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GlideGroom 7D Electric Head Shaver - Multifunctional Grooming Kit - Waterproof and Travel-Friendly

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

GlideGroom 7D Electric Head Shaver - Multifunctional Grooming Kit - Waterproof and Travel-Friendly

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



7D Magnetic Head Shaver for Men

Are you a proud member of the bald brigade, always on the lookout for a tool that treats your head like the VIP it is? Have you been navigating the maze of shavers, only to find they're more interested in your beard than the real star of the show - your head? Well, your search ends here, my friend. Allow me to introduce the GlideGroom 7D Electric Head Shaver - your new partner in the pursuit of perfect baldness.

This isn't just a shaver; it's a bald man's best buddy, a head-shaving hero, a dome-polishing dream come true. It's like having a personal barber who specializes in the art of the smooth, clean, bald head shave. And the best part? It doesn't take weekends off!

The GlideGroom is the Michael Jordan of head shavers, always ready to deliver a slam dunk performance. It's not just a head shaver, it's a precision tool designed to glide over the curves of your head like an Olympic skater on ice. And with its waterproof design and travel-friendly features, it's as practical as it is powerful. So, are you ready to elevate your head-shaving game to the next level?

The Magic of 7D

The GlideGroom's 7D 360° floating magnetic heads are like a team of tiny dancers, twirling over the contours of your head. It's not just a shave; it's a choreographed performance that leaves you looking and feeling smooth.

Magnetic Attraction

The GlideGroom's magnetic interface isn't just a cool feature; it's a time-saver. It makes removing and installing the heads a breeze, turning cleaning from a chore into a snap. It's like having a shaver that cleans up after itself.

Speedy Gonzales

With its 3-level shaving speeds, the GlideGroom is ready to match your pace. Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely shave or need to get ready in a flash, it's got you covered. It's like having a shaver that understands your need for speed.

Waterproof Wonder

The GlideGroom is as comfortable in water as a dolphin, supporting dry, wet, and even bath shaving. It's like having a shaver that's ready for an adventure, whether it's a quick dry shave or a relaxing bath time ritual.

Charge It Anywhere

With its Type-C cable, the GlideGroom can be charged anywhere, from your laptop to your car. It's like having a shaver that's as mobile and flexible as you are.

All-In-One Grooming Squad

7D Magnetic Head Shaver for Men

With six detachable accessories, the GlideGroom is ready to tackle any grooming challenge you throw at it. From maintaining your bald look to keeping your beard neat and trimming those pesky nose hairs, it's like having a personal grooming squad, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.

Don't Miss Out on the Shave of Your Dreams

So, are you ready to take your head-shaving game to the next level? With the GlideGroom 7D Electric Head Shaver, every day is a good hair (or no hair) day. But don't just take our word for it. Try it for yourself and experience the difference a great shave can make. But hurry, a shaver this good won't stay on the shelves for long. So, grab yours today and step into a world where your head is always perfectly polished and your grooming game is always on point.

Join the Smooth and Sleek Club

The GlideGroom isn't just a shaver; it's a ticket to the smooth and sleek club, a passport to a world where every head is shiny, smooth, and stunning. So, what are you waiting for? Join the club, embrace the smooth, and let the GlideGroom take your grooming game to the next level. Remember, life's too short for bad shaves. So, make every shave count with the GlideGroom.

Technical Specifications

For those who love to know the ins and outs of their gadgets, here's a quick rundown of the GlideGroom's technical specifications:

  • Shaving Head Design: 7D 360° floating magnetic heads
  • Easy Cleaning: Magnetic interface for easy removal and installation of heads
  • Shaving Speeds: 3-level shaving speeds (6500-7000-7500)
  • Waterproof Design: Fully waterproof, supporting dry, wet, and bath shaving
  • Charging: Comes with a Type-C cable for easy charging anywhere
  • Multifunctional Grooming Kit: Includes six detachable accessories, including a rotary body shaver, guide combs for full size trimmer, nose trimmer, hair trimmer, facial cleaning brush, and silicone massage brush

So, there you have it. The GlideGroom - a shaver that's as technically impressive as it is easy to use. It's time to upgrade your grooming game. Are you ready?

7D Magnetic Head Shaver for Men<

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
William Rodriguez
Good for what it’s worth

I recently tried this Electric Razor and I was pleasantly surprised. Its sleek design and comfortable grip made shaving a breeze. The high-speed motor provided a close shave with minimal effort, while the precision trimmer helped me achieve a neat and well-groomed look. With its long battery life and easy maintenance, this Electric Razor is a great choice for those seeking a reliable and stylish grooming tool.

Lee Willis
Using this has become part of my morning ritual

I love this razor! I bought this electric razor to replace my 5 blade Gillete manual razor. I typically shave my head with my Gillete once every 3 days because I would end up with razor burns and this is the frequency I can handle. I don't like how my scalp looks between these 3 days. With this electric razor, I can shave daily or as needed without this same hassle. It's relatively quicker that way also instead of letting my hair grow for 3 days.

Dennis Stec
Game Changer!

First, I am not one to write reviews unless a product 100% wows me, which this has. I have been shaving my head for 25+ years, I'm very meticulous and spend 20+ minutes shaving every 3 days. I received this head shaver yesterday and was done in less then 5 minutes...and its SMOOTH!!! I did not receive this free to write a positive review. I paid full price. And about to order another to keep in my car for that quick touch up. Buy this, trust me, it does NOT disappoint!!

Karyn McClintock
Perfect-even for a woman!

I am undergoing chemotherapy treatment and lost almost all of my hair. Almost. So I needed the ability to quickly take off the bits and pieces that grew back in from time to time. My head has to be perfectly smooth so that the bristly hair wouldn’t keep snagging my knit caps.
This razor gives me a perfectly smooth shave, and the battery lasts a really long time! My husband is bald down the center of his head, and the tools that come with this razor allow him to shave the center and also give himself a sideburn shave, and use the clippers to trim the longer hair on the sides. This has been the perfect tool for both of us!

Connie Wall
For clean shaved bald heads a must!

I got this for my husband for Fathers Day. I thought what do I get a guy who has pretty much everything. Well he didn’t have this. He usually shave his head well with an old fashioned Mach 3 razor. He almost always. It’s his head and leaves bloody spots on our pillow cases 🙄. This has been a game changer. He gets his head nice and squeaky bald and I save on pillow cases. It’s a win win. A must but for the bald guys.