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Solemates Wireless Heated Insoles - USB Rechargeable, Temperature Control, Rapid Heating and Safety Protection, Waterproof Charging - Perfect for Skiing, Hiking, and Outdoor Adventures

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Solemates Wireless Heated Insoles - USB Rechargeable, Temperature Control, Rapid Heating and Safety Protection, Waterproof Charging - Perfect for Skiing, Hiking, and Outdoor Adventures

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

remote control

Hey there, winter warrior! 🌨️ Ever had that moment when you're out on a snowy adventure, and your toes feel like they've joined the ranks of popsicles? We've all been there, and let's be real, cold feet can turn a magical winter day into a frosty fiasco. But what if we told you there's a game-changer in town? Enter the Solemates Wireless Heated Insoles.

Imagine slipping your feet into your boots, and instead of the usual cold embrace, they're greeted by a warm, toasty hug. It's like having a personal fireplace for your feet, minus the chimney and the wood-chopping. And the best part? You're in control! With a nifty USB rechargeable feature, temperature control, and rapid heating, these insoles are not just smart; they're genius-level. Plus, with waterproof charging, even Mother Nature's mood swings won't rain on your parade. So, whether you're hitting the ski slopes, trekking up a mountain, or just braving the cold to grab that much-needed latte, Solemates has got your back... or should we say, your feet? 😉🔥👣

Ready to turn the tables on winter and give cold feet the boot? Let's dive deeper and see why these insoles are about to become your sole-mate (pun totally intended!).

Warmth On-Demand

Ever had those moments when you wish you had a remote for life? Well, with the Wireless Remote Control, you've got one for your feet. Crank up the heat or dial it down, all without bending over. It's like magic, but without the wand.

Just Right, Every Time

With a Temperature Range from "chilly morning" to "toasty campfire", you can set the perfect temp for your toes. No more guessing games, just pure, customizable comfort.

Charge Once, Warm All Day

Heating time lasts 7 hours

The Rechargeable 2000mAh Battery is the unsung hero here. Forget the hassle of disposable batteries. One charge, and you're set for up to 8 hours. That's a whole day of adventure (or just lounging)!

Safety First, Always

No one likes overheated toast, especially when it's your feet. The Safety Protection ensures things stay cozy, not crispy. It's like having a guardian angel for your soles.

Zero to Cozy in 10 Seconds

Impatient? We get it. With Rapid Heating, you'll feel the warmth faster than you can say "frostbite". It's like a microwave, but for your feet.

Happy Feet, Happy You

Beyond just warmth, the insoles Promote Blood Circulation. Think of it as a mini spa treatment with every step. Your feet will thank you (if they could talk).

Eco-Friendly and Comfy

Made with Environmentally Friendly PU Material, it's a win for Mother Earth and a win for your feet. Soft, sustainable, and oh-so-snuggly.

One Size Fits... You!

Washable heated insoles

Whether you've got dainty feet or ones that would make Bigfoot jealous, the Customizable Size ensures a snug fit. Cinderella's got nothing on this.

Rain? No Pain

Thanks to the Waterproof Type-C Charging Port, a little splash won't crash the warmth party. Puddles, meet your match.

Quality You Can Count On

Got questions? Concerns? The Quality Assurance means you're not just buying a product; you're joining a family that's got your back (and your feet).

Don't Get Cold Feet Now!

Multi-occasion use

Listen, we've all been there - scrolling, pondering, and then leaving our cart abandoned like a ghost town. But here's the deal: winter waits for no one. And those chilly toes? They're sending out an SOS. With Solemates Heated Insoles, you're not just buying warmth; you're investing in comfort, adventure, and a winter without regrets. So, why wait for another cold day or another "sold out" sign? Dive into a world where your feet lead the way, warm and confident.

Remember, every winter warrior needs their secret weapon. And trust us, this is one secret too good to keep. Grab yours now, and let's make this winter the warmest chapter yet!

The Techy Treasure Trove

Alright, tech enthusiasts, this one's for you. We're about to dive deep into the heart of our Solemates Heated Insoles. Don't worry; we'll keep the geek-speak light, but the details rich. Ready? Let's decode the magic:

  • Wireless Remote Control: Adjust from afar, because who likes bending?
  • Temperature Spectrum: Ranges from a cozy 40°C/104°F to a toasty 65°C/149°F.
  • Battery Power: A robust 2000mAh rechargeable battery. That's up to 8 hours of non-stop warmth.
  • Safety Protocols: Built-in temperature sensors and control chips. Your feet's safety net.
  • Heating Efficiency: Carbon fiber heating chip for even and rapid warmth distribution.
  • Material: Environmentally friendly PU with a soft velvet top layer. Earth and feet-friendly.
  • Charging: Waterproof Type-C port. Modern, efficient, and splash-proof.
  • Size: Customizable to fit any foot. From Cinderella to Bigfoot, we've got you covered.

There you have it, the blueprint of your next favorite winter companion. Techy, trendy, and oh-so-toasty!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Kent Mayer
Great to have in the dead of WINTER

I will be SO THANKFUL to have these this winter in Mid-January when Winter ie at its nastiest around these parts. (We are located on the East Coast, North Eastern Coast). It gets fairly chilly here. So these will be an absolute game changer for me as I will be able to keep my feet warmer for longer. Then I wont have to stop working to warm my feet up so often. If at all with quality feet warmers. The best part is that they are not just one & dones. These feet warmers are RECHARGEABLE!!

Akiko Khan
Warm your Feet... Fast!

These Heated Insoles really do the trick. The instructions are easy to follow and they start to warm up quickly with a click of the remote. There is a simple color -coded system for differentiating between High (Red), Medium (Yellow) and Low (Green) temps. When it's time for a charge the split-end cable allows you to charge both insoles at the same time with the same cord.

Victor Nguyen
 Heats Well & Great Value

The farmer's Almanac is predicting an unreasonably cold winter in my region so I've been preparing by ordering heated clothing. These soles are well made, can be cut to fit and when testing it I found that they heat up very well. I can't say how well this works for an entire season yet since it is still summer here. I'll update once we get into the winter season. I like that these come with everything you need to use them. These will be great when I have to go out in the bitter cold and shovel several feet of snow.

James Jones
Great for ski boots

The hear fit great in my ski boots and keep my feet warm in those powder days. They’re very minimal and don’t take much room out of the boot and fit like any normal insole. The batteries are integrated well and the remote allows you to easily change the temp without taking them off and pulling them out. Rest alternative to the “hot hands” they typically sell at ski resorts. I’ll suggest these to anyone who gets cold toes in the winter!

Catherine O'Connor

It is great but for my winter preparation. It will help me a lot while doing snow cleaning in my driveway. It has adjustable size feet therefore anyone can cut it in their size. Also it comes with remote control which you can use for increasing or decreasing temperature without removing from shoes. It is very comfortable in my shoes. It totally worth of my money.