to a 12V-24V car battery.

The early birds are already reaping the rewards. Don't let procrastination steal the opportunity to save big! Order yours now.

People are raving about it:

"This tool takes the guess work out of play, I myself have been in the automotive field for over 36 years and while doing electrical work all extra parts end up in a drawer until the next time and it is easy to mix up good parts with bad parts and this is another reason this product works, I very highly recommend. Great tool..."
- Joe S.

"I ordered this to check the relays on my 25 year old european car. It is easy to use and works great. I tested it by putting in known good and known bad relays, and it give the correct reading every time. I went ahead and checked the relays in my car; found a couple that were bad and replaced them.
I would recommend this product."
- Andrew J.

"Every car has relays nowadays. Simply a great way to take lots of guesswork out of the equation. I can see diy'ers and pros like loving this tool. It's a great addition to any workshop at any price point."
- Troy W.

Who doesn't love saving money?

Ever since I got RelayPro, I check my car's relays every few weeks.

My life has become much easier. I no longer need to worry about sudden car issues like before, nor do I need to make frequent trips to the repair shop.

RelayPro has saved me a lot on repair costs and gives me peace of mind while driving.

It is definitely a must-have tool for every driver, and it's very affordable.

I heard they are currently running a promotion, with up to 50% off for first-time buyers!

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