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SunVolt 12W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger Kit: High Efficiency Solar Panel Monocrystalline Module with 10A Controller for RV, Car, Boat

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SunVolt 12W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger Kit: High Efficiency Solar Panel Monocrystalline Module with 10A Controller for RV, Car, Boat

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Picture this: You're on a road trip, miles away from the nearest town, and your car battery decides to take a nap. Or maybe you're out camping, and your RV's battery is running low. What do you do? Well, you could wait for a tow truck or a friendly passerby, but who has time for that?

Enter the SunVolt 12W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger Kit. This little gem is like a personal sun for your battery, harnessing solar power to keep your automotive, motorcycle, tractor, boat, or RV batteries charged and ready to go. It's the superhero of solar panels, swooping in to save the day when you're in a power pinch.

But this isn't just any solar panel. It's portable, powerful, and ready to serve your charging needs wherever you are. So, whether you're a road warrior, a sea captain, or just someone who loves the great outdoors, this is the perfect companion for your adventures. Let's dive in and see what makes this solar panel the shining star of portable power.

Harness the Power of the Sun

  • The SunVolt solar panel kit uses the power of the sun to charge your 12V batteries, creating 12 watts of energy. It's like having your personal sun, always ready to power up your devices wherever you are.

Efficiency at Its Best

  • Made of high-performance monocrystalline silicon material, this solar panel boasts a photoelectric conversion efficiency higher than 20% under direct sunlight. It's like having a solar panel on steroids, working harder so you don't have to.

One Panel, Many Batteries

  • Whether it's for your car, motorcycle, tractor, boat, or RV, this solar panel has got you covered. It's like the Swiss Army knife of solar panels, ready to charge just about any 12V battery you throw at it.

Supercharged Charging Efficiency

  • With the upgraded controller charging algorithm, you can enjoy an increase in charging efficiency by 10%-20%. It's like having a personal pit crew for your battery, getting it charged up and back in the race in no time.

Travel Light

  • The SunVolt solar panel kit is lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. It's like having a featherweight champion in your corner, ready to power up your devices without weighing you down.

Built to Last

  • Made with durable monocrystalline silicon wafer material, this solar panel is built to withstand the test of time. It's like the Chuck Norris of solar panels, tough enough to take a beating and keep on charging.

Waterproof Wonder

  • With a waterproof design, this solar panel can handle a splash or two. It's like having a solar panel with its own raincoat, ready to take on the wettest of weather.

Dustproof Dynamo

  • Thanks to its dustproof design, this solar panel stays clean and efficient, even in dusty environments. It's like having a solar panel with its own dust bunny bouncer, keeping the riff-raff out so it can focus on charging your devices.

Easy-Peasy Installation

  • The included extension cable and battery clips make installation a breeze. Just connect it to your battery, and you're good to go. It's like having a solar panel that's also a handyman, ready to get to work with no fuss.

So, you've heard all about the SunVolt 12W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger Kit and its sun-powered superpowers. Now, it's time to take the leap and bring this little lifesaver into your life. Imagine the freedom of knowing you've got a mini power plant right in your backpack, ready to juice up your devices wherever you are.

But don't wait too long. With all these benefits, these solar panels are flying off the shelves faster than a superhero in a hurry. So, grab yours today and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've got power wherever you go. Remember, the sun waits for no one, and neither should you!


For those who love the details, here's the tech rundown of the SunVolt 12W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger Kit:

  • Solar Power Generation: Charges 12V batteries, creating 12 watts of energy.
  • Panel Material: High-performance monocrystalline silicon material, with a photoelectric conversion efficiency higher than 20% under direct sunlight.
  • Compatibility: Works with automotive, motorcycle, tractor, boat batteries, car batteries, and more.
  • 10A Solar Charge Controller: The controller charging algorithm is upgraded, increasing the charging efficiency by 10%-20%. It provides multiple protections such as overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, etc.
  • Portable Design: Lightweight and easy to carry, ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Durable Construction: Made with a durable monocrystalline silicon wafer material and a waterproof and dustproof design.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with an extension cable and battery clips for easy installation and use.
  • Size and Weight: Measures 430x280x2.4mm and weighs 0.49kg/ 17.3oz.

So, there you have it, the full tech spec rundown of your soon-to-be new best friend in power management. Ready to bring the power of the sun into your life?

10A Solar Charge Controller

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Patrick Gordon
Works as expected

What I liked about this solar panel kit is in included an actual solar charge controller. I purchased this for my trailer and E-bike to trickle charge my dirt bikes. The product packaging arrived open and the wires look to have been already completed. Everything looks to be in working order I'm getting a reading from the solar controller charger.it works great charges the batters on my trailer which keeps my three bike charged and the battery generator charged. We use it every other weekend and it's ready to go

Richard Johnson
solar guardian

i wish i had bought this a few years ago. i put this on the rook of my shed and ran the cable to my motorcycle battery. it keep the charge all winter, so i added another to and old car i had sitting in the back yard.. after charging for a few days, the car started and still starts every 3 days with no problem. (i wouldn't start a vehicle while it was still connected, because it doesn't have the protection to prevent feedback).. great for people leaving a vehicle sitting for a few days without use. all you need is good old fashioned sunlight.

Daniel Matthews
Fantastic Product WOW

That is the subject alright. Worth every penny spent this is so nice and easy to use. For sometime I would leave my car out and then later get out there and nothing starts. Dead battery. I found thanks to the dealer who put out this fine product I wanted to see and sure enough works like a charm. I have a Saturn and placed this inside right facing the window and all the sun hits this. No worries anymore well wonder will the car start? Thanks again. Seller I must add again this is one dandy product. Today the temp out is 8 degrees and the car has not been driven for sometime and one wonders. Ok the doors are frozen but once inside the car unplugged the solar battery started the car and everything worked great. This product should be rated way way above 10 maybe 100 plus. Again I have really enjoyed this. Thanks Seller.

Williams Ramos
Keeps my battery full

Keeps my battery full
I have an old Chevy truck that sets for weeks sometimes and is never started. Truck is used as a backup work truck but still has a good bit of electronic gear in it for work which drains the battery over time. This past weekend we had -25 degree wind chill and the truck had sat for two weeks. When the wind subsided I went out and truck started like I had just been driving around. I cannot speak of the weather resistance of it or how strong the suction cups are as I just laid it on the dash. Keeps my battery full so I’m happy!

Felipe Pena
One of my favorite purchases

Although I've ordered probably a thousand things on here, over the years, this one always brings a smile to my face. We have a car that we rarely drive (maybe once every two or three months). Because of this, every time we would go to start it, the battery would be dead or could barely crank the engine. I bought this in the hopes that it would supply whatever leakage current the car was drawing when just sitting there, and it does just that. Now, whenever I get in the car and turn the key, the engine cranks like the battery is brand new. It always puts a smile on my face.