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The Personal Alarm Saving Millions of LivesThe

#1 RATED personal alarm in the USA. This tiny device is packed with a super loud alarm to deter attackers and keep you and your family safe from harm. Widely considered as the best self-defense product for men and women of all ages.

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Ear-Piercingly Loud 130db Alarm

High Intensity LED Lights

#1 Brand Trusted By The Police

TSA Friendly And Legal In Every State

Reasons You Will Love SafeHalo Personal Alarm

The #1 Brand Trusted By The Police

It's important to have a dependable and effective personal alarm. That's why law enforcement officers across the USA have been urging families to carry a SafeHalo Personal Alarm and step up their personalprotection.

Deter Attackers In Dangerous Situations

You never know when the moment will present itself. Don't be unprepared. It's small but extremely loud(130db) that will guarantee to deter attackers, allowing you to get away safely.

Alert Others If You're In An Emergency

The piercingly loud alarm can capture someone's attention from up to 1000ft away. Many self defense classes recommend a personal alarm that you can trigger when you need help.

Easy To Use

The SafeHalo Personal Alarm is perfectly designed to be portable and easy to carry.And the best part, it requires no training or skill to operate, and can be used by anyone regardless of age or physical ability.

Instant Access Could Make All the Difference

Every SafeHalo Personal Alarm comes with a FREE carabiner clip that you can easily attach to easy-reach-locations like your bag, purse, belt loop, and more. It's not a traditional keychain with inconvenient rings.

Bring Safety Wherever You Go

Unlike pepper sprays or knives, the SafeHalo Personal Alarm can go anywhere where other self defense weapons cannot. They're also legal in every state, unlike other personal defense items.

Deter Attackers With An Extremely Loud Alarm

The SafeHalo Personal Alarm produces an ear-piercing sound (130db) that will surely disorient and scare off potential threats. It has been proven to deter more attackers vs.pepper sprays and tasers.

Peace Of Mind Anywhere You Go

Discreet, stylish, and easy-to-carry so that you can take it anywhere with you. Attach it to your bags, purses, belt loops,and more. It's legal to carry in every state, even on airplanes.

Trusted By Thousands of Families

SafeHalo Personal Alarm strives for being the premium choice when it comes to Emergency/Rescue/Survival Alarms. That's why hundreds of thousands choose SafeHalo Personal Alarm for their personal protection upgrade.

What People Are Saying About SafeHalo Personal Alarm

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The alarms will continue to sound until the keychain is put back into the alarm, or the battery runsout.

You can put it anywhere you want! Room keys, apartment keys and car keys are the most
common. Be creative!

Absolutely not! Under no circumstances can anyone track your location through SafeHalo Personal Alarm.

365 days / and USB Type-C rechargeable.

The intent is to surprise and disorient an attacker, allowing a few precious seconds you need to get away, while drawing attention to your situation.

Certainly anyone who is out by themselves on a regular basis. It is a great gift for an older or elderly person who has limited mobility as they can use it to draw attention if there is a problem such as a slip and fall. Personal alarms are also ideal for children.

Most top out at about 130 decibels. That is sufficient to cause temporary disorientation to anyone standing within a few feet.

Yes, each SafeHalo Personal Alarm comes with a carabiner for the utmost carrying and storage convenience.

Yes, SafeHalo is in fact water resistant. While it should not be fully submerged in water, it can remain functional in various weather conditions such as rain and snow.

For the siren to activate, pull out the pin on the top of the device and to deactivate, just reinsert the pin back.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Marilyn Abner

I travel alone frequently. I also walk alone a lot. I have been thinking that I need some sort of safety device should anyone attempt to assault me. I found this and decided to try it. I am very pleased and satisfied with the device. It is handy to attach to my bag or phone case. It is easy to use and emits a very loud noise which I am sure will make any attacker run away. I highly recommend this for anyone worried about personal safety. I am getting them for each of my children and grandchildren and also am getting one to keep by my bed in my home.

Margaret Sills
Security makes me fail safe

I’m usually always aware of my surroundings, but things happen, so I like, knowing I have this little piece of safety hooked in my purse. It has a light that flashes and is very loud . I think the best part is that it can charged up . I would definitely recommend it. Actually, I already had both of my daughters had bought one also.

Willie Hamilton

We ordered this alarm for going away on vacation, in an unfamiliar area. When we tested it after receiving it, the noise level seemed good and also the flashing light appears to be a nice added element. Thankfully, we didn't need to use it; although it did give us some added peace of mind having it available. Now that we're back home, i will use it on walks. By the way, i likes the light purple color and I liked that it is rechargable and it came with a sturdy carabiner-style clip and is rechargeable.

Jessica Gallop
roduct as described

I love this item. It makes my walks with my dog safer. I feel safer. The control are easily accessible, and the size is just right so it doesn't feel like you are carrying extra weight on my walks. Just knowing I have it with me makes me have more confidence as we stroll through the park with my dog Luna. I really recommend this product.

Elaine Brown
Excellent Personal Safety Alarm

This is actually the second one we purchased. Our oldest isn't ready to drive yet, but her work is within walking distance. Depending on the day will determine how many other people are out and about around the same time. The alarm is not obnoxious loud but is loud enough to make people around you look at what's going on. And the flash will also grab someone's attention nearby.