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SafeRide Dual Camera Car Dash Cam With Large Screen and High Resolution Camera

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

SafeRide Dual Camera Car Dash Cam With Large Screen and High Resolution Camera

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



SafeRide is a dual-camera dash cam that records the inside of the car as well as the front of the car at the same time. It gives security for you and your family wherever your ride may be.

SafeRide is perfect for a long trip where you are on your way to your favorite destination and able to record all the fun you are having while singing and chatting with your family in the car. Those precious memories of the long drive will be preserved forever.

It also has a 4 inches large screen, which means you can enjoy the videos in the car when you play back or remove the memory card and play it on any computer to have a memorable time.



  • The comes with a larger screen display. Never miss any important detail or sign while driving. The SafeDrive comes with a large screen display that gives you better visibility, and wider scope of vision. You won't have to worry about overlooking critical areas/ signs that could cause driving accidents.
  • The powerful camera features 2 recording functions - inside and out. This innovative technology built inside the SafeDrive allows recording from the inside and outside. Record the events on the road, while also capturing the fun things happening inside the cars.
  • The camera is capable of recording better resolutions. Recordings are a great source of information and evidence, when needed. The SafeRide comes with a 1080 HD capacity so you can record the crispest, clearest videos for memory keeping, or for evidence purposes.
  • SafeDrive Features a Wide Angle Lens. The front cam features a 170 degree lens, while the cabin cam has a 120 degree lens.


  • Screen Size:4.0 Inch IPS Screen Display.
  • Chipset: QuadCore Processor, Support 2 Camera Lens.
  • Camera Resolution :Front Camera: 1920*1080@25FPS; Inside Camera:3.0MP,640*480@25FPS.
  • Camera View Angle: Front Camera: 170 Degree, Inside Camera:120 Degree.
  • Camera Aperture:F2.0 Large Aperture(Front Camera).
  • Video Codec: H.264.

Functions :

  • The SafeDrive includes several topnotch features including the G-Sensor, Digital Zoom, Motion Detection, Cycle Recording, Time& Date Display, With Rearview Mirror, Wide Dynamic Range, and LED Light function.
  • The built-in battery can cater up to 300-450 mAh.
  • The camera has two lenses. These two cameras can record the front and the inside of the car at the same time. The device also supports picture in picture display.
  • The camera lens has 6 glasses to ensure it captures the highest quality.
  • The rearview camera has 4 LED lamps for optimum night vision!
  • The camera automatically turns on once you start the car.

Package Include:

  • 1*Host
  • 1*After the camera
  • 1*Pullback
  • 1*Manual
  • 1*power cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Thomas bynum
It records the view

I deliver food for a local restaurant, I need one dash cam to record because someone could complain that I didn’t deliver their order. The camera can be switched to the window of passage side, recording anyone who came to pick up their order. I like this function.
This dash cam is easy to install, just less then 10 minutes.

Roger Mireles
greatly impressed

Okay to be honest I never rate products unless they are absolute crap and i feel i need to warn others. But that changed today with this little camera. for the price it is you cannot beat it. i have loved it so far. i live in Utah and the drivers here are terrible and as the weather gets worse the crazies come out onto the road. and i have already almost been hit from people not looking 3 times this week so i decided it was time to get a camera. this camera installed so nicely the wires were easy to hide under the trim.

anne lightner
great dashcam, you deserve it

am a little to say that I am a “road killer”. I’ve had three car crashes in the past year. However, those accidents were all about my car being hit by others. I bought this dash cam just like bought good insurance when I was ever in an accident to prove I am not at fault. When the first day I installed this gadget on my car, I thought, “wow, wow.“ there is no doubt five stars. I took it out of the car to write this comment. Sadly, I only took one pictures because it did not have much power. In spite of this, hopefully you can see how clear and detailed it is. the night vision is also clear. The camera is super easy to install. It is small and exquisite. I hardly felt it when I was driving. It’s loop recording so I do not have to worry about memory space. I’m very happy with it so far. It is a great shopping experience!!!

Eddy sandusky
Affordable Assurance and Easy installation

This dash cam can't be beaten when it comes to price and reliability. I've got mine hard-wired into my fuse box so it activates upon vehicle ignition. I just have to remember to turn it off upon exiting the vehicle. I'm able to seamlessly capture my ventures from start to end. Records EXCELLENT 1080P footage! Perfect for insurance, liability, proof of fault, accidents and other memorable on the road moments.Recommended.

April Thomasson
Easy to install and high quality

The dash cam is easy to install and it took me about 10 minutes to do the work. In terms of video quality, it's definitely more than what you'll need in court to prove your case. It even provides good view with your headlights on and it will likely provide the needed exposure in the part of the video that will be of interest. This is a great dash cam for the price. It's great to have peace of mind that you have video evidence if anything happens.