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GrowLite Triple-Head Grow Light for Indoor Plants - 360° Rotation, 3 Color Modes, 5 Brightness Levels, Sunlike Full Spectrum Light, Auto Timer – Optimal for Seedlings to Blooming

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

GrowLite Triple-Head Grow Light for Indoor Plants - 360° Rotation, 3 Color Modes, 5 Brightness Levels, Sunlike Full Spectrum Light, Auto Timer – Optimal for Seedlings to Blooming

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



BTMETER Grow light for plantHey plant buddy! Let's talk about a true game-changer in the indoor gardening world – the GrowLite Triple-Head Grow Light. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Just another grow light, right?" Wrong! This isn't your grandma's plant light. This is the Iron Man suit of grow lights, ready to blast your plants with life-giving rays.

Picture this: Three heads of sunlike light, each twisting and turning like dancers, making sure every leaf gets its moment in the spotlight. It's like having a team of personal suns dedicated to your green babies. Whether you're just starting with seedlings or nurturing full-bloom beauties, this light is like the perfect playlist for every stage of your plants' growth party. So, let's dive into why the GrowLite is about to become your plant's new BFF! 🌱💡🌼

Light Where You Need It: Those 360° adjustable heads? They're like having your own suns that you can point wherever you want. Whether it's that shy fern in the corner or your blooming orchids, every plant gets VIP light treatment.

Set It and Forget It: The smart timer remembers to turn the lights on and off, so you don't have to. It's like having a plant butler who makes sure your green buddies get their daily dose of sunshine, even when you're out living your life.

Like Real Sunlight, But Better: This light is as close to natural sunshine as it gets. Your plants get all the benefits of a sunny day, even when it's raining cats and dogs outside. It's like giving your plants a summer holiday all year round.

Clip-On Convenience: That strong clip means you can easily set up your grow light almost anywhere. No more drilling holes or using complicated mounts. It's like having a portable sun you can move around.

Mood Lighting for Plants: With 3 color modes and 5 dimmable levels, you can customize the light to suit your plant's mood. Whether they need a gentle glow or full-on sunlight, you've got them covered.

Long-Lasting Light: 50,000 hours of life means your plant light is going to stick around for a long time. It's the reliable, long-term buddy your indoor garden needs.

So there you have it! The GrowLite isn't just a grow light; it's a game-changer for your indoor plants. 🌿💡🌺

Let There Be Light!:

Fellow plant lovers, it's time to make a bright decision! The GrowLite Triple-Head Grow Light isn't just any grow light; it's your plant's new best friend. Imagine your indoor jungle thriving like never before – all thanks to this little piece of sunshine magic. Don't let your plants miss out on their chance to shine. Grab your GrowLite now and watch your green buddies strut their stuff in the spotlight. Your indoor garden paradise is just a click away – seize the day and let your plants live their best life!

Tech Specs Unwrapped:

And now, for the tech enthusiasts who love the details, here's what makes the GrowLite a plant-growing powerhouse:

  • Rotation: 360° adjustable heads for full coverage.
  • Timer: Intelligent circular memory for automated lighting.
  • Light Quality: Sunlike full spectrum, perfect for all growth stages.
  • Mounting: Strong, easy-to-use clip for versatile placement.
  • Modes and Levels: 3 color modes and 5 dimmable levels for custom light settings.
  • Lifespan: Over 50,000 hours of consistent, flicker-free lighting.

Ready to revolutionize your plant care? The GrowLite Triple-Head Grow Light is just a click away! 🌿💡🌼

BTMETER indoor plants lights

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paul Kane
Great lights, great price

Everything was really easy to put together, adjust, and use. Light output seems to be adequate for the seedlings and smaller plants I have under them. The lights and stand are lightweight and great for small spaces. I'd definitely recommend starting with this product before investing in something larger and more expensive. This is my first time growing plants indoors and using this as a light source. So far, I'm really happy!

Odell Edwards
Great supplemental light

My rubber tree was stalled out on growing after moving it away from its normal spot, this light has helped provide enough additional light in the new spot to finally open up two new leaves. My fiddle leaf did the same thing. If you don’t know what a sensitive plant is, they close their leaves when touched or when it’s dark out and open up to bright sunlight. The leaves of my plant are wide open when the lamp is on them even if it’s dark out so this light does seem to be doing the trick. I do not use these as my primary lights for my plants - I aim for them to mostly get window light but given that I’ve had to move my plants as they get too big for their normal spots and are now away from their direct window spots, these lights have been a great addition to give them the boost they need.

Earnest Williams
Shocked on how good these are!

I wanted to just see if these lights could help bring a few plants through the winter. I have a desert rose that I've had for many years and had to put it in a place that didn't get as much sun so I was nervous. I placed the light right above it and I am shocked how well it has done. It usually starts loosing leafs after bringing in the house but so far only a few small leaves have fallen. And I've also noticed recently that it was starting to bud. Really couldn't believe it. It's a great light and would recommend for anyone with plants in not the ideal conditions. The light itself looks great and personally is a great addition. Will probably purchase more for a few more plants. Thanks for a great product.

Gary Dooley
Works like a charm!

NASA suggests that Sansevieria plant can help purify the air so of course I placed one in the powder room but after a while I realized that the poor thing, although not dying, was also not growing due to the lack of sun light. Enter the grow light! I'm really enchanted with this one since not only is it tall enough (it's adjustable) but it's also made of bamboo which feels more organic than most of the plastic black ones on the market. No issues thus far but it's still too early to say anything of its effectiveness. I have it set for6 hours and the "remote" was easy enough to control with a mere press of a button.

Gloria Garcia
easy to use, works as described, highly recommended

I purchased it for my roses and other plants on my desk when I'm away for a long weekend and a week's vacation. The timer is easy to set up. It goes off at midnight by itself. In addition to the growing light, I have purchased an automatic watering device for my plants. After a long weekend, I came back to my office. My roses and other plants have grown a lot and look very healthy. It makes me want to buy more plants to decorate my desk. My coworker is also inspired by the growing light and decided to purchase one for himself.