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Luxoré Rechargeable Cordless LED Table Lamp - 3 Color Stepless Dimming, 5200mAh Battery - Portable Iron Night Light for Outdoor, Bedroom, Restaurant

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Luxoré Rechargeable Cordless LED Table Lamp - 3 Color Stepless Dimming, 5200mAh Battery - Portable Iron Night Light for Outdoor, Bedroom, Restaurant

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Ever had one of those moments where you're cozied up on your patio, sipping on your favorite drink, and you think, "Man, if only I had the perfect light to set the mood"? Well, my friend, your wish is about to come true. Enter the Luxoré Rechargeable Cordless LED Table Lamp. This isn't just any lamp; it's the lamp that's about to become the MVP of your nighttime escapades.

Imagine a lamp that doesn't tie you down with pesky cords, offers you a dance of three mesmerizing colors, and has the stamina of a marathon runner, thanks to its 5200mAh battery. And did we mention it's dressed to impress in a sleek black iron attire? Whether you're planning a romantic dinner under the stars, a fun camping night, or just want to elevate your bedroom's ambiance, Luxoré is your trusty sidekick. It's like the Swiss Army knife of lamps, but way more stylish. 😉🔦

So, ready to light up your life? Let's dive deeper into what makes Luxoré the shining star of the night.

No Strings (or Cords) Attached!

Ever tried moving a lamp and realized you're tethered to the wall? With Luxoré, you're free as a bird. Place it wherever your heart desires, no strings attached.

Mood Maestro at Your Fingertips

Whether you're setting the scene for a romantic evening or need a bright light for that mystery novel, the 3-color stepless dimming has got your back. It's like having a mood ring, but for your room.

Marathon Runner of Lamps

Forget the days of lamps dying on you mid-chapter. With a 5200mAh battery, Luxoré's got stamina. And when it's tired? Just recharge and you're back in the game.

Your Light Companion on the Go

From spontaneous camping trips to backyard BBQs, Luxoré is always up for an adventure. Compact and portable, it's the buddy that's always by your side.

Black is the New Black

Not just a pretty face, the sleek black iron design is sturdy and chic. It's like that little black dress; timeless, elegant, and fits in everywhere.

Not Just a Lamp, It's a Lifestyle

Whether you're hosting a dinner, reading a book, or just chilling, Luxoré adapts. It's the chameleon of lamps, blending seamlessly into your life.

Eco-Friendly Glow

Shine bright without the guilt. With energy-efficient LED, you're not just lighting up your room, but also doing Mother Earth a solid. Plus, with LEDs, you're in it for the long haul.

Hey there, savvy shopper! 🛍️ Still on the fence about Luxoré? Let's be real for a sec. How often do you stumble upon a lamp that's not just a lamp, but a lifestyle? A lamp that's ready to party with you, cozy up with a book, or set the mood for that romantic dinner? And let's not forget, this beauty is dressed in timeless black and packs a punch with its marathon-runner stamina. But here's the kicker: Luxoré is flying off the shelves, and we can't promise it'll wait around forever. So, why not seize the moment? Light up your life with Luxoré today, and let the adventures begin!

P.S. Remember, good things come to those who don't wait. Especially when it's Luxoré we're talking about. 😉

Technical Specifications

Alright, tech enthusiasts, this one's for you! 🤓 Let's dive deep into the heart of Luxoré and see what makes it tick:

  • Lamp Name: Luxoré Cordless LED Lamp
  • Material: Iron (And yes, it's as sturdy as it sounds!)
  • Battery Capacity: A whopping 5200mAh (That's a lot of binge-reading sessions!)
  • Rated Power: 3.5w (Efficient, yet powerful.)
  • Power Input: DC5V–1A (Standard stuff, but important nonetheless.)
  • LED Count: 48 LED beads (Because more is always merrier!)
  • Charging Time: 4~6h (A short nap for Luxoré, and it's back in action!)
  • Usage Duration: 10~20h when fully charged (Marathon, remember?)
  • Dimensions: D5.5″ * H12.2″ (Compact, yet makes a statement.)

There you have it! The full lowdown on what makes Luxoré the superstar of the lamp world. Whether you're here for the style, the tech, or both, Luxoré promises to shine bright in every aspect. 🌟



Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Steve Macdonald
Nice sturdy metal light!

This is rechargeable by the included usb type C cord, it's touch control and had 3 light settings, warm white, cool white and a mixture of both, not super bright but will be perfect for a desk or accent table, or to use while camping which is my plans for it, the light itself is nice and sturdy and while being metal it's not heavy at all

Barbara Gonzalez
Love this lamp!

I was so glad I found this! Such a great little lamp, super easy to put together. I def recommend for small spaces, I’m in a small apartment with limited counter, desk and table space so this is nice that I can move it around to wherever I need the light! I may actually order another one!

Vernon Farkas
Nice Looking and Bright Light

Got these and now using on taable more as getting dark earlier. These lights are bright, hold charge well and look nice. We put the red color post on them, not a bright red, more of a wood type color and we like the contrast. Pleased with the product and bought two of them. Also handy when power goes out.

Shirley Fields
Who would ever think a battery light

The outlets in my apartment are few and not in good locations. It would have been a pain to run cords everywhere. I decided to try this battery light not knowing how well it was going to work.

It is awesome ... easy to charge - runs for as long as I need it to and provides great light.

Angie Jenney
Very impressive small lamp!

This cordless lamp is everything I was hoping for. I wanted a lamp to put between 2 chairs in the middle of my family-room, but I didn't want to trip over a chord. So I bought this and let me say that I am thoroughly impressed. It is weighted on the bottom for stability and provides very good light for reading, or you can dim the light for mood lighting. The directions are not clear as to how the dimmer works. Tap the light to turn on, then hold finger on top of light to dim or brighten... tap again to turn it off. I've seen reviews that are confused as to how it works. This lamp does in fact put out good light. I highly suggest purchasing this product.