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PixelSync Mobile Game Phone Controller - Versatile PC Controller with Magnetic ABXY, Compatible with Switch/Windows PC/Android/iOS

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

PixelSync Mobile Game Phone Controller - Versatile PC Controller with Magnetic ABXY, Compatible with Switch/Windows PC/Android/iOS

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Ever felt like you're playing a game of Twister with your fingers while trying to master the latest mobile game? Or maybe you've wished for a way to bring the precision and control of a PC gamepad to your mobile gaming experience? Well, wish no more! Introducing the PixelSync Mobile Game Phone Controller, the answer to all your gaming gripes.

This isn't just any game controller. It's a versatile, multi-platform marvel that's ready to take your gaming to the next level. Whether you're a Switch enthusiast, a Windows PC gamer, an Android addict, or an iOS aficionado, the PixelSync controller has got you covered. And with its magnetic ABXY buttons, you can customize your control layout to suit your gaming style.

But the PixelSync controller isn't just about versatility and customization. It's also about giving you the edge in your gaming. With features like a built-in six-axis gyroscope for motion control and a turbo function for game feedback, it's like having a secret weapon in your gaming arsenal. So, gear up and get ready to game like never before with the PixelSync Mobile Game Phone Controller. It's not just a game changer; it's a game dominator.

Game On, Any Platform, Any Time

Whether you're a fan of Apple Arcade, MFi Games, Switch Games, or Cloudy Gaming, the PixelSync controller has got you covered. It's like having a universal remote for all your gaming needs.

One Controller to Rule Them All

Android, iOS, Windows, Android TV box - you name it, the PixelSync controller can handle it. It's like the Swiss Army knife of game controllers.

Customize Your Control

With the PixelSync controller's magnetic ABXY buttons, you can change the layout to suit your gaming platform. It's like having a tailor-made controller for every game.

Capture Your Glory

With the PixelSync controller's screenshot button, you can capture your most epic gaming moments at the press of a button. It's like having a personal gaming photographer at your fingertips.

Control Your Sound

With the PixelSync controller, you can adjust the volume directly from the controller. No more fumbling with remote controls or on-screen menus. It's like having a sound engineer in your hands.

Motion Control at Its Best

The PixelSync controller's six-axis gyroscope supports motion control, giving you a more immersive and interactive gaming experience. It's like bringing your games to life.

Feel the Game

With the PixelSync controller's Turbo and Double Vibration Function, you can feel every hit, explosion, and crash right in your hands. It's like being in the game.

Connect Your Way

Whether you prefer Bluetooth, a 2.4G receiver, or a wired connection, the PixelSync controller has got you covered. It's like having a controller that adapts to your lifestyle.

Game Longer

With a battery life that lets you play games for about 20 hours, the PixelSync controller is perfect for those marathon gaming sessions. It's like having a controller that never sleeps.

Comfort is Key

With the PixelSync controller's soft rubber grips, you can game for hours without discomfort. It's like holding a cloud in your hands.

Built to Last

With metal-plated buttons, the PixelSync controller is designed to withstand even the most intense gaming sessions. It's like having a controller made of steel.

So, are you ready to elevate your gaming experience to new heights? Are you prepared to dive into a world of immersive, responsive, and comfortable gaming with the PixelSync Mobile Game Phone Controller? If your answer is a resounding 'YES', then it's time to hit that 'Add to Cart' button!

Don't wait around, though. With features like these, the PixelSync controller is flying off the shelves. Grab yours now and join the revolution in multi-platform gaming. Remember, in the world of gaming, the early bird doesn't just get the worm; it gets the high score!

Technical Specifications

For those who love the details, here's the technical lowdown on the PixelSync Mobile Game Phone Controller:

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, and Android TV box
  • Game Support: Apple Arcade, MFi Games, Switch Games, and Cloudy Gaming
  • ABXY Buttons: Magnetic, customizable layout
  • Additional Buttons: Screenshot key, volume adjustment
  • Gyroscope: Built-in six-axis gyroscope for motion control
  • Vibration Function: Turbo and Double Vibration Function
  • Connection Options: Bluetooth, 2.4G receiver, wired connection
  • Battery: 800mAh, up to 20 hours of gameplay
  • Grips: Soft rubber grips for comfortable handheld experience
  • Buttons: Metal-plated for durability

So, there you have it! The PixelSync Mobile Game Phone Controller in all its glory. It's not just a controller; it's a game dominator. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one today and start gaming like a pro!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
William Himes
Works Great!!!

Works great. No input lag. Like really. It shows it doesn’t have one. All controls buttons work flawlessly. All my friends have one now cause they seen mines. Best money you can spend for a controller with a mount that doesn’t need charging or batteries. Just plug a play. Phone get low plug charger into controller and charges phone. Don’t let them bad reviews that aren’t really bad deter you on missing our on something good.

John Cranford
Great portability!

I use this with my iPhone 13 pro max and play Diablo Immortal and Tacticool and it works really well. Very easy to configure and connect via Bluetooth. The battery life lasts much longer than the phone’s battery which is good. Although a bit pricey. This has made my mobile gaming much more enjoyable and easier to play instead of using the touch screen with my fingers. I would recommend this controller.

Matthew Carl
This is a cool controller for your phone

I love this controller it is so cool. It works with most gaming apps like Nvidia GeForce Now, Xbox game pass, Shadow Cloud PC, pretty much anything that you can use a Bluetooth controller with. I like that is also shuts off on its own when you leave it on for a while to save power. Overall I give this controller a 5 out of 5 I can't find anything wrong with it to be honest. I use this with my Google pixel .

Jonathan Jordan
Pretty good

The product is made with sturdy plastic and the triggers feel very nice. I can see an improvement in my play style now that I know I am going to hit the button and not miss on shooting an enemy. If you like to be competitive I recommend getting this product. My child has been quite rough on it and it has not been damaged as of yet. Good so far and I have recommended to friends who saw an improvement in game play.

David Kerrigan
 Perfect controller

I got this controller for my son's new Switch. He absolutely loves it. It was extremely easy to set up and paired quickly. The battery life has been great so far. The design is awesome and the controller itself seems sturdy and well made. I was nervous at how well it would work, but so far it has been great. I tried using it myself, when my son lets me, and I found it to be easy to use. It does seem a little on the small side, but is absolutely perfect for my six year old. He really likes the design. I didn't realize I would need an extra controller and got this just in case, but we have used it daily. It has actually become the go to controller. You will not be disappointed.