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LightWave LED Car Interior Lights - 72 LED Interior Lighting, Dynamic Music Mode, App & Remote Control, Waterproof, Easy Installation

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

LightWave LED Car Interior Lights - 72 LED Interior Lighting, Dynamic Music Mode, App & Remote Control, Waterproof, Easy Installation

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hey there, car enthusiasts and night owls! Let's talk about turning your car into something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Enter the LightWave LED Car Interior Lights – not just any lights, but a 72 LED extravaganza that transforms your car into a personal party zone. Imagine cruising down the street, your car's interior pulsing and changing colors in sync with your favorite beats. Sounds like a fantasy, right? But with LightWave, it's your new reality.

These aren't just lights; they're your ticket to making every drive an epic adventure. Forget about those mundane trips to the grocery store. With LightWave, even the most routine errands become a journey through a kaleidoscope of colors, all controlled by your phone or a nifty remote. It’s like having a mini-disco at your fingertips. Ready to light up your drives like never before? Let’s dive into what makes LightWave a game-changer in car interiors.

Turn Your Car Into a Mobile Disco

Ever wish your car could match the beat of your favorite tunes? With the dynamic music mode, your car's interior will pulse, change, and dance to the rhythm of any song. It's like having a personal DJ remixing your music with lights!

Total Control at Your Fingertips

Whether you're a tech geek or just love convenience, the dual control options - an app and a remote - mean you can change the vibe from anywhere. It's like having a magic wand for your car's atmosphere.

Rainproof Rave

Caught in the rain? No problem. The waterproof design means your car's light show goes on, no matter the weather. It’s like having an all-weather festival in your car.

DIY Installation Genius

Think you're not handy? Think again. The easy installation process will have you feeling like a pro. You'll be sticking and clicking your way to a snazzy light show in no time.

Versatility is Key

Not just for cars, these lights can jazz up your TV background or bedroom too. It's like a Swiss Army knife, but for lighting.

Light Up Your World

With options for 48 or 72 LEDs and a 180-degree irradiation angle, your car will never look dull again. It's like having a rainbow at your command.

Choose Your Color Adventure

With a remote to toggle 8 colors and an app for even more, you can match your mood, your outfit, or even your pet’s personality. It’s like having a mood ring, but way cooler.

Long-Lasting Fun

Durable materials and certification for safety mean you can party hard without worrying about your lights giving up on you. It's the friend who never leaves the party early.

Get Your Glow on with LightWave!

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? The LightWave LED Car Interior Lights are just a click away from turning your car into the coolest spot on the block. Don't miss out on the chance to be the envy of your friends with a car that doesn't just drive – it grooves. Limited stock means limited time, so grab yours now and start living in a world more colorful. Remember, in the world of car fashion, the boldest choices are the brightest!

Technical Talk: LightWave Uncovered

For the tech-savvy, here's what makes LightWave shine:

  • LED Count: Choose between 48 and 72 LEDs for a brightness that matches your personality.
  • Control Options: Easy control via a sleek app or a handy remote.
  • Weatherproof Wonder: Waterproof design for those unpredictable weather adventures.
  • Installation Ease: Simple setup that turns you into an installation wizard.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for cars, but also a hit for home décor.
  • Safety First: Certified for peace of mind.
  • Long-Lasting: Durable materials for endless nights of fun.

Ready to join the LightWave family? Your car's transformation awaits!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Stuart Preiss
Awesome car lights

These are the only ones I’ve ever bought for my truck but they are great. I couldn’t really imagine how they could be better. Just plug in, hide the wires, and enjoy. The best part is being able to use my phone to change them, app has never failed me or messed up. Can’t speak on the adhesive they come with because I didn’t want to use it. I just zip tied them/ taped them because I didn't want to make it hard to take them off if I wanted.

Ron Garcia
Love it

The adhesive is good once you clean all the oils from the surface first ,the cord is pretty long and the app was also easy to pair.

Frankie House
Makes me look so cool

For the price, these lights are so worth it! There are so many different things you can do with the modes and my car has become the designated party car after installing these lights. My favorite is the night setting which I use on my long drives while I listen to music which is so calming. Highly highly recommend if you are wanting something fun in your car! Cords do show a bit so I just try and hide them as best as I can.

Albert Stearns

Bought these for my cousins jeep Sahara and she loves them

Edward Prange
Totally worth it

Totally worth it