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SculptMaster Pro Titanium T-Blade Shaver - The Ultimate Precision Electric Shaver

Every Stroke a Masterstroke: Unveil Precision with SculptMaster Pro.

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Precision Trimming for a Perfect Edge

Experience the finesse of a professional barbershop with the Titanium T-Blade, designed to shape and trim with unmatched accuracy.

Skin-Friendly Shaving for Ultimate Comfort

Enjoy irritation-free shaving, thanks to a design focused on smooth, gentle passes over your skin.

Waterproof Design for Easy Cleanup

With its waterproof build and detachable blades, keeping your shaver clean is as simple as a quick rinse.

Cordless Convenience for Grooming Anywhere

The long-lasting battery ensures you can groom whenever and wherever without worrying about a power source.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
John Flanagan
It does the JOB

I bought this cos I needed another sharp blade to trim my neckline. I had my other trimmers like this for a bit over 2 years and it started getting not as sharp anymore. I love this trimmer and wanted another one just like it, so I got this one but in a different color than my old one. I had black before now I have a gold one with this one. Recommend! I charged it and it works fine. I love it cos I can wash it off in the sink. And then I put spray on it for bacteria and it’s all good.

Gerald Drake
Functionality is key

Whatever you do, don’t let this product fool you. This thing is a powerhouse, small but powerful. Don’t let the size fool you. I was glad I got it. It’s compact and can be carried anywhere. Doesn’t take up much space but when it comes to trimming it rivals those bigger and more expensive models. Get it, I know I am glad I did.

Christopher Singh
Better than I thought!

This product is a must have because it gives a clean shave, it cuts a really nice line in terms of shaping and it’s small enough to fit right in the shave bag without all the bulky charging docks and cords. The product charges from a basic usb c cord to usb wall plug. The price point is very appealing for the precision and finish. Worth every penny
Hope this helps :)

James Williams
Great clipper

For the price, can’t beat it. Shocked to see and feel the quality; it’s quiet, not to heavy, trims my beard evenly and clean. Been on the search for a trimmer I liked with proper beard setting and this is IT (for me at least). Was trying those Philips Norelcos (cheap overpriced plastic garbage) and they are absolutely trash, especially compared to this product. 10/10 recommend.

Richard Gold
It works great

I had been using giant (it felt like) electric plug in shavers for beard and hair (i've light hair up top, let's say ... as in nearly 70% bald). So this saves $30 every 2 weeks for a barber but also let's be do EXACTLY what I want. And it's so easy because it's small and cordless. The easy snap on guides, too, are quite small compared to all others I've used, so I can get a close enough cut when and where I want it!