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VortexWave Bluetooth Headset with Dual Microphone and Long Battery Life - Perfect for Trucker, Housewife, and Business Elite

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

VortexWave Bluetooth Headset with Dual Microphone and Long Battery Life - Perfect for Trucker, Housewife, and Business Elite

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Are you a trucker navigating the open road, a housewife managing the beautiful chaos of home, or a business elite closing deals on the go? Whoever you are, we know you're juggling a lot. And in the midst of all that action, you need a companion that can keep up, right? Well, we've got just the thing for you! Meet the VortexWave Bluetooth Headset, your new partner in crime for crystal clear communication and high-quality entertainment.


Picture this: You're on a long haul, the road stretching out before you. Or maybe you're at home, with the kids running around and the TV blaring. Or perhaps you're in a bustling café, trying to focus on your work. In all these scenarios, there's one common enemy - noise. But with the VortexWave Bluetooth Headset, you can conquer this enemy with ease. Thanks to its dual microphone and advanced noise reduction technology, you can enjoy clear calls and music, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

But that's not all. With its long battery life and convenient charging case, the VortexWave Bluetooth Headset is always ready for action, just like you. So, whether you're driving across the country, managing your home, or running your business empire, you can count on the VortexWave to keep you connected and entertained. So, are you ready to experience the VortexWave difference? Let's dive in!

Stable and Fast Connection - Your Personal Connection Guru


With the latest Bluetooth V5.3 technology, you'll enjoy a stable and fast connection with most Bluetooth-enabled devices. It's like having a personal connection guru ensuring you're always linked to your calls and music, no matter what.

Dual Connection - Your Personal Multitasker

With the ability to connect two devices at the same time, you can juggle calls, music, and more, all without missing a beat. It's like having a personal multitasker helping you juggle your digital life!

Long Battery Life - Your Personal Powerhouse


With up to 56 hours of talking time or 66 hours of music time, you've got power that keeps up with you. It's like having a personal powerhouse right in your pocket!

Dual Microphone and Large Drive - Your Personal Sound Engineer

With its dual microphone and 13mm large drive, you'll enjoy clearer and more efficient calls than ever before. It's like having a personal sound engineer always making sure you sound your best!

Two Methods of Charging - Your Personal Power Station

With a hidden USB-C charging port and a headphone charging case, you've got two ways to power up. It's like having a personal power station always ready to keep you charged!

Touch Control - Your Personal DJ and Receptionist

With touch control, you're in complete control. Skip tracks, pause music, answer calls, all with a simple touch. It's like having a personal DJ and receptionist at your fingertips!

Rotatable Microphone and Ear Hook - Your Personal Comfort Expert

With a 180° rotated microphone and 360° rotated ear hook, you can adjust the headset to fit you perfectly. It's like having a personal comfort expert ensuring you're always comfortable, no matter how long you wear it!

Three Size Earcups - Your Personal Tailor

With three size earcups, you can choose the one that fits you best. It's like having a personal tailor making sure your headset fits you like a glove!

So, you've heard all about the VortexWave Bluetooth Headset and its amazing features. Now, it's time to make a decision. But let's make it easy for you. Imagine being able to enjoy crystal clear calls and high-quality music, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Imagine having a personal connection guru, sound engineer, DJ, receptionist, and more, all packed into one sleek and comfortable headset. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, with the VortexWave Bluetooth Headset, it's a dream come true!

But here's the thing - dreams don't last forever. And neither will our stocks of this incredible headset. So, don't wait for tomorrow. Make the smart choice today and step into a world of clear sound and convenient control. Click that 'Buy Now' button and let the VortexWave Bluetooth Headset be your ticket to a noise-free, music-filled, and hands-free life. Trust us, your ears will thank you!

Technical Specifications

For those who love the details, here's the technical lowdown on the VortexWave Bluetooth Headset:

  • Bluetooth Version: V5.3
  • Dual Connection: Connect two devices at the same time
  • Battery Life: Up to 56 hours of talking time or 66 hours of music time
  • Microphone: Dual microphone with a 13mm large drive
  • Charging Methods: Hidden USB-C charging port and headphone charging case
  • Control: Touch control for easy operation
  • Microphone and Ear Hook: 180° rotated microphone and 360° rotated ear hook
  • Ear Tip: 45° rotated ear tip with 3 size earcups (S/M/L)

So, there you have it - the VortexWave Bluetooth Headset in all its technical glory. It's not just a headset; it's a powerhouse of features designed to make your life easier and your calls and music clearer. So, why wait? Dive into the world of VortexWave today!


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Paul Coulter
On the phone all day!

I work on the phone daily. Constantly on and off different calls. So far this has been one of the best headsets I’ve used in my career for the last 12 years. It’s one of the few cordless and mobile headsets I’ve used because of the lack of quality products available for people on the go in on the phone. I haven’t had any issues with the battery life yet. Fingers crossed. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a mobile headset for work or personal. I actually have fairly small ears so its the options works great for me . So far it has not bent or become too loose to stay on my ear. The sound quality is great and those on the other line speaking with me I have not said there’s been any issue with hearing me or communicating with me through this headset. It seems to actually offer better sound quality than other forms of medium I’ve been using for calls. Highly recommend.

Rene Merlino
Crystal Clear $ Noise Cancellation

This one is a true gem when it comes to wireless headsets. Its exceptional audio quality captures every nuance, ensuring crystal-clear conversations. The comfortable fit and lightweight design make it perfect for extended use. With reliable wireless connectivity and a sleek charging case, it delivers unmatched convenience. It's a top choice for professionals seeking outstanding communication experiences. Highly recommended!

Ronald Leake
Easy to Use, Reliable, Cost Efficient

I used this product almost everyday for the entire start of this year. The Bluetooth connection works well. The sound quality seems to be very good. Ive hardly had any complaints of people having a hard time hearing me when using. It could use a bit better noise cancelling of background noises as people claim to hear alot of what’s going on in the background but for the price it is overall a good buy!

Kenneth Holman
Would recommend and buy again

So I bought this for work, we use Microsoft Teams and the expensive corded headsets provided by my company were great but they had a cable, and it was always getting caught under the wheels of my chair and also with taking it on and off so much it was always getting broken. I am SO happy I did this, I have not had a problem and the audio is crystal clear, I have asked many times and folks say that I sound great, did a test in a meeting with this and a wired Logitech headset and they said it was much better than the wired headset. Starting at 6am and going to 5pm (Regularly) I never have a battery issue, and I am in many meetings throughout the day. I am not sure why other folks have had teams issues, I know teams can be buggy but I have had no issues and sound was never dropped, even walk to printer which is about 15-20ft away and stays crystal clear and works fine. Would definitely recommend.

Willard Johnson

I have been using this “ Bluetooth Headset” for more than two months now, but I have not given my review until I was sure (at least for the time frame I just mentioned) that it really works well without any glitch so far. Indeed, this unit works perfectly well for what I need for a hands-free earphone. Considering the price that is affordable I would say I have gotten a good buy for this item. Thanks for the seller for a very good customer service as well