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WaveJet Aquarium Water Pump - 660GPH,Whisper Quiet, 8.2ft Max Lift, Durable Ceramic Shaft, 4 Nozzles, Energy Efficient - Perfect for Fish Tanks, Ponds, Hydroponic Systems

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WaveJet Aquarium Water Pump - 660GPH,Whisper Quiet, 8.2ft Max Lift, Durable Ceramic Shaft, 4 Nozzles, Energy Efficient - Perfect for Fish Tanks, Ponds, Hydroponic Systems

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hey there, fellow aquatic aficionado! Are you ready to take your underwater oasis to the next level? Well, hold onto your snorkel because I've got something truly fin-tastic to share with you: the WaveJet Aquarium Water Pump!

Picture this: a tranquil fish tank, a bubbling pond, or a thriving hydroponic system – whatever your aquatic adventure, the WaveJet is here to make waves in the best possible way. With a whisper-quiet operation that won't disrupt your zen zone, a mighty 660 gallons per hour flow rate, and a max lift height that’ll have your water dancing up to 8.2 feet high, this pump is the unsung hero your aquatic setup has been waiting for.

But wait, there's more! This isn't just any ordinary pump – oh no! With its durable ceramic shaft, four versatile nozzles for customizable water flow, and energy-efficient design, the WaveJet is like the James Bond of water pumps: sleek, sophisticated, and always ready for action. So, whether you're a seasoned fish fancier, a pond perfectionist, or a hydroponic hero, get ready to dive into a world of aquatic bliss with the WaveJet Aquarium Water Pump by your side. Let's make a splash, shall we?

  • Whisper Quiet Operation: Enjoy the soothing sounds of your aquatic oasis without the annoying background hum of a loud pump, creating a peaceful environment for both you and your aquatic friends.

easy to clean

  • Powerful Performance: Keep your fish, plants, and hydroponic systems thriving with the WaveJet's impressive flow rate and lift height, ensuring optimal water circulation and oxygenation.

  • Durable Ceramic Shaft: Rest easy knowing that your pump is built to last, with a ceramic shaft that resists wear, acids, and corrosion, ensuring a long service life and fewer worries about replacements.

water control valve

  • Energy Efficient: Save on your electricity bill without compromising on performance, as the WaveJet consumes only 40W of power, making it an eco-friendly choice for your aquatic needs.
  • Bottom Inlet Design: Ensure thorough water circulation and cleaner water with the WaveJet's innovative bottom inlet, which can pump water from as shallow as 0.5mm, keeping your aquatic environment healthier for longer.

  • Thermal Protection: Relax knowing that your pump is protected from overheating, thanks to the built-in thermal protector chip, which shuts off the pump if it reaches unsafe temperatures, ensuring safety and peace of mind.
  • Easy Maintenance: Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your aquarium, as the WaveJet is easy to disassemble and clean, making maintenance a breeze.
  • Suitable for Various Applications: Whether you have a fish tank, pond, aquarium, or hydroponic system, the WaveJet is versatile enough to meet all your water circulation needs, providing convenience and flexibility.
  • 5ft Power Cord: Enjoy convenient installation wherever you need it, thanks to the generous 5ft power cord, giving you more freedom to set up your aquatic oasis exactly how you want it.

Part 3: Persuasive Call to Action (CTA)

Title: Dive into Aquatic Bliss Today with the WaveJet Aquarium Water Pump!

Are you ready to take your aquatic adventure to the next level? Don't let your fish, plants, or hydroponic systems suffer from poor water circulation any longer. The WaveJet Aquarium Water Pump is your ticket to a thriving and vibrant aquatic environment. With its whisper-quiet operation, powerful performance, and durable design, it's the perfect companion for any aquatic enthusiast.

But don't just take our word for it – try it out for yourself! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose. So why wait? Dive into aquatic bliss today with the WaveJet Aquarium Water Pump!

Part 4: Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5.5” x 3.7” x 4.9”
  • Power Cord Length: 5 feet
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 660 gallons per hour (GPH)
  • Max Lift Height: 8.2 feet
  • Wattage: 40W
  • Voltage: 110-120V/60Hz
  • Noise Level: 28db
  • Bottom Inlet: Yes
  • Thermal Protection: Yes
  • Suitable for: Fish tanks, ponds, aquariums, hydroponic systems, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Daniel Wilson
Perfect for koi pond

Using this pump in my outdoor koi pond. It keeps the water clear and my koi happy.

Jessica Miller
Reliable and durable

This pump has been running nonstop for months without any issues. Very reliable.

Keeps my tank clean

My aquarium has never been cleaner. The WaveJet pump does a fantastic job.

jennifer brown
Great for saltwater

Using this pump in my saltwater tank. No corrosion issues at all.

David Smith
Easy to install

Installation was a breeze. Had it up and running in no time.