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RelivaGo Electric Heated Neck Massager, Memory Foam Pillow

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

RelivaGo Electric Heated Neck Massager, Memory Foam Pillow

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

RelivaGo Combines the Benefits of an Ergonomic Pillow and High Quality Heated Massage Pads in One Product. Enjoy More Comfortable Travel Without The Common Muscle Knots, Strains, and Pains!

A Travel Must-Have: The RelivGo is Every Traveler's Neck Massager - It's Made With Ultra Comfortable Material and a Massage Setting That Mimics The Effects of A Massage Done By Hands!

Do you often get uncomfortable neck pains when you're traveling whether by train, plane, or car?

Sitting for a long period of time can cause discomfort which can eventually lead to neck pains and strains.

Prevent neck pain, and alleviate muscle knots with the RelivaGo!

The RelivaGo is the latest in neck pillow and neck massager design. It combines the benefit of these two products so you can get both prevention from neck pain and relief when neck muscles are feeling strained. 

You don't have carry two separate neck pillows and neck massagers; with the RelivaGo, you get all. 

RelivaGo Neck Massager Features

🌟 The RelivaGo neck massager comes with memory foam pillow for extra comfort and relief. We use 100% pure memory foam with 5-second rebound technology. The foam makes the pillow comfortable and durable, relieves fatigue and lets you achieve complete relaxation.

🌟 Comes with an ergonomic design that provides full support to the neck and connecting muscles. You no longer have to risk your neck getting all the strains and pains, thanks to the amazing muscle support offered by the Reliva Go.

The neck support pillow adopts an ergonomic U-shaped design, which perfectly fits the curve of the spine and provides 360° wraparound head and neck support to prevent the head from tilting forward. The pillow also includes adjustable rope closure, adjustable angle and size to meet different neck size requirements, and relieve neck pain during travel.

🌟 Provides muscle relief with its 2-way deep-massaging capacity that brings the benefits of an actual hand massage. No masseuse during the travel? No problem. The massaging capacity of the RelivaGo can give deep muscle relief. Its massaging features mimics that of an actual massage done by hand.

🌟 Neck massage is done in two ways - kneading and rotating. The neck massager has massage types that you can fit whatever neck pain relief you're looking for. The easy settings allows quick adjustments.

🌟 The neck massager with three modes - vibration, vibration+ massage, and massage only. You have a control of how you want the neck massager to work for you. You can opt from three choices based on your needs.

🌟 RelivaGo has built in heating pads to help alleviate muscle pains quickly. The heating pads of the RelivaGo enables quick muscle relief. You can adjust the heat level up to 40-degrees celsius.

Enjoy great stress relief to improve your well-being.

Buying the RelivaGo is equivalent to buying a massager and a healthy U-shaped pillow, thereafter to enjoy a comfortable life.
Ergonomic U-shaped design perfect to use for neck massage.. Multi-purpose massage pillow - not only a neck massager pillow, but also a travel pillow.


  • Material: Velboa Fabric + Memory Foam
  • 3 modes: Vibration/Massage/Vibration+Massage
  • Color: Brown,Pink.Gray
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions: 10.2" x 10.5" x 5.4"
  • Item Dimensions: 10.6" x 10.8" x 5"

Package includes:

  • 1 x Neck Massage Pillow
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
grace R. Phelps
Worth the money

As soon as I received this neck massager, I couldn’t wait to try it! Due to long hours of work and study, my neck is stiff and sore and this neck massager perfectly solves this problem. The heated massage function makes me get unprecedented relaxation. It is rechargeable and cordless so it can be used anytime and anywhere.
I can not only use it when working in the office or resting in bed also when I am riding a bicycle outdoors.
It can even warm my neck in the cold.
It is really great and worth the money!

kirk J. steib
Highly recommend

Works well for my tension headaches and is fairly quiet, love using it with the heat and find it relaxing. The kneading nodes are a little hard on the neck when you lean back. I use a wash cloth over it to ease the pressure. Love that it's cordless and rechargeable. also it holds a charge over several uses, overall I am very pleased with it, have tried several other types and this was the winner.

lawrence E. Maloney
Very nice!

Feels amazing on sore neck muscles. Very soft and nice quality! Has adjustable intensity and adjustable straps and it unbuckles.The massager is surprisingly strong, and it heats very well. I can't wait to travel with it!

Virginia D. bui
This is amazing!

I work from home and often sit for hours at the computer without realizing how long it's been until my neck and shoulders start having spasms. This really relieves the tightness in my neck and shoulders. I like that I can move it around and use it wherever I need it. I've seen these for awhile and have been leery of another thing that just doesn't do what I hoped it would. This thing really helped and the price was great!

james J. Sheffield
Life saver!

Omg this thing is amazing i have fibromyalgia and constantly in pain i can put this anywhere on my body where im in pain and i dont have to bother my family to rub me where i hurt and they love using it too it helps so much!