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RiffMaster Wireless Guitar Transmitter and Receiver System - Ultra-Low Latency, 4 Channels, Rechargeable Lithium Battery - Perfect for Electric Guitar, Bass and Violin

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RiffMaster Wireless Guitar Transmitter and Receiver System - Ultra-Low Latency, 4 Channels, Rechargeable Lithium Battery - Perfect for Electric Guitar, Bass and Violin

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hey there, fellow string strummer! 🎸 Picture this: you're on stage, the spotlight is on you, and the crowd is buzzing with anticipation. You strike the first chord and... silence. Your wired connection has failed you once again. It's time to break free from the constraints of cables and step into the future with the RiffMaster Wireless Guitar Transmitter and Receiver System. Trust us, it's the kind of upgrade that your guitar has been secretly whispering to you about during those late-night jam sessions.

Now, let's talk about freedom, the kind that lets you roam the stage like a rockstar, without the fear of tripping over wires or losing that pristine sound quality. Imagine being able to move with the grace of a ballet dancer while shredding your electric guitar like a true maestro. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, pinch yourself, because with the RiffMaster, that dream is about to become your reality.

But wait, there's more! This isn't just about giving you the freedom to move; it's about elevating your performance to heights you never thought possible. With ultra-low latency and four channels to play around with, you're not just getting a wireless system; you're getting a ticket to an unparalleled musical adventure. Whether you're a bass thumper, a violin virtuoso, or an electric guitar hero, the RiffMaster is your perfect sidekick, ready to amplify your talent and broadcast it to the world, wire-free!

So, are you ready to take the stage by storm and give your audience a performance they'll never forget? Step into the limelight with RiffMaster, where innovation meets exhilaration.

Be the Maestro, Not the Messenger!

Oh, you're going to love this! You know how sometimes wireless systems mess with the original sound, making your guitar sound like it's sending Morse code instead of music? Well, the RiffMaster uses advanced wireless technology to transmit the original UHF sound, keeping your tunes pure and interference-free. It's like having a direct line to musical nirvana!

No More Waiting Games!

Guess what? Latency is practically non-existent here! The clear signal frequency feature ensures that you hear your guitar tone in all its glory with only 4ms of latency. It's so fast; you won't even have time to blink before the sound hits your ears. Say goodbye to awkward silences and hello to instantaneous musical gratification!

Be the Star, Everywhere on the Stage!

Oh, this is a game-changer, my friend. You can now move freely around the stage, thanks to the multi-device support that allows up to four sets of devices to work at the same time within a 50-meter range. It's like having a wireless musical playground at your fingertips!

Play On, and On, and On...

You won't believe the battery life on this thing! The built-in rechargeable lithium battery keeps the music flowing for up to 4 hours. And recharging is a breeze with the included USB cable. It's like the energizer bunny of guitar systems, it just keeps going!

We've Got Your Back!

Here's the cherry on top: the RiffMaster team is all about customer satisfaction. They've tested and quality-audited each transmitter and receiver to ensure you have a smooth experience. And if you ever run into any issues, they're just a call away, ready to make things right!

One System, Many Instruments

Oh, and it's not just for electric guitars. This versatile system is a perfect match for your bass and violin too! It's like having a universal remote for all your instruments, bringing harmony and unity to your musical ensemble.

Channel Surfing, the Musical Way!

Get ready to channel surf like never before! With four channels at your disposal, you can avoid signal interference and enjoy a seamless performance, even when multiple devices are in use. It's like having your private highway in the busy city of musical performances!

Plug, Play, and Slay!

And the best part? It's so easy to use! Just plug it in, and you're ready to rock. No complicated setups, no fuss. It's like having a backstage pass to the world of hassle-free musical performances!

Travel Light, Rock Hard!

And don't even get me started on its portability. This compact and lightweight system is your perfect travel companion, ready to rock wherever you go. It's like having a pocket-sized rock concert ready to roll at a moment's notice!

Don't Miss Your Cue!

Hey there, rockstar! It's time to take a leap and embrace the future of musical performances. Picture yourself owning the stage, captivating your audience with not just your music, but with your electrifying presence, all thanks to the freedom that the RiffMaster grants you. But here's the thing, this isn't just a product, it's an experience, a revolution, a new beginning in the world of music. And it's just a click away!

So, why wait? Step into a world where your music and movement flow seamlessly, where your performance is not just heard but felt by everyone in the room. Grab your RiffMaster Wireless Guitar Transmitter and Receiver System now and be the trailblazer, the trendsetter, the rockstar you were born to be. Remember, in the world of music, timing is everything. So, seize your moment, seize your RiffMaster, and let's make musical history together!

The Symphony of Tech

Alright, gearheads, it's your time to shine! We know you appreciate the finer details, the inner workings that make this system the masterpiece that it is. So, let's dive deep into the technical symphony that is the RiffMaster Wireless Guitar System.

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz, giving you a full spectrum of sound to play with.
  • Latency: Less than 4ms, ensuring that your music is heard in real-time without any delay.
  • Transmission Range: A whopping 50 meters, giving you the freedom to roam and engage with your audience.
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 hours of continuous use, so your performance goes on without a hitch.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Built-in lithium battery, rechargeable via USB, making sure you're always ready to rock.
  • Channels: Four distinct channels to avoid any interference and keep your connection strong and clear.
  • Compatibility: Perfect for electric guitars, bass, and violins, offering versatility and convenience.
  • Customer Support: Dedicated team ready to assist you, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

So, there you have it, the full rundown of what makes the RiffMaster the powerhouse that it is. It's not just a wireless system; it's a ticket to a world of unlimited musical possibilities. Ready to join the revolution?

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
William Medrano
Great value for the price

I have been really pleased with the sound and quality of this wireless product for the guitar. The old style cords are retired.

Jorge Shotwell
Zero lag

great unit with zero lag. Using this with my Denon Prime Go to JBL Party Box 110 and loving it! Just wish it had longer battery life

Angela New
Relatively inexpensive, and work great.

If you can tolerate straight jacks, these units are affordable and work well. I use multiple units alongside other wireless systems with no interference. Just be sure each pair you use is set to a unique channel…

David Pena
Easy to use

I bought this for my husband and he loves it!

Jane Heath
Easy to use and great sound

Excellent value