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Navimate Wireless Key Finder With 130FT Range and LED Flashlight, 1 RF Transmitter and 4 Receivers

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Navimate Wireless Key Finder With 130FT Range and LED Flashlight, 1 RF Transmitter and 4 Receivers

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Always losing your things? Conveniently locate your belongings within a 100ft range with the Navimate Wireless RF Locator Key Finder!

With just a push of a button, followed by a few beeps, you can easily retrieve your lost valuables and free your mind of worries.

The Navimate comes with a user-friendly transmitter, base holder, as well as four receivers, keyrings, and batteries that can be attached to absolutely anything. From your keys, TV remote controllers, mobile phones, wallets, pets collars, or luggage, you'll never lose your things ever again!


  • NO PHONE OR APP IS NEEDED. Simply press the corresponding color-coded button and the beeping sound from the receiver will help you find lost items. It also has a built-in LED Flashlight for easy tracking in the dark.
  • 130FT LONG-DISTANCE TRACKING. Use the Navimate to wirelessly find your lost valuables no matter where they are. Advanced radio frequency easily penetrates through walls, cushions, and doors to track items up to 100ft away.
  • ULTRA-LONG BATTERY LIFE. Premium batteries are included to support the four receivers and provide a longer-lasting service, making it perfect for everyday use or when you're traveling. Batteries are not included for the transmitter.
  • A GIFT FOR LOVED ONES OF ALL AGES. Designed with large press buttons, Navimate is easy to use and particularly suitable for aging parents and forgetful friends. It's a thoughtful present that will make their lives easier.

Why You'll Love Navimate

Quickly Find Your Lost Items

This remote key finder can help you find your easily lost keys, remotes, purse, eyeglasses, cane, and even your pet. With just one press on the color-coded button, a beeping sound and bright flashes will lead you to your lost valuables.

Works Even In The Dark

This wireless key finder is unique because of its LED flashlight. The ON and OFF switch is located at the right side of the transmitter, which allows you to use the built-in LED flashlight when you need to find something in the dark.

Easy To Carry Anywhere, Every Day

The Navimate transmitter has an included base support, making it easy to display on your bedside table, TV console, computer desk, or bookshelf. The transmitter is removable from the base and can be carried with you.

How To Use Your Navimate

  1. Attach the color-coded receivers to your frequently lost items with the keyrings. Press and release the corresponding color-coded button on the transmitter.
  2. If the receiver is in a 30-meter range, it will beep and the LED indicator will flare. If there is no beep, change your location or use new batteries and press the button again.

Product Specifications

  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Working Range: 130FT
  • Sound: 75-80dB
  • Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Battery: transmitter:AAAx2 pcs 1.5V batteries(not included); receiver: CR2032x4 pcs (included)

Product Note

  • Insert a small coin in the slot on the battery cover and unscrew it in the arrowed direction. Make sure the "+" side of the battery is facing up.

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 4 x Receivers
  • 4 x CR2032 Batteries
  • 4 x Keyring
  • 1 x Base
  • 1 x User manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Maria James
Good Product

I bought this for my husband because he is always losing his keys and wallet. He loves both it and card. And they have been saving me from the headache of helping him find his stuff!

Thomas Sisco

I have spent roughly 8 years of my life searching for my keys. House keys. Car keys. Office keys. No keys are exempt. I’m sick of searching for keys so I bought this little device to put my key-search woes to sleep. It works!! I’ve used it about 30 times so far.

Ellen Puente

I have bought this for every forgetful person in my life. My husband, my best friend, my mom. Not only will this save them a million times but it will also save you time when they are running late because they can’t find their keys.it has always lasted over a year and can be bought for dirt cheap. Buy this!!

Julie Orlando
Great purchase!

If you a person that would lose your mind if it was not attached to your brain then this is the best to have keep track of your phone and keys. I recently lost my keys so i saw this pop up and got it and so glad I did. No more losing my keys as long as I do not lose my phone too lol.

Nichole Kosinski
Worth it!!!

We use the to track our indoor/outdoor kitty Kismet. It has a great life. It has stayed on his collar even during his treks through the woods. We worry much less about finding him when we need to bring him in at night or before thunderstorms.