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HushHum Sleep Mask Band with Headphones with Wide Bluetooth Range, Fluffy Soft Material, and Long-lasting Battery Capacity

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

HushHum Sleep Mask Band with Headphones with Wide Bluetooth Range, Fluffy Soft Material, and Long-lasting Battery Capacity

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Taking a long time to fall asleep? Sleep headphones is here to improve your sleep until the moment you wake up with a 100% block out sleep mask and built-in music headphones. Sleep deeper, wake up better!

  • Ultimate comfort and relaxation: Designed for wearable comfort to help you drift off to sleep effortlessly, ideal for sleep, travel, meditation, and getting that relaxation time we all need.
  • Light and noise block out: An absence of light and noise allows your brain to release melatonin quicker, so you can fall asleep faster.
  • Bluetooth headphones: Studies say that music can help you to de-stress, improve your quality of rest, increase the duration of your sleep, and decrease any insomnia symptoms.
  • Eases stress and anxiety: A sleep routine is very helpful in allowing your mind and body to unwind after a long and stressful day
  • Suitable for all kinds of sleepers: Whether you're a side-sleeper or you just love to roll-over while sleeping, wearing this mask won't be any less effective. It is designed for all kinds of sleeping position.


This is perfect on the go mask whether you're working, traveling or just taking a nap from a long stressful day. Sleepathy mask will accompany you through day and night and give you the best sleep you’ll ever have! 


Listening to music is more than something that’s simply enjoyable. It has a great effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body prepare and relax for sleep. Adults who listen to 45 minutes of relaxing music before bed are proven to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, wake up less during the night, and rate their nights as more restful than when they don’t listen to music.

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Soft and velvety, this wide-designed, cotton-filled sleep mask hugs your face and ears to block out every bit of pesky ambient light. Our sleep mask has 360-degree coverage of your head from all angles. Even the tiniest amount of light can suppress melatonin production, so cover up!



Battery capacity: 150ma/h
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Music playback time: 8
Charging time: 2 hours
Weight: 78g

Package Includes:

1 x Sleep Headphones
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Madeline parker
Love this mask!

I lost my first somehow, but bought another because they work so well. The battery life is great, and they keep the light out, which is exactly what I needed.
I like to throw on some rain and thunder sounds and I sleep like a baby. Super comfortable

Sophia murphy
Exactly what I was looking for!

I don't use them often but I really like these. I purchased for trips etc where I might be sleeping in brightly lit rooms. They are comfortable and I haven't had any issues with battery life.

Daniel nguyen

This is the best thing ever and I don’t know how I lived without it for so long. It lasts a long time on a charge and charges quickly. The mask is kind of large, but that’s great because it totally blocks out any light. The speaker quality is fine. I love this!!

Ryann mitchell

This mask is Very comfortable and cozy, sitting snugly but softly over your face. These work crazy good. It was more comfortable and easier to get used to while sleeping than I thought. Great at blocking out light. Complete black out! I bought them to listen to ASMR to fall asleep... they are as good as ear buds, but they wont strangle me in my sleep.

emmett brooks

This eye mask is incredibly soft and very comfortable to wear. I could wear it all night long during sleep. Setting up the headphones was easy and only took me seconds to connect the headphones to my cell phone. The control buttons are just on the mask so it's convenient to play/pause the music or adjust the volume. Sound quality was good too. It is extremely useful for traveling, especially on a road trip or taking a long flight.