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InkVivo Tattoo Stencil Printer - High-Speed Tattoo Transfer Machine for Professional Artists2

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

InkVivo Tattoo Stencil Printer - High-Speed Tattoo Transfer Machine for Professional Artists2

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Are you a tattoo artist who's always on the go? Do you find yourself wishing for a tattoo stencil printer that's as fast, efficient, and professional as you are? Well, your wish is our command! Introducing the InkVivo Tattoo Stencil Printer - the high-speed tattoo transfer machine designed with professional artists in mind.

This isn't just a thermal copier machine; it's a game-changer. With the InkVivo Tattoo Stencil Printer, you'll be able to transfer your designs onto stencil paper in a flash, giving you more time to focus on what really matters - creating stunning tattoos that your clients will love.

But the InkVivo Tattoo Stencil Printer isn't just about speed. It's also about quality. This machine is designed to produce clear, smooth patterns every time, ensuring that your tattoos always look their best. So, why settle for less when you can have the best? Step up your tattoo game with the InkVivo Tattoo Stencil Printer. It's time to ink faster, better, and smarter!

Tattoo transfer machine

Speedy Stencil Transfers

The InkVivo Tattoo Stencil Printer offers a quick transfer process, allowing you to create clear and smooth patterns in a matter of seconds. It's like having a superpower that lets you fast-forward through the boring parts and get straight to the fun of tattooing.

Customizable Settings

With several settings that meet your needs, such as mirror, photo, and deepness (I & II), this printer is like your personal tattoo assistant. It's always ready to help you create the perfect stencil, just the way you want it.

No Ink, No Problem

This printer operates without the need for ink or replacement parts. It's like the eco-friendly superhero of stencil printers, saving the day (and your wallet) one tattoo at a time.

Master of Lines and Shadows

This printer works well in lines and simple shadows, making it the perfect companion for artists who love to play with light and dark in their designs.

Bonus Stencil Tattoo Papers

The printer comes with 40 sheets of tattoo transfer paper. It's like getting a surprise gift with your purchase. Who doesn't love a good bonus?

Light as a Feather, Compact as a Haiku

With its lightweight and compact design, this printer is easy to carry around and won't take up much space in your studio. It's like the minimalist's dream come true, offering maximum functionality in a sleek, compact package.


So, you've made it this far, and you're probably thinking, "This InkVivo Tattoo Stencil Printer sounds like a dream come true!" Well, guess what? It's not a dream. It's real, and it's ready to revolutionize your tattoo artistry. But here's the thing - you've got to act fast. This printer is flying off the shelves faster than a hot new sneaker drop.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Imagine the time you'll save, the precision you'll gain, and the awe in your clients' eyes when they see your designs. The InkVivo Tattoo Stencil Printer isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in your art, your passion, and your future. So, what are you waiting for? Click that 'Add to Cart' button and step into a new world of tattooing efficiency and creativity!

Tattoo transfer machine

Technical Specifications

For those of you who love to get down to the nuts and bolts of things, here's the technical lowdown on the InkVivo Tattoo Stencil Printer:

  • Type: Tattoo Stencil Printer
  • Brand: InkVivo
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 8.6 x 2.5 inches
  • Settings: Mirror, Photo, Deepness I & II
  • Ink Requirement: None
  • Package Includes: 40 sheets of tattoo transfer paper, 1 power cord, and 1 instruction manual

This isn't just a list of specs; it's a testament to the thought, care, and innovation that went into creating the InkVivo Tattoo Stencil Printer. It's a machine built by tattoo artists, for tattoo artists. And now, it's ready for you.

tattoo transfer machine


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
David Byron
Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine works fast and very easy to use.

Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine if very small and Portable. we were able to use it without any issues. The Tattoo Printer prints decently fast and the transfer process was so simple with help of this printer. The it is good enough to get the main photo onto the skin without much effort. I like the build quality and the printer worked very well without any issues over the last 15 prints we did.

Henry Johnson
let your tattoo creativity run free

This machine is so impressive and does a great job transferring images. It is essentially a "photocopy" machine for tattoos. The most impressive thing is it doesn't use ink, so all you have to do is get more tattoo thermal paper, which I've done some research on and they are very affordably priced. My brother has been playing with a few designs for a new tattoo he is planning to get and has used about 3 sheets. It is so cool how he can draw his own design or find an elaborate one online. He knows a lot about tattoos so it was fascinating for me to watch him do all this. Since this is a review for this machine and not tattoos in general, I have to say this machine was very easy to operate. There are only a few buttons and it is mostly just "common sense". I think the most confusing part about this unit is how to place the paper when you are trying to "photocopy" the image onto the thermal paper. I highly recommend watching the video tutorial on this page - that is going to make it much easier than trying to read the instruction manual. There are also numerous videos online of people using this machine, if you want to learn more about it. Honestly speaking, there isn't that much to learn and is pretty simple and easy to figure out. If you or a loved one is a tattoo enthusiast, this is a great gift for them to play with different images and stuff for their next tattoo. Very easy to use machine, works great, and does not require much upkeep costs after the initial purchase.

John Manning
Tattoo stencil machine

I am a tattoo artist and my stencil machine stopped working so I purchase this one as a replacement it works a lot better then my old machine very nice print out very easy to setup and works as it should so if you are a tattoo artist and our looking for a very nice quality tattoo stencil printer this is well worth the money

Francisco Worthen
Was very Hesitant

was extremely hesitant buying this as it was cheaper & never used one. Read alot of bad reviews & still gave it a shot, By far one of the best purchases I've made on here! It was easy to use, the actual printing of the machine was accurate, fast & extremly quiet!!! I love this thing, no more shakey lines & half faded stencil! Took seconds to print off an entire sheet that normally takes me an hour or more! Get one, it'll be one of your favorite purchases I promise 💯

James Gaitan
Professional tattoo printer

With the progress and popularity of the times, tattooing has become a hobby for most people. As a professional tattoo artist, it is very important to have a relatively professional tattoo printer. I can first design according to the needs of customers, and then print them perfectly through the printer. This process can restore the life to the greatest extent and satisfy customers. After a period of use, this tattoo printer is worth recommending to everyone.