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FlexiShot Extendable Phone Tripod: Selfie Stick with Detachable Wireless Remote for High-Quality Photos and Videos

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

FlexiShot Extendable Phone Tripod: Selfie Stick with Detachable Wireless Remote for High-Quality Photos and Videos

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Are you ready to take your photography game to new heights? Do you dream of capturing stunning photos and videos that tell a story, create a mood, or simply make people say "wow"? Well, we've got just the tool for you! Introducing the FlexiShot Extendable Phone Tripod, a game-changer in the world of mobile photography and videography. This isn't just a tripod, it's a magic wand that transforms your device into a high-quality camera.

Imagine a world where you're no longer limited by your arm's length for selfies or struggling with balancing your phone on precarious surfaces for a group shot. The FlexiShot Phone Tripod is here to revolutionize the way you capture your memories. With its extendable selfie stick and detachable wireless remote, it's like having a personal photographer who's always ready to snap your best angles.

But the FlexiShot Phone Tripod isn't just about functionality, it's also about fun. It's about exploring your creativity, pushing your boundaries, and sharing your unique perspective with the world. So whether you're a seasoned photographer, an aspiring influencer, or just someone who loves capturing life's moments, the FlexiShot Phone Tripod is your perfect match. Ready to take your photos and videos to the next level? Let's dive in!

Double the Fun with a Selfie Stick

The FlexiShot Phone Tripod isn't just a tripod, it's also an extendable selfie stick! Whether you're capturing a stunning sunset or filming a dance routine, this feature allows you to get the perfect angle every time. It's like having an extra arm that's always ready to help you get that perfect shot.

Wireless Remote for the Win

Say goodbye to the days of racing against the self-timer. The FlexiShot Phone Tripod comes with a detachable wireless remote, giving you the freedom to control your device from a distance. Perfect for group photos, vlogs, and capturing stable video footage. It's like having a personal photographer at your fingertips.

Compatible with Your Device

Whether you're team iPhone or team Android, the FlexiShot Phone Tripod has got you covered. Its wide range of device compatibility means it's ready to work with whatever you've got. It's like the Switzerland of phone tripods - neutral and ready to work with everyone.

Stable and Secure

The FlexiShot Phone Tripod is designed to provide stability and security for your device, ensuring that your photos and videos are always clear and steady. It's like having a personal bodyguard for your phone, keeping it safe and steady at all times.

Lightweight and Portable

Don't be fooled by its features, the FlexiShot Phone Tripod is lightweight and portable. It's ready to go wherever you go, making it the perfect companion for all your adventures. It's like having a pocket-sized photography studio that's always ready to roll.

Easy to Use

The FlexiShot Phone Tripod is easy to set up and use, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced photographers and vloggers. It's like having a personal assistant that's always ready to help, without the need for a lengthy instruction manual.

Don't Miss Out on the Perfect Shot

Are you ready to step up your photography game? Ready to capture stunning photos and videos with ease? With the FlexiShot Extendable Phone Tripod, you're not just buying a tripod, you're investing in a tool that will help you create high-quality content like a pro. But hurry, this little gem is flying off the shelves. Grab yours now and start creating content that's as unique and dynamic as you are.

Join the FlexiShot Family

When you choose FlexiShot, you're not just buying a product, you're joining a community of content creators who value quality, versatility, and creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Click that 'Add to Cart' button and join the FlexiShot family today. Let's create, capture, and share the beauty of the world together.

Technical Specifications

For those of you who love the details, here's a quick rundown of the FlexiShot Extendable Phone Tripod's technical specifications:

  • Functionality: Doubles as an extendable selfie stick
  • Remote: Comes with a detachable wireless remote for remote control of your device
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhone 14/13/12/Android smartphones
  • Stability: Designed to provide stability and security for your device
  • Portability: Lightweight and portable for easy transportation
  • Ease of Use: Easy to set up and use for both beginners and experienced photographers and vloggers

With these specs, the FlexiShot Extendable Phone Tripod is ready to be your go-to tool for all your content creation needs. So, why wait? Dive into the world of high-quality, versatile, and fun content creation with FlexiShot today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Leonard Toler
Very tall, adequate tripod base, nice remote camera shutter release (bluetooth)

I like how tall this selfie stick / tripod is. I like it having a tripod base. I like how small it compresses to. My friends were surprised when I pulled it out--they thought it was some kind of club. When I expanded it, and when the tripod legs popped out, they were all interested. After I used it to take several group photos of them, they were all asking to know more about it. They even took pictures of it and its label so they could order one for themselves. I bought this primarily for taking pictures of me in my boat when I catch a big fish, since I often fish alone, but love sharing pictures with friends. It does a nice job of this! The extra extension length gets the smart phone camera up high enough for nice group shots from a distance, courtesy of the tripod feet. That extra height makes it easier to take great pictures of a bigger fish. I'd buy this again.

Earl Rhodes
 Just what I needed!

We try to take pics of our family once a month for our extended family that lives out of state. I had a shorter stand like this and we would have to set it up on the counter or if outside, drag out a chair and then stack up boxes—it was ridiculous. This was a great little investment! Folds down nicely so it’s easy to toss in a suitcase or carry on backpack! Used it to take family pics on our summer vacay!

Lester Kittredge
Easy to use selfie stick for cell phones

I needed a compact selfie stick to take photos/videos while traveling. This selfie sticks collapses to a portable size that I was able to easily fit into my backpack and carry on the plane with no issues. It expands to a great height that makes photos and video almost at eye level. When extended fully, I noticed that the selfie stick would sway if it was windy outside. At a shorter extended height, it didn’t sway with a slight wind. The included Bluetooth remote was easy to pair with the phone (just hold down down the button until it turns on and pair it within your phone’s Bluetooth settings). The mount grips my phone securely and is able to turn either vertically or horizontally. I don’t think you can take off or change the phone mount. I wish there was an adapter to mount other tripod heads. While the tripod base is made of plastic, it appears solid. For the price, I would definitely recommend this selfie stick as it makes it easy to take solo or group pictures. I imagine it would also work great if you wanted to create YouTube videos or take product shots.

Lois Hall
Compact and light, great concept

The stand arrived yesterday and so far I have used it once to create a video. It’s compact and light, seems to be made of a combination of metal and plastic. Setting up the remote was easy and it worked fine. I was concerned that it may not be able to hold my iPhone 14 Pro Max with its bulky case (CaseBorne V), but it did well. I am not sure how this stand will do in the long term and with frequency of use, we will see.

Lisa Bowman
What an epic Tripod/Selfie Stick - for any occasion

I can't rave enough about this tripod and selfie stick! I was honestly apprehensive, because there are so many different brands and options to choose from, and honestly, most of them are just cheap garbage. THAT IS NOT THE CASE! FInally a win! It work seamlessly with my Iphone 14 pro, remote is fantastic (I love that it clips into the stick, so you don't lose it), it does what it's suppose to, super easy and convenient, well made, well balanced, and super travel friendly. I went to my best friends Bachelorette weekend, in Key West...had to travel and pack only a carry-on so I needed to be savvy when it came to packing. Just fit into the suitcase perfectly. Surprised my best friend bringing it so we could all get pictures together. She was super stoked because we could all get in a picture together...It just made the weekend better.