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JouleJet Dual Head Car Fan, Portable Vehicle Mounted USB Fan with 300 Degree Rotation, 3-Speed Strong Wind

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JouleJet Dual Head Car Fan, Portable Vehicle Mounted USB Fan with 300 Degree Rotation, 3-Speed Strong Wind

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Looking to beat the heat in your car? Try the JouleJet Dual Head Car Fan - the portable, USB-powered fan that cools down both driver and passengers in no time!

With two independent fan heads, you can control the wind speed and power on/off for each fan head individually. The fan is powered by a USB cable, making it compatible with car chargers, laptops, power banks, USB sockets, and more.

This vehicle fan has a strong wind that efficiently blows hot air out of your car, improves ventilation and air circulation, and eliminates unpleasant smells. It has 3 adjustable speeds to meet different cool needs - soft wind, cool wind, and strong wind.

USB Car fan

The double fan heads are free-rotated to bring all-around coolness, rotating 300° horizontally and 270° vertically. The fan is small enough to avoid visual blind spots on your dashboard, and it comes with a simulated leather base, making it look more delicate and integrate better with your car. The 3M tapes are already installed on the base, so you can stick the fan to your car dashboard or armrest area firmly after peeling off the paper on the tapes.

This USB fan is suitable for both indoor and outdoor occasions, such as office, desk, bedroom, SUV, sedan, car, van, truck, RV, ATV, or boat. With a 1.4m USB cable and compact size, you can carry it around as a desk fan, and it's perfect for long car trips in hot weather.

Don't let the heat ruin your drive - get the JouleJet Dual Head Car Fan today and enjoy cool, refreshing air circulation in your car or room!

  • Powerful Dual Fans: Two independent fan heads to cool down driver and passengers at the same time, with adjustable wind speed for each fan head.
  • USB-Powered Convenience: Can be powered by any USB port, such as a car charger, laptop, power bank, or USB socket.
  • Strong Wind with 3 Adjustable Speeds: Efficiently blows hot air out of your car, improves ventilation and air circulation, and eliminates unpleasant smells.
  • Flexible Rotation: 300° horizontal and 270° vertical rotation for all-around coolness, while avoiding visual blind spots on your dashboard.
  • Easy to Install: Comes with 3M tapes for easy and stable installation on your car dashboard or armrest area.
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use: Perfect for use in the office, bedroom, or on the go in SUVs, sedans, vans, trucks, RVs, ATVs, or boats.
  • Baby-Friendly Design: The narrow fan grid prevents small fingers from getting through, making it safer for babies and young children.
  • Leather Design for Better Integration: The simulated leather base gives it a more delicate appearance and better integration with your car.
  • No Battery Required: No need to worry about battery explosions in hot weather.
  • Long USB Cable: With a 1.4m USB cable, you can set it up wherever you want for maximum convenience.

Suitable for Desk

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good power from a usb connection

The golf cart dealer wants ~$300 to install a fan in my golf cart. His fan is not just expensive, but also noisy. This fan is better in both respects. I can deal with the exposed wire running to the USB power outlet until I can find a way to run in under the dash. The three speed setting also help depending on the outside air temp changes that we can experience here in central Florida.

Richard Nisbett
This is FANtastic!

Bought this for my son's upper bunk in the camper that got warm. This solved the problem and the dual fans give him something to play with. Quiet, plenty of air for what we wanted. However, when you get your hand about 1 foot away, it is barely noticeable on highest setting, so I want to be honest about the power. We got it for air flow, moving air around to keep the bunk area the same temp as rest of camper. If you are looking for something to blow on YOU to help keep you cool, you need to be close to it.

Morris Yeomans
Great breeze and nice look in our Medical Transport Truck

I have been using USB powered fans both at home and at the office. But none of the versions I have previously purchased would work out for our large 2012 Mobilty Ventures Wheelchair transport truck. This truck has a large dash and the air conditioning is not the greatest. In comparison, the effective air flow coverage area of this fan is much greater for our truck since this fan has two individually controlled fans. Both myself as a driver and the passenger can both adjust to have specific direction and level control during our commutes. The simulated leather base is so much better looking than a black glossy plastic for the truck dash. The foam adhesive keeps this fan in its place during our pothole full roads in michigan.

Mandi Rogers
Good deal

We bought this for our family road trip, son gets hot fast and was accompanied in the back seat with our 2 pups so we wanted to make the trip as comfortable as possible which is when we came across this item. Our son loved and still continues to use this item. Fans work great and blows a good amount of air, the noise level isn't horrible. You can hear it if you are in a silent vehicle, but of you are listen to music and talking you won't even realize they are on. Hope this helps!

Tracy Beaty
Incredible fan set

Originally bought this fan for my husband to use in his truck. Impressed by the bi-directional aspect to cool driver and passenger at the same time or individuality one or the other. Also loved that it could be run by power banks. This has been the best ! First time, my husband was getting tests run and the wouldn't let me in but he took the keys. Hot truck, no keys but thankfully I had a power bank. Second saving was during hurricane Ian, in Florida when the power went out these fans kept us so comfortable running on power banks ! ! My son was so impressed he recommended we buy several more and more power banks for our emergency kits. Thank you for such an amazing product !