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LumiDeck 16-Pack Solar Deck Lights: Durable, Waterproof Outdoor Lighting for Steps, Fences, & Pathways - Warm White Glow

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

LumiDeck 16-Pack Solar Deck Lights: Durable, Waterproof Outdoor Lighting for Steps, Fences, & Pathways - Warm White Glow

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Imagine stumbling upon a treasure trove that lights up your nights and charms your outdoor space, all while being kind to our planet. Enter the LumiDeck 16-Pack Solar Deck Lights, your new best friends for transforming dark, mundane areas into warm, welcoming spaces. With these durable, waterproof marvels, you’re not just choosing lights; you’re embracing a glow-up for your steps, fences, and pathways. Whether you're a night owl or a safety-conscious soul, these lights promise to be your reliable partners, ensuring every step in your garden is securely illuminated and every evening under the stars is magically lit. Get ready to illuminate the ordinary with a touch of eco-friendly elegance!


Solar-Powered Savvy

Embrace the sun's power, turning it into a soft, warm glow each night. No more fumbling for light switches or dealing with tricky wiring. These lights are all about harnessing daylight to brighten your evenings, saving you energy and money. It's like capturing sunshine in a bottle, but for your deck!

Weatherproof Warriors

Rain or shine, these lights stand their ground. Designed to weather any storm, they promise to be your steadfast beacons through every season. This means more light, less worry, and no surprises from Mother Nature (except maybe an unexpected rainbow).

Installation's a Breeze

Forget the toolbox; all you need is your hands and a vision. These lights easily secure to any surface, freeing you from the hassle of wires or professional help. It's DIY at its finest, making you the master of your outdoor domain.

Glow-Up Your Outdoor Space

Transform your backyard into a cozy haven with the warm white light that invites relaxation and comfort. Imagine winding down every evening or hosting weekend gatherings bathed in a soft, welcoming glow. It's like adding a touch of magic to your outdoor moments.

Generous Glow Bundle

With 16 lights in each pack, you can cast a wide net of warmth across your space. Line your steps, highlight your fence, or create a pathway of light. It's like having a kit to paint your backyard with light, crafting scenes straight out of a dream.

Smart Lights, Smarter Living

These lights know when it's their time to shine, charging by day and lighting up as the sun goes down. No switches, no timers, no fuss. It's like having a faithful friend who remembers to turn the lights on for you, every single night.

Versatile Vibes

Not just for decks! Use them on stairs, fences, patios, and pathways. They're like chameleons, adapting to wherever you need light the most. Each spot they touch turns into a picturesque scene, enhancing safety and beauty with every beam.


Illuminate Your Path with Lumideck Solar Deck Lights!

 A Persuasive Call to Action 

Step into a world where every pathway glimmers with elegance and safety! Introducing Lumideck Solar Deck Lights –the ultimate solution to brightening up your outdoor spaces with eco-friendly radiance. Imagine strolling along your deck or garden path, guided by gentle solar-powered illumination that not only adds charm but also ensures safety at every step. Don't let the night dim your outdoor adventures. Embrace Lumideck Solar Deck Lights and let your surroundings shine! Don't miss out; light up your nights now!

Technical Specifications

  • Power Source:Solar-powered
  • Weatherproof:Yes, IP65 waterproof rating
  • Installation:Easy, no wiring required
  • Coverage:4-pack for comprehensive illumination
  • Design:Sleek and modern
  • Motion-Sensing:Yes, with a range of up to 10 feet
  • Energy Efficiency:LED bulbs for energy savings
  • Versatility:Suitable for decks, patios, pathways, and more
  • Dimensions:Each light measures 3.9 x 1.2 x 3.3 inches
  • Warranty:Backed by our satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
olivia miller
Movie Nights Under Stars

Movie nights under the stars have become a regular occurrence thanks to these lights, adding a touch of magic to every evening.

benjamin brown
Safe and Secure

I feel much safer navigating our deck at night with these lights illuminating our outdoor space – a must-have for peace of mind.

sophia jones
Cozy Family Gatherings

Our family gatherings have taken on a new level of coziness with these lights creating the perfect ambiance for quality time together.

daniel smith
Romantic Date Night

Thanks to these lights, our date night on the patio felt like something out of a movie – romantic, intimate, and unforgettable.

emily cooper
Magical Summer Evenings

These lights have transformed our backyard into a magical oasis, perfect for summer evenings spent with friends and family.